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Emcore - Optoelektronik

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...habe mein aus frühesten PV-Zeiten stammendes Erinnerungsstück nach den jüngsten Quartalszahlen nun wieder auf Ansichtsposition erweitert;

nach Divestment von PV und Lasertechnik ist man jetzt ein Provider von Optoelektronik für CATV, Satellite, Defense und Telecom.

Scheint ein Wachstumsbereich zu sein und nach den Exits und Kostenabbau liegt man nun ziemlich genau am break-even.

Bilanz besteht fast nur aus cash und der Kurs liegt knapp unter Buch.

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Jul 6, 2016

EMCORE to Issue Special Dividend of $1.50 per share

Company completes return of approximately $85M to shareholders with special dividend

ALHAMBRA, Calif., July 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

EMCORE Corporation (NASDAQ:EMKR), a leading provider of Indium Phosphide (InP) optical chips, components, subsystems and systems for the broadband and specialty fiber optics market, announced today that it has completed its strategic review and will distribute $1.50 per share via a special dividend payable on July 29, 2016 to shareholders of record as of July 18, 2016.

With this action, EMCORE's Board of Directors will have returned approximately $85M of cash to its shareholders since June 2015, representing approximately 50% of the cash received from operations sold in the prior fiscal year.

"The return of cash to shareholders will strongly improve the Return on Assets of the business by reducing our overall capitalization, while maintaining flexibility to invest in new market opportunities to accelerate earnings growth," says Jeffrey Rittichier, President and CEO. "As previously stated, we're encouraged by the performance of our CATV and Fiber Optic Gyro businesses and see strong growth opportunities in these and other areas to continue improving our financial performance," added Rittichier.

"During my first year at EMCORE, we grew revenues 47% and improved gross margins 13 points from FY14 to FY15, positioning the company for profitable growth. Building on this progress, we returned $45M to shareholders in June 2015 and began executing a strategic re-alignment of the manufacturing operations to drive margins higher. With the core operations of the business on improved footing, in December 2015 the Board and management began a comprehensive strategic review to strike the right balance between returning assets to shareholders and investing in growth opportunities. During this review period, we actively worked to eliminate risks to our balance sheet posed by the Sumitomo arbitration and other lingering liabilities. Given the recent successful outcome of the Sumitomo arbitration and the completion of our strategic review, we are pleased to announce this return of capital to our shareholders," continued Rittichier.

As part of the strategic review process, the company evaluated its growth opportunities in existing and adjacent markets, analyzed its products, technologies and production capabilities, and concluded that it could fully leverage its core competency in Mixed-Signal Optics in both existing and new markets. As Mixed-Signal devices have both analog and digital circuits on multiple chips, or even a single chip, the value of these solutions are often far greater than traditional digital applications, and as a result require a specialized expertise which is unique in the optics industry.

"Given EMCORE's existing leadership in Mixed-Signal Optic products such as DOCSIS 3.1 transmission devices, and emerging position in new products such as Fiber Optic Gyros and 5G Distributed Antenna System components for wireless applications, it became clear there is an opportunity to leverage our core Mixed-Signal competencies to penetrate new markets. EMCORE is uniquely positioned as a supplier of advanced Mixed-Signal solutions given our design expertise and our captive wafer fabrication facility," continued Rittichier. "Mixed-Signal technology is at the heart of all of our products, and is shared between Fiber Optic Gyros (Sensor) and our CATV (Transmission) products alike. As a matter of fact, if one were to open up one of our Fiber Gyros, one would see a miniature communication link that requires the same technologies, chip designs and production assets as our CATV products, giving us the ability to leverage our high volume infrastructure against lower volume, higher value added product," concluded Rittichier.
Jul 12, 2016

EMCORE Awarded its Largest Contract to Supply Fiber Optic Gyroscopes for Airborne Navigation Systems Applications

The Contract is Valued at $3 Million

ALHAMBRA, Calif., July 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

EMCORE Corporation (NASDAQ:EMKR), a leading provider of Indium Phosphide (InP) optical chips, components, subsystems and systems for the broadband and specialty fiber optics market, announced today that it has been awarded a $3 million contract to supply Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) modules to a major U.S. prime contractor for use in airborne navigation systems applications. The contract is for FOG modules based on EMCORE's EMP series that are expected to be shipped this year with the potential for additional FOG shipments totaling $15 million over a five-year period.

EMCORE's FOG modules feature advanced integrated optics and closed-loop Digital Signal Processing (DSP) electronics to deliver higher accuracy, lower noise, greater efficiency, improved drift stability and higher linearity than competing technologies. They leverage our core Mixed-Signal technology with both analog and digital circuits combined on multiple chips, or even a single chip. Mixed-Signal technology is at the heart of all EMCORE products and requires a specialized expertise which is unique in the optics industry.

EMCORE FOGs are designed to operate over a broad distance range with a typical bias drift from .05 to .01 degrees per hour. Bias drift is an important measure of accuracy and precision of the FOG, with lower bias models delivering higher performance overall. These performance specifications are ideal for demanding airborne navigation systems applications. EMCORE's FOG technology also has broad application for land-based and maritime navigation systems.

"With the advancements in integrated optical packaging and rate sensor technology in our latest generation of FOGs, EMCORE has been able to achieve noise values that are two-times lower than the traditional implementation of FOG technology," said Dr. K.K. Wong, Director of Fiber Optic Gyro Products for EMCORE. "This provides us a price-performance advantage that has enabled us to achieve deeper penetration into the market for airborne navigation and aeronautic systems applications," added Dr. Wong.

"This is a very important contract award for our navigation sensor business," commented Jeffrey Rittichier, EMCORE's President and CEO. "This is an important validation of our Mixed-Signal optics strategy, and an application where we expect to see significant growth potential over the next several years. We are extremely pleased to win this contract, and to supply our FOG modules in volume to one of our most valued customers."
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