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Also wenn alles gut läuft bekommen wir 50 statt 33% ..richtig?
Dauert halt noch etwas länger.

Für Antworten wäre ich dankbar.
Hallo alle
SER wird ueber die naechsten 4 monate 3mill.$ von MEGA bekommen .
Das wird gut gebraucht werden , fuer die anderen projecte .

der Tarcoola antail hat sich von 33% auf 50% gehoben , gut fuer uns,

am 27 apr. kriegen wir unsre ESCROW Shares , and some news from MEGA, hopefully.

* With these revised terms and elements in place it is our assessment that this transaction reflects significantly improved value for the shareholders of SER and the recently demerged Tarcoola. *

we had public holiday today but tomorrow , we will see green , imo.

when unsere SER shares wieder um 10cent sind ( mein durchschnitt ) habe wir alle unsere MEGA umsonst bekommen und das wird morgen langsam los gehen .
MEGA Graphite Defines a Path to Listing and Near Term Graphite Production as a Revised Agreement is Struck With Strategic Energy Resources

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 25, 2012) - MEGA Graphite Inc. (MEGA), is pleased to announce that agreement has been reached with Strategic Energy Resources (SER) on the revised terms and adjusted timetable for acquisition of the Uley Graphite Mine by way of the previously announced Merger Implementation Deed (MID).

The Uley Graphite Mine is currently owned by Tarcoola Gold, a demerged subsidiary of the ASX listed company, Strategic Energy Resources Ltd (SER).

Since March 31, 2012 MEGA and SER have made significant progress in negotiating mechanisms to implement the scheme of arrangement under the MID. Agreement has now been reached.

The MID originally contemplated that MEGA would issue to SER, 33% of the issued capital of MEGA to properly reflect the value of the Uley asset purchase, including a $1 million dollar payment and a 1.5% ongoing royalty payment.

The amended MID now provides that SER shareholders will now receive 50% of the issued capital of MEGA pursuant to the Scheme of Arrangement (Transfer Scheme).

There will also be property payments made by MEGA to SER totaling CAD$3 million payable in tranches, while the ongoing royalty remains in place.

The final property payment tranche is payable on completion of the listing of MEGA Graphite. Specific terms of the IPO, including the number of shares to be issued and the price of the shares are currently being determined.

The listing of MEGA Graphite on the TSX is now scheduled to occur by August 31, 2012.

Christopher Darby, Managing Director for MEGA in the Asia Pacific, commented that, "With the assets, management and operations group we now have in place the company has the potential to deliver significant and sustained value. We have global tenements and can achieve near term graphite production through the work we are already doing at Uley in South Australia. The asset strength of MEGA Graphite combined with the skills, experience and depth of capability across our team will differentiate us for our customers and in the market."

MEGA Graphite is currently negotiating with a Canadian investment fund to provide additional working capital of CAD$5M for the continued operations and upgrades to the current graphite processing facility at Uley in South Australia. MEGA is also pleased to announce they have engaged Macquarie Capital Canada as their financial advisor for future financings and its go-public strategy.

Heute wurden ebenfalls die Tarcoola Aktien ins Depot gebucht !

Läuft doch..
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.089.723 von Pirat_Micha am 26.04.12 08:23:37Ich habe heute meinen SER-Anteil nochmal verdoppelt.
Bei den Rohstofftiteln sollte es, solange die Hauptindices weiter so laufen, bald zu einem enormen Aufwärtsschub kommen.
Merke: Es kommt sowieso immer so, wie es keiner erwartet!
Und momentan haben alle Angst, einige haben sogar Angst davor, irgendwann mal keine Angst mehr zu haben;)
Der Nährboden für eine Rohstoff-Hausse wäre bereitet...
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.092.513 von Krawallo29 am 26.04.12 16:43:25und manche haben leider keine kohle mehr---das könnte auch hier reinspielen

ASX Announcement 27 April 2012
Issue of Demerger Scheme Shares
Strategic Energy Resources Limited (ASX: SER) is pleased to advise that the Company has completed the Demerger Scheme as approved by the Supreme Court of Victoria on 17 April 2012. All holding statements to shareholders of Tarcoola Gold Limited have been despatched this day.
All foreign ineligible shareholders will have their entitlements held in trust by Link Market Services, being appointed as the ‘Demerger Nominees’, until such time that any of the conditions under the Demerger Scheme Booklet are met.
Further Information
For further information contact:
Melanie Leydin Company Secretary
Moin Moin

