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    Munich (ots) - From 19th-21st June, the EVbee team will be in Munich, attending
    Power2Drive, which has become one of the most prestigious events in the EV
    industry calendar. The show will mark stage 3 of EVbee's tour, during which the
    company has showcased their product portfolio across Europe from the UK to
    Norway. The coming months represent an exciting time for EVbee, who shortly
    after the event will be travelling to Essen to collect their award for design
    excellence at the annual Red Dot Awards.

    Come and see EVbee at Messe München from 19-21st June at Stand B6.390.

    Attending Power2Drive

    The next stop of the EVbee tour is here! This Spring EVbee journeyed first to
    Everything Electric London and then to the Nordic EV Summit in Oslo, to showcase
    the product portfolio, meet clients and network with other industry
    professionals. This kind of interaction is an important part of growing
    expertise and community within the EV networks that is always incredibly
    rewarding. The next stop can now be announced, with the EVbee heading to Munich
    this June for the prestigious Power2Drive Europe which expects to see over
    100,000 visitors over the course of the exhibition.

    EVbee's return to Power2Drive this year represents the growth made by the
    company, just last year EVbee showcased a much smaller representation of the
    scope of the company's portfolio. This year, EVbee is able to display their full
    charging product portfolio. The comprehensive range spans from compact home
    chargers all the way to large-scale public chargers that offer ultra-fast EV
    charging for commercial vehicles. The event offers an exciting chance for EVbee
    to demonstrate the versatility of their range of chargers, representing their
    mission to provide a carefree charging experience for every scenario.

    EVbee's full product portfolio on display this year includes our LUX AC Home
    Charger, which was recently awarded the Red Dot Award for product design, as
    well as the Lumina AC Public Charger. Excitingly this year EVbee will be also be
    revealing two brand new additions to their DC charging range: DC 60 and DC 400.
    Through on-the-ground research, discussions with their clients and market
    research, the latest DC public chargers have been designed to fit the need for
    diverse DC commercial chargers. First making its debut in our product portfolio
    line-up this April at the Nordic EV Summit, our Prisma Energy Hub will also be
    displayed at our booth. Prisma is an additional accessory that works with our
    charging solutions to provide energy management across energy ecosystems in
    homes and workplaces. Incorporating all of these products into the P2D showcase
    is an exciting step for EVbee, demonstrating the broad extent of possibilities
    currently available in this dynamic industry.

    DC60: Compact DC Public Charger

    After speaking with clients and members of the EV industry, it became clear to
    EVbee that the sector was in need of a smaller DC public charging option.
    Therefore, EVbee focused its energy on developing a compact and affordable
    charger that could extend accessibility in the DC commercial charging market.
    The product is the DC 60, a highly versatile charging solution that can be
    easily adapted to individual business requirements. This is enabled by scalable
    power modules that can be adjusted to provide 30, 40, 60 or 80kW of DC charging

    DC 400: Ultra-Fast DC Public Charger

    Our latest product launch introduces the DC 400. Designed with larger-scale
    commercial vehicles in mind, this ultra-fast charging station provides the
    ultimate roadside assistance, getting vehicles back on the road in minutes, with
    a full charge time in as little as 10-20minutes. The DC 400's design considers
    the needs of charge point operators with an integrated MID meter for remote
    monitoring, scalable power module set-up from 120-400kW and simple installation

    Red Dot Award Ceremony

    Last month it was announced that EVbee had been awarded the price of design
    excellence for their LUX AC Home Charger, a sleek and compact charger designed
    to provide safe and efficient home charging. Therefore, the EVbee team will
    continue their stay in Germany and travel to Essen shortly after Power2Drive for
    the Red Dot Award's ceremony. The event provides the perfect chance for EVbee to
    celebrate their hard work over the past year and provides further motivation to
    continue their missions of providing cutting-edge products that can help
    accelerate the e-mobility transition.


    Bailing Qin
    Marketing&PR Manager
    M: +86 15810676034

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    EVbee On Tour Part 3 Power2Drive Munich (FOTO) From 19th-21st June, the EVbee team will be in Munich, attending Power2Drive, which has become one of the most prestigious events in the EV industry calendar. The show will mark stage 3 of EVbee's tour, during which the company has showcased …

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