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myFC - Brennstoffzellen aus Schweden

ISIN: SE0005505898 | WKN: A1W8LN | Symbol: P0H
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In diesem Thread soll die Aktie des Unternehmens myfc diskutiert werden.

Das Unternehmen produziert mobile Brennstoffzellen, die vor allem als Ladegerät für Smartphones gedacht sind.

ISIN: SE0005505898
Börse: Stockholm
In Deutschland handelbar z.B. über Maxblue
Erstnotierung: 27. Mai 2014
Streubesitz: ca. 44%
Kurs aktuell: 19,50 SEK
52-Wochen Hoch/Tief: 4,70 / 27,10 SEK
Marktkapitalisierung: 519.605.483 SEK
Umrechnungskurs am 20.01.17 EUR/SEK: 9,5176 SEK

Quelle: nasdaqomxnordic.com, finanztreff.de und finanzen.net

Bereits vor einigen Jahren kam das Gerät PowerTrekk auf den Markt, das allerdings nur mäßig überzeugen konnte:

Interessanter ist der Nachfolger „Jaq“:


… und die Vertriebskooperation mit einem chinesischen Händler:

Webseite Unternehmen: http://www.myfcpower.com/

Mitbewerber wären zum einen das Produkt Kraftwerk des deutschen Herstellers eZelleron, dessen Markteinführung allerdings regelmäßig verschoben wird, der „Reactor“ der Firma Brunton (ca. 140,- EUR) und die Brennstoffzelle des US-amerikanischen Unternehmens Neah Power, dessen Markteinführung allerdings nicht absehbar ist. Darüber hinaus gibt es noch Ambitionen in diesem Markt seitens Intelligent Energy aus UK, bei denen allerdings auch kein Markteintritt in Sicht ist.

Etwas lästig ist, dass die Meisten Unternehmensinfos nur auf Schwedisch verfügbar sind.

Significant events January – March

- Technological breakthrough: LAMINA™ Thin Film, the world’s thinnest fuel cell
- Jörgen Lantto joins the myFC Board of Directors and invests in the company
- Redemption of options plan raises SEK 25.9 million
- MyFC completes first delivery of fuelcell charger JAQ to China
- Significant events after the end of the period

Comment from CEO Björn Westerholm:

"Net sales during the quarter amounted to SEK 0.3 million, as a result of the initial deliveries of JAQ to the Chinese market. Additionally, we now see a broader and deeper interest in our technology, confirming that our activities and focus are well timed.

The demand for new charging alternatives continues to increase. We are getting signals from the mobile industry that access to batteries is not a given even for the biggest smartphone manufacturers, as the electrification of the car industry is draining the availability of lithium. A number of industries and verticals, from smartphones and mobile devices to the automotive industry, are now more actively looking for alternative charging technologies. In summary, this is an excellent time to introduce fuel cell technology as a strong complement to batteries."
MyFC Holding (publ) interim report April – June 2017

Significant events

- MyFC develops hybrid platform for the global operator and powerbank market and debuts JAQ Hybrid at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai
- New patents approved in Europe, India and Canada
- MyFC develops Lamina Range Extender for electric cars, doubling its potential target market
- MyFC strengthens finances for a stronger position in China
- Handelsbanken Fonder new major owner of myFC; board and staff increase their ownership significantly

Comment from CEO Björn Westerholm:

“The second quarter of the year was characterized by the development and completion of JAQ Hybrid, our new platform solution for mobile devices; as well as the news about Lamina REX, the core of our ambitions for the automotive industry. During the quarter, we also strengthened the company's capitalization to get ready for the next step in our development.

In April, we communicated the development of JAQ Hybrid, which enables our fuel cell Lamina™ to coexist with battery and provide the best features both fuel cells and batteries in one device. JAQ Hybrid is our lead product platform and our new offering toward mobile operators and power bank manufacturers.

In late June, we premiered JAQ Hybrid at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai. It was positively received. The JAQ Hybrid is both practical and stylish in its design. Its battery is charged by using one of our fuel cards, or through a regular power outlet. In other words, the JAQ Hybrid is the only external charger a user ever needs.”

Swedish fuel cell company myFC (MYFC) raises 42.1 million SEK in a directed share issue. 952,000 shares have been purchased by British investment group Signal Special Opportunities. Handelsbanken Fonder, already a major owner, purchases an additional 500,000 shares at the same time.

