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Halbjahresergebniss sind draussen. Ich bin dabei :-)

Brief explanation of results
A net loss after tax of $9,554,000 is reported by the Group for the half year (30 June 2016: loss of $102,694,000).
Refer to the directors’ report, financial statements and supporting notes in the attached Interim Report for the half year ended 30 June 2017 for additional detail.
13.06.18 21:38:06
und der Kupfer-Preis ist bei 3,25$ und kein Ende des Höhenflugs in Sicht
HV- Präsentation verfügbar unter...


hier nur einige der Higlights:

- Cash flow from operations
- Potential to pay fully franked dividends
- Able to use tax losses to offset future profits

Das wird eine meiner Lieblings-Aktien :D. Kurs bei 0,88 AUS$
27.06.18 20:46:36
Schwer zu finden
wie das Gold,

z.B. Kanmantoo: 5m @32,3g/t AU
z.B. Mt. Rhine: Peak rock chips of 13% Cu 49,8 g/t AU
z.B. Kanappa: Peak rock chips of 34% Cu 4,0 g/t AU


Der Kupferpreis ist ja leider ein wenig zurückgegangen. auf 2,98 US$, aber das sollte im Moment kein Problem sein.
10.08.18 20:31:05
Top fund names 3 tiny microcap stocks with big catalysts for FY19

In its April report, The Supervised Fund said tiny copper producer Hillgrove Resources could generate $104m in free cash to equity holders by September 2020.

Since then, the Hillgrove Resources share price has fallen to 7.5 cents, giving it a market value of $43 million.

The Supervised Fund says from the December quarter of 2018, the company will begin to generate substantial free cash flow for equity holders, in the order of $8 to $11 million per quarter. This should allow Hillgrove to pay its first fully franked dividend since 2009.

Once it starts distributing cash to shareholders, the fund says Hillgrove should attract a market rerating.

Additionally, the fund says Hillgrove is currently marketing its proposed pumped hydroelectric energy storage system. If there are any interested parties, this could be worth up to $50 million. The fund is also expecting the results of two exploration programs in late 2019, which could extend the company’s mine life well beyond its current two years.

Hillgrove Resources is another high conviction position in The Supervised Fund, making up 12 per cent of the portfolio.

Hillgrove Resources: 0,89 A$
High Grade Copper: 2,74
Kupfer Future: 6198
23.08.18 20:30:01
- 10,764t of copper (up 51% H1 2017: 7,119t) and 3,812oz of gold (up 76% H1 2017: 2,160oz) produced in concentrate.
- Total ore mined of 3.5 million tonnes, an increase of 84% from the corresponding prior period.
- The increase in ore mined has led to a substantial increase in ore stockpiles, enabling the mill to
preferentially treat higher grades (up 57% H1 2018 0.72% compared to H1 2017 0.46%).
- A15.4% reduction in C1 unit costs, dropping from US$2.40/lb to US$2.03 in the current period.

- Underlying EBITDA of $22.7m was up 184% from the corresponding half year, following the completion of the Giant Pit cutback.
- Net concentrate revenue of $86.9 million was up 57% at an average cash realised copper price of A$8,984/t (June 2017: A$7,519/t).
- A statutory profit after tax of $13.9 million was up 275% (June 2017: a loss of $8.0 million).
- Improved balance sheet - total liabilities have decreased by $14.3 million since 31 December 2017.

Hillgrove Resources: 0,08 A$ (im Bid) :lick:
und Korrektur für Beitrag vom 10.08: 0,089 A$
High Grade Copper: 2,65 US$
Kupfer Future: 6010$
29.08.18 22:25:20
Kanmantoo copper mine operator Hillgrove Resources releases half-yearly results, says future looks bright

Mining at Kanmantoo is due to finish a year from now, but operators Hillgrove Resources hope that year will be profitable enough to allow it to move on to other projects nearby.

The company's half-yearly results, released last Thursday, painted a positive picture of the state of the mine.

Gone were the financial woes of previous years, as miners were currently digging up the good stuff: the purest, highest-grade copper ore, made accessible by the completion of a cut-back in the mine's main pit.

Because the mine's milling machinery was able to process the high-grade ore first, the company was able to make more money, sooner.

In the first six months of this year, Hillgrove produced almost 10,800 tonnes of copper – with a value of almost $9000 per tonne – and more than 3800 ounces of gold, both figures dramatically greater than in the same period last year.

It made a profit of $13.9 million over the six-month period.

In a statement, the company said it planned to use its cash to pay debts, reward shareholders and – most importantly for the local workforce – explore three major projects which could keep it busy after mining ceased in mid-2019 and processing followed sometime in 2020.

Surveying of the Kanmantoo mine site, where mining could continue underground, has been completed.

Drilling is scheduled for next month at a site called Kanappa, near Sanderston, which Hillgrove hopes to develop into a new copper mine.

