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04.10.19 13:09:38
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Demnach wird sich der deutsche Drohnenmarkt bis zum Jahr 2030 sehr dynamisch entwickeln. Der Gesamtmarkt (kommerziell und privat) beträgt heute 574 Millionen Euro und soll bis 2030 auf fast 3 Milliarden Euro anwachsen, was einer jährlichen durchschnittlichen Wachstumsrate von 14 Prozent entspricht.
Der kommerzielle Markt wird auf fast 2,5 Milliarden Euro steigen, also durchschnittlich um 16 Prozent pro Jahr. Dabei soll der kommerzielle Hardwaremarkt um durchschnittlich 19 Prozent pro Jahr wachsen, der kommerzielle Softwaremarkt um 22 Prozent und der kommerzielle Servicemarkt um 14 Prozent.
Im privaten Markt zeichnet sich hingegen eine Verlangsamung des Wachstums ab. Er ist 170 Millionen Euro groß und wird bis 2030 auf etwa 220 Millionen Euro wachsen, also um etwa 2 Prozent pro Jahr.…
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04.10.19 12:46:01
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ich denke wenn man sich hier auf diesem Niveau eindeckt besteht wohl mehr Potential als bei dem Pollinger Push Drone Delivery Canada.
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04.10.19 12:23:57
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04.10.19 09:13:34
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Johannesburg, 22 August 2018.

Rocketmine, a subsidiary of the international Delta Drone Group (EPA:ALDR), continues to affirm its’ position as the drone service providing leader in UAV (drone) solutions for the mining sector. The company has procured contracts with mining giants throughout Africa.

A contract renewal with South African mining giant, Exxaro Resources Group (JSE:EXX) sees Rocketmine providing survey and mapping solutions to the Grootegeluk site in the Limpopo Province. This forms part of their plan to evolve towards the “digitized mine of the future” concept where real-time mine planning and execution can be conducted to improve mining efficiency and production.

Grootegeluk mine is Exxaro’s largest opencast mine in the southern hemisphere. This particular site inhabits various hazards and dangers to the surveyors. The survey and mapping solution was aimed to get surveyors out of dangerous areas to increase safety and data turnaround time. One of Exxaro’s primary driving force in optimizing efficiency of their operations is to meet the demand requirements of the Medupi power station.

“Our professional service and accurate data have been our greatest advocates. While safety and our cost-effective approaches contribute to a more streamlined and productive output on-site assisting the client achieve their targets,” explains Rocketmine MD, Christopher Clark

The second contract acquisition sees Rocketmine taking to the skies in Namibia. Rio Tinto’s first commercial uranium mine, Rössing Uranium, had supplied a total of 132,610 tonnes of uranium oxide to the world by the end of 2017. To achieve the best possible grade of uranium, Rössing Uranium Mine achieves this by optimising the accuracy of planning. This requires regular and accurate stockpile movements.

“The integration of drone technology at Rössing Uranium Mine will enhance operational efficiencies pertaining to planning by providing expeditious accurate data,” shares Mr Clark.

Rocketmine secured two other contracts in West Africa. Newcrest Mining Limited in Côte d’Ivoire and Newmont Akyem to provide mine blast monitoring and fragmentation analysis and survey mapping respectively.

“A global cumulative amount for these African projects over the next three years equates close to €1 000 000. These mines are clear cases that the future of the mining will utilise technology not only to find innovative solutions but to decrease their carbon footprint,” concludes Mr Clark.

About the Company: Rocketmine is Africa’s leading premier drone data service provider. Fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to provide professional and cost-effective services; while focusing on delivering, safe, reliable, and accurate data to clients. Rocketmine provides customized drone data solutions to improve operational efficiencies and systems. Clients trust Rocketmine’s experience and expertise with over 7 500+ flight hours in multiple sectors and owning the largest fleet in Africa. Rocketmine is a Delta Drone company.
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03.10.19 14:30:32
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weltweit ist Geodis in 120 Ländern vertreten also ist Potential vorhanden für Delta.
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03.10.19 11:33:29
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03.10.19 11:24:31
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This decision is warranted for several reasons:
•reaching the target of 2019 revenue (excluding adjustments due to consolidation dates) of approximately €20M is looking likely after the first eight months of the financial year;
•the 2018 – 2019 plan, launched at the end of 2017, is coming to a close and its goals (dynamic activity growth, lower operating expenses, consolidation of funding methods) should be met;
•the recently announced 2020 – 2021 plan is based on three strategic priorities: revenue of €30M, positive operating margin of 10% and 30% of activity carried out outside France.

With respect to warehouse inventories, a solution using a drone, designed to function fully automated and safely, makes it possible to greatly decrease the time spent on inventories and does not require human intervention other than the operator supervising the assignment. This solution is the result of three years of development in close partnership with GEODIS, a top international player in the field of logistics and transport of merchandise. Sales will clearly progressively benefit from GEODIS’ direct presence in 67 countries and its worldwide network covering over 120 countries.
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03.10.19 11:13:16
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hier lohnt es sich auch einmal zu lesen.
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03.10.19 11:04:22
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Hallo zusammen,

nachdem es diese Tage eine Vertriebskooperation mit Protec Group gegeben hat, könnte hier in den nächsten Monaten durchaus Potential nach oben sein. Man sollte die Aktie aber eher in Paris kaufen da hier in Deutschland sehr wenig Handel besteht.

und hier die News vom 30.09.2019…

und hier noch die Homepage

und hier mal ein Blick ins Orderbuch…
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