Swedish fuel cell company myFC has further extended its patent portfolio. A patent relating to the company's unique fuel has been approved by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office.
The patent covers the design which secures a low dangerous goods rating for myFC’s patented fuel. This design separates the inactive fuel components until it is time for hydrogen to be generated in a controlled manner. This design determines at which level myFC’s fuel cards can be certified, classified and transported. MyFC’s fuel is used in the JAQ Hybrid fuel cell charger.
"We are at the absolute forefront of technology development, and each approved patent is protection for our continued innovation, "says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC.
MyFC Holding (publ) interim report July – September 2017

Significant events July – September

Reinforced Group Management: Torbjörn Möller new Chief Operating Officer and Max Rydahl new marketing and sales director

British Signal Special Opportunities new major owner; Handelsbanken Fonder expands ownership

New patent granted in Canada

Comment from CEO Björn Westerholm:

“The third quarter of the year has been one of execution. We have strengthened our organization and our finances, we have continued the work to commercialize JAQ Hybrid, and we have begun the development of a Lamina REX prototype.

The work to industrialize JAQ Hybrid is progressing according to plan. As previously communicated, our intention is to initiate phase 2 in our framework agreement with our Chinese customer Telling in 2017. Phase 2 entails a mutual commitment of 400,000 units of JAQ Hybrid.

During and after the end of the quarter we have further strengthened our finances. Our strong liquidity enables continued organizational reinforcements as well as accelerated execution of our prioritized projects. We operate in a highly fast-paced market, and have every intention of continuing to lead the development of fuel cell technology for mobile devices. In order to do that, we need to add further competence to the company.”
MyFC initiates development project to halve weight of LAMINA Range Extender for electric vehicles

Swedish fuel cell company myFC is in the process of developing a range extender for electric cars. Aiming to show a prototype in 2018, the company has now initiated a project together with Gränges to accelerate the development.

LAMINA Range Extender is based on myFC's patented LAMINA technology. Charged with myFC's patented green fuel, consisting of salt, water and reaction components, it has the potential of doubling the reach of a medium-sized electric car.

A low material weight is crucial for range extenders, as it reduces operating costs and increases range. MyFC will therefore collaborate with Gränges, which has a world-leading position in materials technology, in the development project.

"We are getting a very knowledgeable partner from the automotive industry with unique expertise in materials engineering solutions. This enables us to increase both pace and precision in the development work, "says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC Holding AB.

The cooperation will mainly take place between myFC’s development unit in Stockholm and Gränges’ development unit in Shanghai. Any IP development within the fuel cell area will befall myFC.
Nachricht vom 21..12.:

MyFC initiates feasibility study with leading Chinese smartphone manufacturer

Swedish fuel cell company myFC (MYFC) has initiated a feasibility study with a leading Chinese smartphone manufacturer. The aim is to analyze the technical and commercial feasibility of integrating myFC’s fuel cell technology into smartphones.

“Since we launched the world’s smallest fuel cell LAMINA in early 2017, our intention has been to pursue the integration of our fuel cell technology in smartphones. This R&D project marks the start of that initiative, which we refer to as job #3,” says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC.
Nachricht vom 22.12.:

MyFC declares JAQ Hybrid ready for delivery, expects orders from Telling to be delayed

Swedish fuel cell company myFC (MYFC) anticipates a delay in orders for JAQ Hybrid from Chinese mobile distributor Telling. The company further states that JAQ Hybrid is now complete, IEC certified and industrialized and ready for delivery.

MyFC signed the three-phase frame agreement with Telling in December 2016. Phase two, with initial orders of JAQ Hybrid, was previously expected to be initiated in Q4 2017. MyFC is now stating it is not expecting any orders under the frame agreement before year-end, but that orders are expected to arrive in 2018. Sales efforts on markets outside China are continuing according to plan.

“We have developed, IEC certified and industrialized JAQ Hybrid in less than a year. Our technology platform is now fully prepared for the coexistence fuel cell and battery, providing the best of both worlds. We are eager for the first order and ready to initiate deliveries of JAQ Hybrid when Telling is ready to place it,” says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC.
MyFC predicts that fuel cells will surpass batteries in energy density and cost efficiency in a few years


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