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zum Wettwerb aus dem annual report


The optical networking market is intensely competitive. Because of the broad nature of our product offerings, we do not believe that we face a single major competitor across all of our markets. We do, however, experience intense competition in each product area from a number of manufacturers and we anticipate that competition will increase. Our major competitors in one or more of our markets include
Avago, Inc., EMCORE Corporation, Finisar Corporation, JDS Uniphase Corporation, Mitsubishi, NeoPhotonics Corporation, Oclaro, Inc. and Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Many of our competitors are larger than we are and have significantly greater financial, marketing and other resources. In addition, several of our competitors have large market capitalizations or cash reserves and are much better positioned to acquire other companies to gain new technologies or products that may displace our products. Network equipment providers, who are our customers, and network service providers, who are supplied by our customers, may decide to manufacture the optical subsystems incorporated into their network systems inhouse. We also encounter potential customers that, because of existing relationships, are committed to the products offered by these

We believe the principal competitive factors in our target markets include the following:

We believe that we compete favorably with respect to the above factors based on our MBE processes, our vertically integrated model, the performance and reliability of our product offerings and the compelling value we offer to our customers."
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Applied Optoelectronics