A shortlist of bidders interested in turning the pit at Kanmantoo into a pumped hydroelectric storage facility will be selected within months.

Chief executive officer Steven McClare said a turnaround was underway.

"Our growth trajectory continues to build and is strongly supported by these results, driving our momentum into the second half of 2018," he said.
11.09.18 20:43:57
Der Munro Family Super Fund (MFSF) ist immer nioch am Aufstocken, im letzten Monat von 7,2 % auf 8,5%. Nicht unbedingt ein schlechtes Zeichen.
12.09.18 19:42:55
Ais dem Jahresbericht von Ariadne
During FY18, Ariadne increased its shareholding in Hillgrove to 26%.
Hillgrove has, as a result, become an associate of Ariadne and Ariadne now records its proportionate share of Hillgrove’s results for the relevant period.
With the completion of the cutback of the Giant Pit at its Kanmantoo operations, Hillgrove anticipates a steady improvement in liquidity with lower waste removal costs and the generation of positive cash flows, enabling the reduction in creditors in the short term.
Hillgrove has announced three potential opportunities which have the potential to generate value above the current “life of mine” model –
• Underground prospects below the current open pit
• Regional growth prospects at Kanappa and Mt Rhine
• Pumped Hydro Energy storage at Kanmantoo
If none of these opportunities come to fruition, Hillgrove will complete its mining operations at Kanmantoo and, using its significantfranking credits, return cash to shareholders through fully-franked dividends.
04.02.19 21:52:20
Hillgrove Resources Limited (ASX: HGO) report for the quarter ended 31 December 2018
So, morgen noch ein wenig mehr ...

• Quarterly copper production of 5,366 tonnes, contributing to the highest annual production since operations began of 22,584 tonnes for CY 2018;
• Quarterly gold production of 885 ounces (6,003 ounces for 2018);

Cash Flow – the sustained higher levels of production allowed the Company to continue to improve its balance sheet, with creditors and debt reduced leaving a cash balance of $2.5m at quarter end.
Pumped Hydro – final offers have been received and negotiations are continuing but remain incomplete.
Exploration – the diamond drilling at Kanappa has identified a large potassic-sericite-chlorite alteration system with copper-gold mineralisation. Further assessment of the drilling results is being undertaken.
Despite these challenges, 2018 was a record year for copper production (22,584 tonnes). Free cashflow generation was significant and this resulted in debt reduction of $8.5M and reduction in the creditors balance by $21.7M, with creditors now back on industry terms.

Pumped Hydro – progress negotiations with the preferred bidder.
Growth Opportunities – work on the growth opportunities will continue, including:
• Underground – further work to be undertaken to evaluate an alternate design to recover the tonnes lost from the change in pit design following the December 2018 rockfall; and
• Exploration – further exploration at the Stella and North-West Kanmantoo projects will be undertaken in the March 2019 quarter and the Kanappa drilling assessment continues.
• Cashflow – forecast strong copper production, cessation of mining by mid-year (thereby reducing costs), combined with the fixed pricing contracts should allow the Company to build a healthy cash balance in the first half of the year. The Company intends to pay a fully franked dividend before 30 June 2019

The intent remains to maximise the value from the existing pit (including progressive rehabilitation), progress the sale of the Pumped Hydro site and build an exploration platform that has the potential to be self sustaining over a prolonged period. Surplus cashflow generated from these activities will be returned to shareholders in the form of dividends, with a fully franked dividend planned prior to 30 June 2019.
07.02.19 20:41:50
Ganz chic und m.E. vom Markt nicht wahrgenommen. In Kanmantoo wird nach der Minenschließung ein Pumspeicherwerk gebaut. Dazu habe ich hier mal eine kleine Übersicht gemacht und die in Planung und im Bau befindlichen Pumpspeicherwerke mal sortiert nach AUS$m/MW.
Kanmantoo ist zwei mal drin und selbst mit einem Bonus von 100m$ (als Dividende :eek: ) ist Kanmantoo noch im Mittelfeld! Ich gehe davon aus, dass 50m$ der Mindestpreis ist und das ist gerade mal die momentane Aktienbewertung.

http://energymining.sa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/32…" target="_blank" rel="nofollow ugc noopener">

PHES in South Australia
Capex Generation Storage $m/MW $m/MWh
Kanmantoo PHES
$250m 220MW 1300MWh 1,136 0,192
Highbury PHES (min)
$380m 300MW 1350MWh 1,267 0,281
Highbury PHES (max)
$430m 300MW 1350MWh 1,433 0,319
Baroota PHES
$400m 270MW 2160MWh 1,481 0,185
Kanmantoo PHES + $100m
$350m 220MW 1300MWh 1,591 0,269
Middlebank Ranges PHES
$180m 110MW 660MWh 1,636 0,273
Goat Hill PHES
$420m 230MW 1840MWh 1,826 0,228
Cultana PHES
$480m 225MW 1770MWh 2,133 0,271

Ein Bieter existiert.
07.02.19 21:01:57
Ach und die Rohstoff-Preise sind in den letzten Wochen nicht gerade gefallen,
obwohl Hillgrove ein excellentes Preis-Fixing ausgehandelt hat mit Kontrakten von AUS $8,860 pro Tonne.

