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Jumbo hat heute die Zahlen für das erste Halbjahr 2005/2006 bekanntgegeben:

Umsatz: 7.78 Mio. A$ (+85%)
Gewinn: 477.410 A$ (+70%)

16.03.06 07:44:48
na dann mal fleissig weiter so...

gabs noch ausblicke??

jumbo kenne ich seit vielen jahren...irgendwann wird dieser wert den penny bereich verlassen, eine frage der zeit...

ich glaube an jumbo und bleibe investiert!
16.03.06 08:24:35
16.03.06 08:49:38
Weitere Zahlen:

Cash at bank: 4,46 mio zuzüglich 2,82 mio aus KE 2006.

Jumbo will weiter sowohl in der Online Lottery als auch im Gaming Sector investieren.
16.03.06 08:57:36
[posting]20.723.876 von hete am 16.03.06 08:49:38[/posting]sehr gut,...danke!

es kann wirklich jederzeit losgehen.
kurse um die 3 cent werden wir nicht mehr lange sehen.

jumbo ist und bleibt eine erfolgsgeschichte.
gestartet ohne dass nur irgendjemand an die story glaubte, haben sie es geschafft, den bekannheitsgrad zu steigern, profitable geschäfte zu aquirieren, und mitlerweile schreiben sie sogar gewinne...und nicht nur das, ...umsatz und gewinnsteigerungen im hohen zweistelligen bereich sind mitlerweile an der tagesordnung.

jumbo wird seinen weg gehen.
jetzt noch günstig einsteigen...ich werde auch noch mal nachkaufen, wenn gwgo weiter steigt.
16.03.06 09:03:12
Dear Jumbowatch Subscriber,

The following announcement was made on 16 March, 2006.


Leading Australian online lotteries and ecommerce company, Jumbo Corporation Limited, today announced a 70% increase in net proft to a record $477,410 for the six months to 31 December 2005, compared to the previous corresponding period.

Jumbo also reported total revenues of $7.78 million - up 85%, while EBITDA was $673,130 - a 128% improvement.

Jumbo`s Net Asset position reached $4.85 million, which has since been further strengthened by an additional $2.82 million following an enthusiastic response in January this year to the Company`s Shareholder Share Purchase Plan.
Shares on Issue: 370 million
Options on Issue: 5 million
Share price (14 Mar 2006): 5.4c
Market Cap: $20 million
Annual Share Turnover: 653 million
Last Month Share Turnover 31 million
Top 20 hold: 47%

"Jumbo`s record profit and growth reflects the positive impact our online retailing skills and customer database brought to the newly acquired online lottery business," Jumbo Chief Executive Officer, Mr Mike Veverka, said.

"Since 1995 when the company was founded, we have accumulated 11 years of online marketing experience and online customers, significantly boosting sales of online lottery tickets from our flagship web site www.ozlotteries.com", he said.

"The company has shifted its focus from general retailing to online lotteries to make the most of the early market position we have in this fast growing industry", he said.

"Ozlotteries.com now has more website traffic, more signups, more regular players and ultimately more sales than in May 2005, when Jumbo acquired the business."

The highlights of the latest half year are as follows: Half Year Period Dec 2003 Dec 2004 Dec 2005 Growth 2004 - 05
Revenue $3.3 million $4.2 million $7.78 million 85%
EBITDA $153,715 $295,760 $673,130 128%
Profit (NPAT) $115,408 $281,607 $477,410 70%

Mr Veverka said the expertise Jumbo had brought to ozlotteries.com, following its acquisition by the Company in May 2005, were best highlighted by the following figures in the six months to 31 December 2005;

Website customer traffic increased 45%.
Customer signups increased 36%.
Active regular customers increased 91%.
Jumbo`s marketing activities are based on the following principles.

Conversion of existing online customers to ozlotteries.com
Partnership with "Affiliates" who are independent online marketers that drive customer traffic to ozlotteries.com and are paid on a performance basis (jumboaffiliates.com).
Promotions to encourage customers to try the ozlotteries service via improved signup bonuses.
Improvements to the ozlotteries.com website to increase customer loyalty.
Mr Veverka said CasinoCity.com, an independent US-based online gaming review site, has ranked ozlotteries.com the number one most popular lottery web site (online.casinocity.com/lotteries).