Quarterly Report to 31 March 2012
 Demerger scheme approved by shareholders
27 April 2012
Tel: (03) 9692 7222 Fax: (03) 9529 8057
 Subsequent to end of quarter significantly improved deal agreed with MEGA Graphite
 Cultana access application for exploration submitted, negotiations progressing very well
Strategic Energy Resources Limited (ASX Code: SER) holds a number of interests in oil and mineral exploration assets and the Uley graphite mine at Port Lincoln, South Australia (presently under care and maintenance). These include significant interests in three offshore petroleum exploration permits in the Gippsland Basin, Victoria, and an interest in one onshore petroleum exploration block in the Cooper Basin, South Australia. It holds mineral exploration licences in South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria.
Uley Graphite Project
Located only 23 kilometres from Port Lincoln, the regional centre for the Lower Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, Uley is recognised as a substantive and significant area of graphite mineralisation. The graphite deposit is one of the largest coarse flake graphite deposits in the world, containing disseminated, high-grade flake graphite.
The mineralisation is near surface and the graphite produced from the former operation was accepted by traders for its high quality.
Demerger Scheme
During the quarter the Demerger Scheme meeting was held. The results of the meeting saw 99.97% of shares and 99.06% of shareholders vote in favour of the demerger. :
MEGA Graphite Deal Update – Merger and Implementation Deed (MID)
The MID envisages a potential:
1. Demerger of 80% of Tarcoola (which in turn holds 100% of the shares in SEG which owns the Uley graphite deposit) pursuant to a Scheme of Arrangement (Demerger Scheme);which has now been completed and
2. Transfer of Tarcoola shares (once demerged) to MEGA Australia (a wholly owned subsidiary of MEGA Graphite) in return for listed shares in MEGA Graphite (or other acceptable Company) pursuant to a second Scheme of Arrangement (Transfer Scheme).
Due to the continued strength of the graphite market and its impact on the value of the Uley Operations there is a revised basis for the scheme. The MID originally contemplated a transfer of Tarcoola shares to MEGA Graphite for which the shareholders of Tarcoola would receive 33% (or to the value of CAD$70M) and it now provides for the receipt of 50% of MEGA Graphite pursuant to the second Scheme of Arrangement (Transfer Scheme). The shares in MEGA Graphite under the Transfer Scheme will be issued now by MEGA Graphite and placed in escrow pending completion of the share exchange by 31 August 2012. The listing of MEGA Graphite on the TSX will now occur by 31 August 2012. There will also be a cash payment of to SER of CAD$3 million by MEGA Graphite in tranches completing on the listing of MEGA Graphite.
MEGA Graphite is in negotiations with a Canadian institution to provide additional interim funding. These funds will allow for the continued conduct of operations and upgrades by MEGA Graphite to the current graphite processing facility at Uley, South Australia to build on the substantive work performed at site to date.
The Board of SER is also pleased to note that Macquarie Capital, Canada has been engaged by MEGA Graphite as a financial advisor through this process and to assist with MEGA’s listing. With these revised terms and elements in place it is our assessment that this transaction reflects significant value for the shareholders of SER and the recently demerged Tarcoola.
The MID provides for MEGA Graphite (or another acceptable Company with which it may have merged) to have listed by 31 March 2012, with the completion of the Transfer Scheme to occur soon afterwards. While the listing requirement was not met, both companies have proceeded with discussions on amending the MID. MEGA Graphite has had technical experts visit the Uley plant and draw up detailed engineering and refurbishment plans. It has also undertaken extensive site clean-up activities and moved forward with permitting and related work to ensure OH&S and environmental compliance. Based on test work and evaluation of material on site, and the modest quantities of graphite produced to date, MEGA Graphite has advised that they expect to be able to meet anticipated customer requirements once the plant is in production.
However, MEGA Graphite has advised that it expects small quantities of graphite will be exported shortly and that the progress of work at site has provided the required engineering, regulatory and safety basis for the move to production.
SER continues to believe in both the potential of Uley and that MEGA Graphite brings value adding opportunities and technology is the best outcome for SER shareholders.
The Myall Creek Copper Project (EL3538) covers an area of 381 km2 and is located on the southern Stuart Shelf between Whyalla and Port Augusta, a highly prospective part of the eastern margin of the Gawler Craton. SER holds a 50% interest in the licence. The license area is immediately west of the Torrens Hinge Zone and close to the sites of the Hiltaba granites. Copper and base metal mineralisation has been delineated over a wide area and in a range of the Proterozoic host rocks in this region.