High Grade Copper: 2,83 US$
Kupfer Future: 6247$ = 8796 AUS $
Gold Future: 1314$
10.02.19 20:03:41
Apropos Rohstoffpreise
Drilling @ Kanappa.

Gold und Kupfer war ja eher bescheiden (z.B. 45 m @ 0,2 % Kupfer, 7m @ 0,4% Kupfer oder 2m @ 1,3g/t Gold).

Aber was da noch so bei war in den Bohrlöchern KPDD002 und KPDD003,
könnte Kanappa sehr interessant machen:

Molybden 45m (?) bis zu 241 ppm Preis 24.000US$ pro Tonne :lick:
Kobalt 45m (?) bis zu 1175 ppm Preis 31.000US$ pro Tonne :D
Wolfram 7m bis zu 3570 ppm Preis ~30.000US$ pro Tonne :eek:

Möglich also, dass Kanappa noch richtig Spass macht!
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19.02.19 22:17:56
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.837.926 von Barnin-Man am 10.02.19 20:03:41
Hier könnten Neuigkeiten kommen :

28.02.19 19:59:30
2018 Full Year Financial Results
Cashflows from operations deliver profits and a strong balance sheet

Hillgrove Resources Limited reports its results for the financial year ended 31 December 2018.
• Net profit after tax of $29.5 million (up $43.6 million) on revenue of $180.1 million (up 59%)
Underlying EBITDA of $44.3 million (up 173%) at a margin of 25 per cent
Earnings per share of 5.1 cps
• Increase of $30.4 million in net assets

Hillgrove Managing Director, Steve McClare commented:
“Following completion of the Giant Pit cutback in December 2017, 2018 was a year of significant achievement with record copper production driving a substantialincrease in revenue enabling the Company to put itself on a much firmer financial footing. Creditors are on normal terms, debt will be eliminated by the end of February 2019 and the balance sheet is in a much stronger position. This sets a solid foundation to create value for shareholders through the completion of mining in the coming months, followed by the processing of ore stockpiles for a further year, seeking to finalise the sale of the pumped hydro energy storage project and evaluating options to unlock the regional exploration potential.

Ab 1.März wird nur noch für die Dividende geschuftet . :cool:
So, jetzt muss es nur noch einer merken!
06.06.19 20:30:06
Wird's denn doch eine nette Dividendenaktie?
oder was lange währt wird gut.

Hillgrove Resources Limited (Hillgrove) (ASX:HGO) is pleased to announce the payment of a dividend to Shareholders.

The Board has resolved to pay a dividend of 1.5 cents per share, fully franked.

The key dates are as follows:
Ex-dividend Date Thursday 13 June 2019
Record Date Friday 14 June 2019
Payment Date Friday 28 June 2019

The Chairman John Gooding said Hillgrove’s strategy, as advised at the AGM, is now focused on accumulating cash and creating value from processing the remaining stockpiled ore at Kanmantoo, progressing the Pumped Hydro Energy Storage transaction with AGL, and realising value from its exploration and freehold property assets, including evaluating the commencement of an underground mining operation at Kanmantoo.

This dividend payment reflects the initial success of this strategy and it is intended to distribute dividends as the further initiatives are successfully implemented.
At 31 December 2018, the Company had $126.1m in carried forward tax losses and $21.3m in franking credits. After the payment of this franked dividend the remaining franking credits will be approximately $17.6m.

The declaration of future dividends remains at the discretion of the Board and is subject to Hillgrove meeting all its financial commitments, meeting all overhead, compliance and regulatory costs and its ability to assess new business opportunities.
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07.06.19 11:26:19
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 60.753.546 von Barnin-Man am 06.06.19 20:30:06Hallo ins Forum

So wie ich das sehe hat die Firma 29,5 Millionen Gewinn gemacht in 2018 das hört sich gut an....

Auch die Kupferproduktion ist enorm gestiegen auf 14802 Tonne sehr ordentliches Plus von 53% im Vergleich zum Vorjahr...kann so weiter gehen:)

Wie seht ihr das wird das eine "Einmalige "Dividende sein oder kann das beibehalten werden?

