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21.10.21 19:48:13
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Und es wird spannend ...
Für 5,2 AU ct krioegt man ab jetzt keine Aktien mehr.
Und das Resourcenupgrade soll Ende Oktober veröffentlicht werden.

Und dann auf Richtung 1 Euro.
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29.09.21 21:50:52
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Geiles Video
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05.09.21 17:42:19
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Hillgrove is the low-cost, low-risk copper developer to watch
Mehr gibt es wohl nicht zu sagen.
ich habe nachgekauft und fühl mich wohl dabei.…

Zwei Sachen aus dem Report:
"conceptional exploration target of between 8MT and 16MT at 1% to 2% copper and 0,2g/t to 0,4/t gold"

Interessierte können ja mal für die abfallenden 150.000 Unzen Gold den Taschenrechner bemühen...
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08.08.21 17:50:39
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06.05.21 17:47:48
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Hillgrove Hits 170m of Copper Mineralisation at Kanmantoo
Das sieht richtig gut aus!…

oder hier im Original

Assays for the next three drill holes have been received from recent diamond drilling of the Kavanagh Underground Cu-Au deposits at Kanmantoo, with all three drill holes intersecting Cu-Au mineralisation. The intersections clearly demonstrate the high copper grades of the Kavanagh Cu-Au lodes. Highlights from the Kavanagh drilling1 include:

• KTDD205 170.65m @ 1.01% Cu, 0.11 g/t Au from 339m downhole, including:
➢ 11.0m @ 1.65% Cu, 0.10 g/t Au, from 339.0m downhole, plus
➢ 23.0m @ 2.48% Cu, 0.24 g/t Au, from 385.0m downhole, plus
➢ 5.0m @ 1.86% Cu, 0.38 g/t Au, from 415.0m downhole, plus
➢ 12.2m @ 1.89% Cu, 0.49 g/t Au, from 451.0m downhole, plus
➢ 9.0m @ 1.94% Cu, 0.14 g/t Au, from 476.0m downhole, plus
➢ 13.8m @ 2.06% Cu, 0.12 g/t Au, from 495.85m downhole
• KTDD198_W4 19.53m @ 1.93% Cu, 0.36 g/t Au from 463.0m downhole

Commenting on the drilling results, Hillgrove CEO and Managing Director, Lachlan Wallace said:

“The multiple high grade Cu-Au intersections in hole KTDD205 which aggregate to over 170m at 1.01% are an exciting development which, coupled with the rising copper price, provide opportunities to consider lowering cut-off grades to expand the potential mining inventory and optimise the existing plant and tailings storage capacity at the Kanmantoo site.”


The diamond drilling of the Kavanagh Cu-Au mineralisation is proceeding according to plan and budget. Drill results are currently consistent with previous drilling in the vicinity and are expected to enable updated mineral resource estimates to be undertaken at the completion of the full drill program.
The wide higher grade copper intersections in drill holes of KTDD205 and KTDD198_W4 show strong Cu-Au mineralisation and indicate that the mineralisation previously classified as Inferred can be confirmed.
Diamond drilling continues to test the down dip and lateral extensions of the Kavanagh mineralisation

Kann losgehen :-)
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10.03.21 22:28:33
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Mine Site Rehabilitation

Hillgrove ist wohl wirklich ein Kupferproduzent mit einem positiven Fußabdruck.

Bald kommen die ersten Bohrergebnisse und dann geht es hoffentlich wieder ab.
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22.02.21 20:07:29
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und hier mal auf deutsch…

Es scheint zu laufen.
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19.02.21 20:36:47
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19.02.21 20:25:54
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Zwei neue Ankeraktionäre (Acorn und Freepoint)
Zwei neue Aktionäre. Das klingt sehr gut ...

Acorn Capital manages investment strategies that provide access to listed and unlisted Emerging Companies. The Acorn Capital investment philosophy is derived from its belief that there are pricing inefficiencies amongst Emerging Companies due to a lack of readily available external research conducted on such entities.…

“So we’ll have one producer and then we’ll be looking at other opportunities, but we would look ideally not for another producer, we’d look for something that is maybe in that earlier part of the cycle, whether it’s that discovery phase if they’re out there drilling trying to look for something, or maybe they’re going through that final part of their feasibility stage.……

Freepoint Metals & Concentrates LLC (FMC) was purchased from JP Morgan in 2012 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Freepoint Commodities LLC. FMC is a leading merchant in the global market for base metals concentrates and copper cathodes. We trade solely as a principal and physical market maker, having long-standing relationships with most major global mining companies and smelting counterparties in key demand pockets, particularly in Asia.
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02.02.21 18:24:52
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Hillgrove Resources (ASX:HGO) begins next phase of Kanmantoo drilling…

So, und dann sollte es endlich losgehen!

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