The ranking is unpaid and is determined independently by CasinoCity.com.

Financial Position

The strengthening of the companies financial position is demonstrated in the following table. Half Year Period Dec 2003 Dec 2004 Dec 2005
Cash at Bank $1.03 million $1.70 million $4.46 million
Net Assets $50,000 $2.00 million $4.85 million
Net Tangible Assets $38,000 $1.77 million $1.52 million

A further $2.82 million is cash was added in January 2006 following the conclusion of the Shareholder Share Purchase Plan.

Mr Veverka said the Company now had over $7 million in cash, and was in a strong position to take advantage of further growth opportunities in the online lottery and gaming sector.

Lottery Tender

On the 4th March 2005, Jumbo announced that it was invited to participate in a Tender Submission for an Australian Lottery business.

A change in direction by the lottery business during the tender process resulted in delays and an ultimate decision not to award the tender to any participants.

Jumbo continues to seek further opportunities in Australia and Overseas.

Private Lottery Network

Following the acquisition of TMS Global Services Pty Limited in May 2005, Jumbo also gained control over a private network of lottery outlets through a number of Pacific Islands, including Fiji, the Cook Islands and Norfolk Island.

The outlets are linked via a proprietary computer system to Australia. Improvements were made during the half year to this network and a decision was made to continue supporting this business unit with further improvements.

"The private network is a steady profit earner that grew 28% in the 6 months to December 2005", Mr Veverka said.

"While the growth is lower than the ozlotteries.com web site, I expect the growth to continue and the private network to continue to make a significant contribution to group results," he said.

Betting Exchange Opportunities

On the 9th November 2005, Jumbo announced its plans to seek opportunities in the Betting Exchange industry following the decision by the Tasmanian State Government to license the countries first betting exchange.

Since that time, Jumbo has been in discussions to license the BetexWare software application to a number of potential betting exchange operators. As yet no licenses have been granted as no operator has obtained the necessary betting exchange license.

"Jumbo`s intention is to partner with a betting exchange operator and as yet no operator has been granted a second license from Tasmania", said Mr Veverka.

"I believe Betting Exchanges are the likely future for online wagering and Jumbo will continue to investigate opportunities", he said.

Investment in Global Approach Limited (GLO)

In January 2006, Jumbo exercised its 2.58 million options in Global Approach Limited (ASX:GLO) - an online gaming company with 2 online casinos and 1 poker room - to increase its shareholding from 8,648,817 shares to 11,228,817 shares (17.4% of GLO), and increasing its total investment to $958,549.

Based on an 11c closing share price on 15 March 2006, the investment is now worth $1,235,170.


Jumbo is continually seeking further growth opportunities through partnerships and/or acquisitions in the online lottery and gaming sector both in Australia and overseas.

Online gambling worldwide totaled about US$12 billion (AUD$16 billion) last year, according to Christiansen Capital LLC, with lottery games representing about 15 percent of the total. By 2010, the consulting firm is forecasting that online gambling will total US$24.5 billion (AUD$32 billion) worldwide, with lotteries accounting for US$4 billion (AUD$5.3 billion), or 16.5 percent.

"The online lottery industry is in its infancy and significant growth opportunities will arise as the industry matures", said Mr Mike Veverka.

For further information, please contact:

Mike Veverka, CEO
Email: mike@jumbocorporation.com
Web: www.jumbocorporation.com

Full announcement (including Information Memorandum and Half Year Report) is attached.

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This email newsletter is compliant with the requirements of the Australian Spam Act 2003. If for any reason you wish to ask a question about this email, please contact Jumbo Corporation at Level 8, Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle St. Brisbane QLD 4000. Phone (07) 3831 3705.

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26.05.06 07:59:02
Thursday 25th May 2006


Directors of Jumbo Corporation Limited (ASX:JUM) provide the following update to shareholders on the online Lottery Industry and also the Global Approach (GLO) acquisition of Tusk Investment Corporation (Tusk).

Online Lottery Industry Update

Shares on Issue: 370 million
Options on Issue: 5 million
Share price (24 May 2006): 3.9c
Market Cap: $14 million
Annual Share Volume: 473 million
Last Month Share Volume: 15 million

The 8th annual GIGSE (Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo) was held recently from 16 to 18 May 2006 in Montreal with directors of JUM, GLO and Tusk in attendance. This is the largest online gaming industry gathering for the purpose of discussing industry issues, advancements and trends (www.gigse.com/2006).