Ich bin nicht ganz in der Materie drin wie kam es in 2017 zu den 14 Millionen ca Verlust?
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07.06.19 14:36:32
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 60.757.995 von freddy1989 am 07.06.19 11:26:19Wie seht ihr das wird das eine "Einmalige "Dividende sein oder kann das beibehalten werden?

letzter Absatz der Mitteilung:

"This sets a solid foundation to create value for shareholders through the completion of mining in the
coming months
, followed by the processing of ore stockpiles for a further year, seeking to finalise the sale of the pumped hydro energy storage project and evaluating options to unlock the regional exploration potential."

mit den Hervorhebungen sollte die Frage beantwortet sein

Ich bin nicht ganz in der Materie drin wie kam es in 2017 zu den 14 Millionen ca Verlust?

schau dir mal die Tabelle auf Seite 2 an, dann kannst du wesentliche operative Unterschiede erkennen. Für die exakte Gewinnentwicklung müsstest du aber die GuV heranziehen (wobei die Cashflowrechnung bei Rohstoffunternehmen mit begrenzter Lebensdauer grundsätzlich die wichtigere Größe ist)
10.02.20 21:46:14
Untertagebau doch vor dem Pumpspeicherwerk
Hillgrove Resources | 0,035 €
21.06.20 13:16:10
Aufmerksam durchlesen und mal die mögliche Goldproduktion von Nugent ausrechnen (Gold bei 17XX $)
http://www.hillgroveresources.com.au/media/1/1121/200602%20U…" target="_blank" rel="nofollow ugc noopener">http://www.hillgroveresources.com.au/media/1/1121/200602%20U…

2 June 2020
The Board of Hillgrove Resources Limited (Hillgrove, the Company) (ASX:HGO) reiterates the current focus of the business is the evaluation of the underground mining project at Kanmantoo which, if successful, is a path forward to return the Company to cash generation as quickly as possible.
The underground mining project presents the best opportunity to resume production in the near-term for relatively low capital investment due to the existing open pit haul road to 360m depth to act as a decline for access to the underground resource, the availability of the low cost processing facility, the approved expansion of the tailing storage facility and the other infrastructure and utilities at the mine site.
A drilling program that commenced in March 2020 to continue the evaluation of the underground opportunity was temporarily postponed to secure the health of our staff, contractors and community, and to preserve cash amid the uncertainty within the broader investment community created by COVID-19.
Since then, Hillgrove has continued to advance discussions with a number of parties regarding funding for the underground project.
In order to progress the underground project while these discussions are being finalised, the Board now wishes to advise the drilling program to evaluate the underground opportunities recommenced yesterday (1 June 2020).
The program will focus on evaluating the depth extensions of the Kavanagh lodes as intersected in the 2019 drill program (ASX releases 30 October 2019 and 5 November 2019) and commence evaluation of the Nugent ore lodes, both of which could be accessed via the Giant pit haul road.
Hillgrove Resources | 0,021 €
19.08.20 21:44:14
High Grade Copper: 3,02 US$
Gold noch über 1940 $

Wenn es untertage los geht, könnte es hier richtig richtig Spass machen.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

"The Company is continuing its evaluation of the economics of an underground operation at its Kanmantoo operation. Diamond drilling of the West Kavanagh, Central and East Kavanagh and the Nugent orebodies continues and, as reported on 31 July 2020, is expected to conclude in August and updated mineral resource estimates released thereafter."
"The next steps for the potential Kanmantoo underground development, which are being progressed in unison with the drilling program, are as follows:
 Completion of a mineral resource estimate,
 Further metallurgical test work to determine the viability of installing a gravity concentration circuit,
 Completion of final designs and feasibility study, and conversion to an Ore Reserve,
 Completion of the mining approvals process, and
 Securing funding for working capital requirements"
Hillgrove Resources | 0,028 €
06.11.20 17:54:25
High Grade Copper: 3,16 US$
Gold bei ~ 1950 $

Homepage wurde endlich mal erneuert. Ich freue mich auf die Ressorcenschätzung :-)


Ansonsten aus dem letzten Quartalsreport:

Underground Exploration and Development
The Stage 1 drilling program at Kavanagh and Nugent was successfully completed during the quarter and the results were reported on 3 September 2020. Advanced funding discussions with parties continue.
Cash Preservation
Cash and receivables balance of $6.1M, with trade creditors, payroll liabilities and accruals of $4.2M at the end of the quarter (unaudited). The Company continues to focus on cash preservation, which included the successful withdrawal from Indonesia post quarter end, and resulted in the reduction of trade creditors, payroll liabilities and accruals by $2.2M from $4.2M to $2.0M.
Hillgrove Resources | 0,020 €
11.11.20 17:24:26
Scaling and Rock Catch Fence Works

Die haben da schon ein Loch gebuddelt.
Jetzt ist es safe. Und bald geht es hoffentlich unter Tage:-)
Hillgrove Resources | 0,021 €
24.11.20 20:01:04
Hillgrove Resources | 0,028 €

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