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      schrieb am 09.06.23 09:41:06
      Beitrag Nr. 304 ()
      für Binance U.S. ist in Bezug auf U.S. dollars Schluss im Juni:

      EUR/USD | 1,077 $
      schrieb am 05.06.23 17:30:49
      Beitrag Nr. 303 ()

      SEC Sues Binance and CEO for Alleged Securities Violations
      Binance's troubles with U.S. regulators continues.…
      As first reported by Bloomberg, the digital asset behemoth and its CEO Changpeng 'CZ' Zhao, Binance's founder and controlling shareholder, have been accused of breaking U.S. securities rules, a court filing shows. The SEC filed the case in federal court in the District of Columbia.
      EUR/USD | 1,071 $
      schrieb am 23.05.23 16:52:09
      Beitrag Nr. 302 ()
      Überraschung :laugh:

      to commingle = vermischen

      A REUTERS SPECIAL REPORT: Crypto giant Binance commingled customer funds and company revenue, former insiders say…
      One of the sources, a person with direct knowledge of Binance’s group finances, said the sums ran into billions of dollars and commingling happened almost daily in accounts the exchange held at U.S. lender Silvergate Bank.

      Reuters couldn’t independently verify the figures or the frequency. But the news agency reviewed a bank record showing that on Feb. 10, 2021, Binance mixed $20 million from a corporate account with $15 million from an account that received customer money.

      The money flows at Binance described by Reuters indicate a lack of internal controls to ensure customer funds were clearly identifiable and segregated from company revenues, three former U.S. regulators said. They said the commingling of these funds put client assets at risk by obscuring their whereabouts.

      Binance customers shouldn’t “need a forensic accountant to find where their money is,” said John Reed Stark, a former chief of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Internet Enforcement.

      Reuters found no evidence that Binance client monies were lost or taken.

      EUR/USD | 1,078 $
      schrieb am 11.05.23 13:46:03
      Beitrag Nr. 301 ()
      Number of Failed Crypto Coins, by Year (2013-2022):…
      EUR/USD | 1,093 $
      schrieb am 30.03.23 00:02:25
      Beitrag Nr. 300 ()
      Crypto wird offensichtlich nur von relativ wenigen Big players kontrolliert:

      Genesis, a leading crypto lender that collapsed in January, was long a key source of funding for Alameda Research, the trading firm at the heart of Bankman-Fried’s alleged theft of customer assets from FTX.

      The close relationship included opportunities for some Genesis executives to invest in cryptocurrencies Bankman-Fried helped launch, at a discounted rate before the tokens were issued to the public, according to people familiar with the matter.

      The access highlights the past closeness of the groups, both now in bankruptcy, and the broader intertwined nature of the crypto industry, which is dominated by a small number of companies with various overlapping investments and interests.


      FT: Cheap FTX crypto tokens were offered to Genesis executives…
      EUR/USD | 1,085 $

      Trading Spotlight

      NuGen Medical Devices
      0,146EUR +5,04 %
      Warum gerade jetzt NuGen Medical… mehr zur Aktie »
      schrieb am 27.03.23 20:04:59
      Beitrag Nr. 299 ()
      Binance and founder Changpeng Zhao sued by CFTC for allegedly violating trading rules…
      The regulator alleged that Binance, Zhao, and his former top compliance officer, Samuel Lim, violated eight core provisions of the Commodity Exchange Act, including laws that require controls “designed to prevent and detect money laundering and terrorism financing.”

      Zhao and his former top compliance officer, Samuel Lim, allegedly “actively cultivated lucrative and commercially important ‘VIP’ customers, including institutional customers, located in the United States,” the complaint said.

      Binance and Zhao took steps to purposefully obscure where the exchange’s subsidiaries were located, the regulator said. This was part of a larger strategy that Zhao said was an effort to “keep countries clean,” the regulator alleged in the filing.

      EUR/USD | 1,079 $
      schrieb am 14.03.23 16:47:06
      Beitrag Nr. 298 ()

      More crypto bank shutdowns, the more prices inflate as people can’t get their money.
      EUR/USD | 1,073 $
      schrieb am 13.03.23 00:47:38
      Beitrag Nr. 297 ()

      $SIVB = SVB Financial Group ("Silicon Valley Bank")
      $SBNY = Signature Bank (New York)
      EUR/USD | 1,064 $
      schrieb am 12.03.23 13:49:11
      Beitrag Nr. 296 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 73.453.329 von faultcode am 11.03.23 12:52:47
      Zitat von faultcode: erst: Silvergate Bank + Silicon Valley Bank:


      Sie "planen" am Montag Umtauschaufträge wieder auszuführen. Na hoffentlich geht der Plan mal auf ... :eek: :D

      Aber zunächst möchte die FED am Montag außerplanmäßig tagen. Es ginge dabei "in erster Linie um Vorschuss- und Diskontsätze". Über die Silicon Valley Bank wird garantiert nicht gesprochen werden - Ehrenwort! :laugh:
      EUR/USD | 1,064 $
      schrieb am 11.03.23 12:52:47
      Beitrag Nr. 295 ()
      erst: Silvergate Bank + Silicon Valley Bank:

      EUR/USD | 1,064 $
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