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Argos-die kleine Ölperle in den Falklands!

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Schauen Sie sich Rockhopper Exploration an!
Argos beginnt in Kürze mit den 3D-Messungen!
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.679.425 von BaronOppenSAL am 09.12.10 12:06:40

WELL RESULT 1998 Drilling

14/09-1 Oil shows
14/13-1 Dry hole
14/05-1A Oil and gas shows
14/24-1 Post-well shows
14/09-2 Oil shows
14/10-1 Oil recovered at surface

meiner Ansicht nach ist das ARGOS Gebiet sehr erfolgversprechend wenn man sich die Drillergebnisse von ´98 anschaut

P.S.: Argos auch in DE handelbar (Stuttgart)…
„A senior executive with ExxonMobil has cast doubt over potential energy reserves in the Falkland Islands, according to leaked documents obtained by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks. The US oil firm’s international chairman Brad Corson is quoted as saying that he did ‘ not believe there is enough oil on the Falkland Islands Continental Shelf to be profitable.’ His comments, made in confidence to the US Embassy in London, will cause uncertainty among investors investing into the likes of Rockhopper Exploration ( down 7p at 346.5p ) and Desire Petroleum ( down 0.25p at 132p ), two of the leading independant explorers active in the Falklands northern basin. An ExxonMobil spokesman said the US oil giant did not speculate on media reports or classified documents. In May Rockhopper struck significant oil at its Sea Lion prospect. Earlier this week, Desire also hit oil at its Rachael North field, but other Falkland oil firms have come up short in their quest for oil „
Argos Resources to commence 3D seismic acquisition
Posted on: Mon, 03 Jan 2011 05:06:52 EST
Symbols: AORGF

Jan 03, 2011 (Datamonitor via COMTEX) --
Argos Resources Limited, oil and gas exploration company, has announced that the MV Polarcus Asima seismic vessel is in transit to the Falkland Islands and is expected to arrive within the company's license area to commence 3D seismic acquisition in the first half of January 2011.

The Company plans to acquire 3D seismic data over the entire area of License PL001, and also intends to acquire additional 3D data in open acreage to the north of the license.

The seismic vessel has been contracted in a co-operative arrangement with Rockhopper Exploration plc, who are also participating with Argos in the 3D acquisition in the open acreage.

Commenting on this progress, Ian Thomson, Chairman of Argos, said: "Argos is on schedule to acquire 3D seismic over our license area in the austral summer weather window, allowing us the possibility to commence exploration drilling as early as the fourth quarter of 2011."…" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">…
Evolution Securities prefers Rockhopper Exploration and Argos Resources (LON:ARG) to Desire.

And the broker pointed out: “Desire has sufficient funding for one last well in the northern part of the basin, however, we remain cautious given the track record of well results and acreage and prefer Rockhopper and Argos,”

Evolution rates both Rockhopper and Argos ‘buy’, with price targets of 400 and 52 pence respectively.

Back in October the groups agreed to two separate seismic programmes, one between Desire and Rockhopper and another between Argos and Rockhopper.

The first of the programmes got started on 20 December, as the Polarcus Nadia3D seismic vessel arrived in the waters around the islands.

The second programme, which will use the Polarcus Asima vessel, will follow shortly.

Results are expected in early spring for both programmes.

Let’s hope 2011 proves a more fruitful year for the companies drilling in the South Atlantic and also for the investors who have staked a lot of money on their success.

Ist jemand hier noch investiert ?
Sind es z.Z.nicht Gute Einstiegskurse ?, oder gibt es was negatives zu Berichten (außer Leerbohrung vom Rockhopper)?
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 41.190.883 von Kar45 am 12.03.11 15:34:58Ja,momentan gute Gelegenheit einzusteigen
Kann aber noch Jahre dauern bis hier "eventuell" Produziert wird
Ölexplorer sind hochspekulativ,es könnte mit Glück und viel Geduld was werden

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