The exploration programme was focused on a prospect named Honeymoon Dam. The Honeymoon Dam Prospect is 2.5km south of the known Myall Creek mineralisation zone. Depths to the mineralisation zones in the area are in the range of 50-150m.
Two holes were completed after hitting basement rocks, with mineralisation evident in the holes. The third and final hole encountered a number of difficulties and ceased at 105.2 meters, some 10 meters short of the interpreted mineralised zone The preliminary assays of the cores for the two completed holes are presented below:
SampleNo HoleID SER11MC001 MC02 SER11MC002 MC02
Depth from 115.7 116.8
Cu DepthTo (ppm)
116.7 2600 117.8 1780
These results are an average grade for the region and are encouraging for further exploration efforts.
A further drilling program is being devised with the goal of coordinating with the drill program devised for Cultana. Analysis is continuing of the prior geochemical and drill data.
TMI image shows major Cu mineralisation belt defined by drillhole geochemical data (Cu cut-off grade 1%)
The Cultana Lease EL3547 covers an area of 792 km2 within the Cultana Army Training Area south of Port Augusta in South Australia. Access to the Army Base has only been approved for mineral exploration on three prior occasions. Ten holes were drilled in the licence area, and none of them penetrated crystalline basement. The Cultana Inlier is considered to be one of the best remaining blocks to explore for IOCG (iron oxide, copper, gold) mineralisation in South Australia. SER holds a 75% interest in the licence.
The project still requires the standard regulatory approvals from PIRSA and more importantly, access permission from both the Department of Defence and Department of Finance prior to any exploration program. There are also Cultural Heritage issues that require consultation and clearance from indigenous groups. The approval process is currently being worked through.
The Joint Venture has formally submitted all documentation to the Department of Defence and Department of Finance for access approval. SER believes access permission should be granted for drilling, subject to all approvals shortly.
1.4 FALCON BRIDGE (SER 95%) E38/1970, P38/3382, P38-3383-4 WESTERN AUSTRALIA
The Falcon Bridge area covers approximately 17km of strike of ultramafic rich stratigraphy in the Duketon Greenstone Belt coincident with linear magnetic anomalism.
All previous drill results obtained from the previous Joint Venture partner are being reviewed.
The licence is currently under suspension. The Operator has applied for a further six month suspension and extension.
The Vic/P47 exploration permit is located in the offshore Gippsland Basin, 14 km from the coast and south of the Victorian town of Orbost, with water depths ranging up to 80m.
Vic/P47 contains the Judith and Moby gas discoveries. Judith contains certified gas resources (Gaffney Cline & Associates 2008) and both Judith and Moby are in close proximity to existing and planned infrastructure in adjacent licences. 22 km to the west, the Longtom Field has commenced gas production – the first production from the same geological unit as the Judith discovery.
The Joint Venture has commenced a simultaneous seismic inversion study to enhance the definition of the Judith and Moby fields.
Discussions with potential Vic/P47 farminees are continuing.
2.3 VIC/P41–(SER25%possiblydilutingto17.5%) VIC/P66 – (SER 23%) EASTERN OFFSHORE GIPPSLAND BASIN
Permits Vic/P41 and Vic/P66 are located adjacent to each other in the east of the offshore Gippsland Basin, from approximately 40 km south of the Victorian coast. The operator maps extensions of two productive trends across its East Gippsland permits:
 the eastward extension Rosedale Fault system sets up prospects analogous to the Kipper oil and gas field (development drilling underway ahead of first production scheduled for 2011)
 further south, a second trend extension is analogous to the Basker / Manta / Gummy oil and gas fields (in production since December 2006 for Roc Oil and partners).
Vic/P41 contains a number of large prospects defined on modern 3D seismic, notably Kipling, Benchley and Oscar, whereas Vic/P66 while containing an part of the 2D- defined ‘Lead A’ feature, is still at an early stage of exploration with clear potential to further extend the Rosedale trend in to new areas.
Vic/P41 has been granted a new five year term, commencing 29 November 2011. The primary term work program commitment is to acquire 3D seismic data over Lead A area of the permit and then to undertake simultaneous seismic inversion of that data. This, together with the inverted Oscar 3D, will provide a consistent data set from which to determine the optimal exploration drilling target to test the Golden Beach play.
Discussions with potential Vic/P41and Vic/P66 farminees are continuing.
Mark Muzzin Managing Director
Frage an alle: Sind bei euch die Tarcoola-Anteile schon eingebucht?
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