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kann die angekündigte Zusammenarbeit
den Kurs positiv beeinflussen, oder
sind Oracle, Ariba und Commerce One
nicht mehr einzuholen ? Wäre immerhin
der erste ernstzunehmende europäische
Versuch !
Experten meldet Euch !
hab ich bei mySAP gefunden:
Banks Are Key in E-Commerce, Business to Business

by Melanie DeCarolis

Now that most businesses have realized that the big money is in business-to-business e-commerce, the real challenge is figuring out a way to implement a seamless transaction flow among buyers, sellers, and financial intermediaries. For banks, that shouldn`t be too difficult. After all, many roles of the traditional bank, such as electronic data interchange (EDI) and automated clearinghouse functions, had been automated long before most people ever heard of the Internet.

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The best way for banks to support their corporate clients` business-to-business e-commerce efforts is to make e-commerce part of their overall strategy. That means banks must continue to perform traditional tasks like financial EDI, invoice handling, and payment processing, but with as much off-the-shelf software and Web functionality as possible.

To succeed, banks must work hard to help their corporate clients with their e-commerce activities, whether that involves back-office functions, payment mechanisms, or even clients` e-commerce efforts to the consumer markets, says Duncan Chapple, analyst at London-based Ovum, an IT research and consulting firm.

Banks also should support new payment methods like smart cards, virtual cash, and electronic checks, or help innovate new ones. They should also join industry groups or consortia like the Financial Services Technical Consortium (FSTC) or Banking Industry Technology Secretariat (BITS) to promote these new methods.

Security is more of a crucial issue for the corporate market because of the potential multi-million dollar transactions. To address this issue head on, banks need to join security organizations like ABAE.com or Identrus that serve as root certificate authorities for user authentication.

Banks also must support Web-based trading communities and portals where industries have specific online venues bringing together buyers and sellers of goods or components.

If a bank already has a large number of corporate clients, it possesses the technology to support business-to-business e-commerce. In essence, it can build on top of what it already has.
SAP hat sich inzwischen im B2B sehr gut positioniert.
allein mit ihrer bestehenden Kundenbasis (20.000 Top Firmen weltweit)
können sie auf die eigenen Datenstrukturen zurückgreifen und
entsprechend Standards vorgeben, falls mal kein XML angwendet werden

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