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noch unentdeckt - VUZIX

Begriffe und/oder Benutzer


VUZIX sind seit kurzem auch in deutschland gelistet ... ist hier noch jemand investiert??

die firma müsste IMHO eigentlich auch vom trend zum smart phone profitieren :cool:

hier die letzten news:


besonders schön IMHO:


Vuzix Wins CES Innovation Award For Augmented Reality
See-Through Glasses

LAS VEGAS, NV -- (January 5, 2011) - Vuzix Corporation (TSX-V: VZX, OTC:BB: VUZI) (“Vuzix” or
the “Company”) announced today that it has won an Innovation Award at the 2011 Consumer
Electronics Show (CES) for its revolutionary see-through Augmented Reality (AR) eyewear. Code
named “Raptyr”, the glasses look and wear like a conventional pair of glasses. However, through a
holographic optics engine, the wearer can simultaneously view the real world around them and
computer-generated content. Raptyr includes a 6-megapixel camera, industry standard VGA and
USB interfaces and it utilizes Vuzix patented tracking and connectivity technology. These features
enable a wide variety of mobile augmented reality applications, advanced information access and
gaming capabilities to be brought to the wearer’s experience. Similar to watching a 70-inch flat panel
television from a distance of 10-feet Raptyr is expected to be the most advanced video eyewear ever
delivered. At present, the company has not announced a release date for the product.
Paul J. Travers, Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are very honored to win this Innovation Award, our
seventh in a row at CES, among such a competitive field of great inventions. While we have
consistently delivered new technology each year to our customers, Raptyr represents our most
significant break through yet in design and capability that, we believe, will have wide reaching impact
on the way we use our computers and mobile devices.”
Raptyr is the world’s first sunglass style Video Eyewear that is designed specifically for the wide
variety of Augmented Reality applications that are in development for consumer, commercial,
medical, educational, gaming and defense markets. It provides a natural and easy to use interface to
applications and it is a very powerful platform that offers a personalized and mobile home-theatre
experience that enables digital content to be mixed into a real worldview. Today Raptyr is compatible
only with devices with VGA and USB interfaces. Future enhancements to the product will include
HDMI compatibility and connectivity for mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android phones.

Initial markets for Raptyr will be commercial and research applications. As enhancements are made
to Raptyr and as sales volumes increase, the company expects consumer applications to become
Mr. Travers continued, “Raptyr video eyewear will offer our customers a world changing experience in
how they are able to interact with their computers and mobile devices. It will simplify how they use
applications like visual search and Google’s Street View and it will bring to life digital media in the
wearer’s real worldview. We see Raptyr as an important enabling technology and look forward to the
day when AR eyewear becomes a standard for mobile entertainment, games and applications.”
Vuzix will have Raptyr on display at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show, January 6th to
9th and will be demonstrating a number of augmented reality applications. Visit Vuzix at the Las Vegas
Convention Center’s Central Hall, Booth #11740.
About Vuzix Corporation

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hoppla - den artikel kenne ich noch nicht ....

kannst du den artikel mal einstellen ... oder evtl. einen link hierzu


Zitat von Magnet: Letzte Woche bereits im Aktionär gepusht...


Wer fällt denn auf so einen Mist noch rein?
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nun ja - ich scheint`s .... :rolleyes:

hat jetzt einer diesen artikel???

Überhaupt kein Verkaufsdruck trotz diesem Umfeld, das gefällt mir.
es ist berichtssaison ..... habe leider nur diese auszüge .... aber es gibt immerhin einen einblick

allen gute trades



Vuzix loses $4.55-million (U.S.) in fiscal 2010

2011-04-01 14:26 ET - News Release

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Here is a sample of this item:

Mr. Paul Travers reports


Vuzix Corp. has released its fourth quarter and year-end results for the period ending Dec. 31, 2010. All figures are presented in United States dollars.

Fourth quarter revenues of $5,552,356 compared with revenues of $3,965,550 for the same period last year, an increase of 40 per cent. The net loss for the fourth quarter of 2010 was $476,085 or 0.18 cent per share versus a net loss of $894,413 or 0.35 cent per share for the same quarterly period in 2009.

For the 12-month period ending Dec. 31, 2010, revenues were $12,255,414 versus $11,886,098 in 2009, a rise of 3.1 per cent. The net loss for the 12-month period was $4,572,072 or 1.73 cents per share versus a net loss of $3,250,424 or 1.51 cents per share for 2009.

Paul Travers, president, commented: "Certainly, the fourth quarter is our strongest quarter seasonally, and our company achieved revenue growth for the fourth quarter while operating under considerable working-capital constraints. Our recent capital-raising activities, including $4-million raised just prior to the close of the 2010 fiscal year and our recently announced $2-million revolving credit facility, position the company on a firmer basis for the 2011 year."

wird scho no .... :look:
Hallo, das sehe ich als sehr gut an!
4.Quartal erstmal deutlich grün.
Davon können sich andere startups nur träumen.
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Auf den Mio-Grant auch keine Reaktion. Hier startet ein wahres baby und keiner merkt es noch.
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doch hier ... noch eine ... :rolleyes:
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