Online lotteries began to attract significantly more interest from delegates at this years summit compared to previous summits. While the "Big 3" industry sectors continue to be online casinos, poker and sports betting, online lotteries are viewed as a new emerging sector with significant growth potential. Established online gaming operators are searching for new games for their players and are looking at Lotteries, Bingo and Mah Jong with interest.

"Online lotteries are viewed as an exciting new area in online gaming and the Ozlotteries.com site is well known as an early leader in the industry", said Mr Mike Veverka, CEO of Jumbo Corporation Ltd.

Industry Advances

Many of the industry advances such as regulatory changes, improved payment systems, fraud control and marketing opportunities are relevant to online lotteries. JUM representatives met with numerous companies with the aim of expanding and improving the companies operations.

"The key to our growth will come from expanding our online lottery services into new markets by improving our games and payment systems which in turn will lead to new marketing opportunities", said Mr Veverka.

New payment systems are being investigated from companies such as Neteller (www.neteller.com), Wirecard (www.wirecard.com) and Chexx Inc (www.chexxinc.com). The online gaming industry is regarded as an innovator of new online payment methods designed to securely transfer money with customers around the world in many currencies. While credit cards are still the dominant method, alternatives are fast rising in popularity.

Corporate Activity in the Online Lottery Industry

A major industry development over the past year was the rapid rise of a number of very large gaming operators on the London AIM (Alternate Investment Market). For example, PartyGaming (PRTY.L) reached valuations in excess of AUD$10 billion which made it the most valuable publicly traded gambling stock in the world, greater than MGM Mirage (MGM:NYSE) and Harrah's Entertainment (HET:NYSE). PartyGaming is a leading online poker network operator (www.partygaming.com).

In the online lottery industry, a number of large organizations and publicly listed companies have emerged with online lottery operations. These are discussed below.

* The UK National Lottery operated by the Camelot Group is regarded as the largest online lottery site (www.national-lottery.co.uk). The national lottery license comes up for renewal in 2009.
* Chariot UK (code: CRT.L website: www.chariot.org.uk) have recently launched an online competitor to the UK national lottery - PlayMonday - (www.playmonday.com).
* Tipp24 AG (code: TIM.F website: www.tipp24.de) is a German publicly listed company with a current market capitalization over AUD$300 million and sells online lottery tickets in Germany (www.tipp24.de), Spain (www.ventura24.es) and Italy (www.puntogioco24.it)
* Fluxx.com (code: FXX.F website: www.fluxx.com) is a German publicly listed company with a current market capitalization over AUD$150 million selling online lottery tickets in Germany (www.jaxx.de) as well as other gaming services.

"The growth of these online lottery operations demonstrate the potential of this industry segment, especially in Europe which is a key target market for Ozlotteries.com", said Mr Veverka.

"The rise of competitors in the emerging online lotteries market has the effect of expanding the market size as more players are encouraged to make their lottery purchases online", he said.

Global Approach Acquisition Update

JUM is a substantial shareholder of Global Approach Limited (ASX:GLO) with 18.0% of the shares. GLO announced on the 29th of March 2006 to acquire Tusk Investment Corporation (Tusk) for AUD$19.3 million to create one of Australia's premier online gaming companies. GLO yesterday announced an update to the progress of this acquisition.

The main points of the Acquistion are:

* Purchase Consideration $19.375 million through the issue of 155 million fully paid ordinary GLO shares at an issue price of 12.5c per share.
* Tusk anticipated results for the 12 months to June 2006 include Revenue $7.1 million and EBITDA $2.5 million.
* Post acquistion gaming operations will consist of 5 mature online casinos and 3 online poker sites.
* Number of depositing players is expected to grow from 42,000 to 151,000.

Mr Mike Veverka, CEO of Jumbo and Alan Phillips, Chairman of Jumbo are both non-executive directors of Global Approach Limited. Jumbo Corporation Limited currently holds 11.6 million ordinary shares (18.0%) of the fully paid ordinary shares in GLO. The full GLO announcement is attached.

Mike Veverka, CEO
Email: mike@jumbocorporation.com

Full announcement (including the full GLO announcement) is attached.

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