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Mit der Finanzierung gehts doch schon voran:…
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.960.400 von newzealaender am 19.11.19 14:30:56
Zitat von newzealaender: Brandneues Interview mit Kevin Tomlinson:…

Das hört sich zwar ganz gut an aber der Kurs-Rutsch seit September, lässt mich doch einige
[b skeletons in the closet[/b]

vermuten !
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Trading Halt auf ASX.

DFS sollte nun im Anmarsch sein, Daumen drücken.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.243.443 von Moneyplus am 13.08.19 16:52:17nteresting article in the Fin Review this avo. Gold Fields raising cash for a tilt at CDV maybe? Selling 10% of GOR at $1.45/share raises $125M, 50% of CDV's fully diluted market cap (and they will own 20% of the other 50%).

"South Africa's Gold Fields is selling its 10 per cent stake in Gold Road Resources.Macquarie Capital was calling for bids on Thursday afternoon.The broker is seeking bids from a $1.45 a share floor price, which was a 7.9 per cent discount to the last close of $1.575.The trade would see South Africa's Gold Road exit the miner in full.Macquarie was calling for bids by 6pm on Thursday."


Goldfields have now raised A$255M from selling down non-core holdings in 3 companies this year according to GOR release this morning.

"Gold Fields has informed the Company that the sale is part of its broader debt reduction strategy and capitalises on significant gains from its original share investments in Gold Road in 2017. Gold Fields stated the sale follows positive investor feedback on other recent disposals of a 19.9% shareholding in Maverix Metals Inc which sold for US$68 million and a 19.9% shareholding in Red 5 Limited which sold for A$29.6 million"


“A cash purchase for CDV would require another ~US$400 up front”

Not sure I agree with this statement. Goldfields effectively hold 20% after option conversion. So they need to purchase the roughly 400m shares outstanding. If they did this at A$1/share it’s just US$270m. Are you assuming a takeout price of $1.50??

Goldfields have shown they’re willing to gear and grow and they’ve done this very successfully the last couple of years in a low price environment while others have sat on their hands. They do have competing capital project in the form of Salares Norte which is at similar stage as Namdini.. they may not want to bite off both projects (in whole) but I think they have the capacity given the stage their other mines are at. Will be interesting to watch and I’m betting on some form of corporate activity once Archie gets the DFS done.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.241.025 von German2 am 13.08.19 13:38:43
Zitat von German2: der Zug rollt !!!! 1 AUD Übernahme wird kommen oder 50:50 JV mit Goldfields/Newmont

Auf Hotcopper gehen die Berechnungen (welche für mich nachvollziehbar waren) eher in die Richtung 1,00 - 1,20 USD (nicht AUD).
Gefällt mir komischerweise besser :)
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der Zug rollt !!!! 1 AUD Übernahme wird kommen oder 50:50 JV mit Goldfields/Newmont
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.126.013 von newzealaender am 29.07.19 14:07:11Final Feasibility dieses Quartal , Metallurgie verbessert durch AAchen , weniger Milling nötig.. Studie kann nur gut werden .... dazu Satelite -Deposit wahrscheinlich , Newmont (Goldfields) über Aktien und Optionen schon mit ca 20% beteiligt ...

CDV sollte ein einfacher Verdoppler werden ..Übernahme sehr wahrscheinlich ... schon jetzt wird die Aktie mit nur 1/7 des NPV's bewertet....
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