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Lycos - Olympia 2000 online

Lycos (WKN 932728) wird der Online-Arm der olympischen Spiele in Sydney 2000 werden.

Nun können User weltweit die Live-Auftritte des Sport-Events per Chat, Community, Fan Clubs etc. live erleben. Lycos wird die Site http://www.olympics.com als offizielle olympische Site bewerben dürfen. Lycos wird über 230 Fan-Clubs erstellen, diese Fan Clubs werden in Chats, Communities, Abstimmungs-Programme und Instant Messaging eingeteilt werden. Ferner werden ab dem 15. September die offiziellen Chats exklusiv mit den Sportlern auf Lycos gehostet werden. Man erwartet mehr als 1.4 Mrd. Page Views.

Zum ersten Mal in der Geschichte der olympischen Spiele wird der Event offiziell online begleitet werden.

Hi fsch!

Der Fernsehsender NBC wird sicherlich durch höhere Einschaltquoten und Einnahmen profitieren.

Ob und wie Sydney sich auf NBCi positiv auswirken wird, will sich mir allerdings (noch) nicht erschließen.

Bis dann, slo.
NBCi to Showcase NBCOlympics.com Content and Commerce Through Strategic Alliance With NBC/Quokka Ventures

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- NBC Internet, Inc. (Nasdaq: NBCI), a leading Internet portal company that brokers information, commercial, and entertainment transactions, today announced an alliance with NBC/Quokka Ventures (NQV) under which NBCi will showcase narrowband and broadband multimedia Olympics content and commerce from NBCOlympics.com. NBCOlympics.com, NBC`s home for Internet coverage of the Olympic Games, is a co-production of NBC Olympics and Quokka Sports (Nasdaq: QKKA).

Under the terms of the agreement, NBCi will receive exclusive content from NBCOlympics.com, which will not be made available to any other Internet portals or content distributors.

Additionally, as part of NBCi`s strategic relationship with Telocity Inc. (Nasdaq: TLCT), a leading nationwide provider of residential broadband services in the United States, Telocity subscribers will be able to view daily broadband Olympic content from the Sydney Games. NBCi and NQV

NBCi and NQV will provide NBCOlympics.com`s content, community applications and e-commerce opportunities to millions of NBCi`s portal users, and will collaborate on targeted direct marketing initiatives. The move builds on NBCi`s core competencies in brokering information and commercial transactions between NBCi`s users and partners, via Web-based and direct email applications. For its part, NQV will receive increased distribution for its digital Olympics coverage and shopping opportunities.

As part of the agreement, NBCi and NQV will build a co-branded Sydney 2000 Center within NBCi`s Snap.com Internet portal, to be transitioned to the new NBCi.com flagship portal service, launching this fall. NBCi will showcase unique NBCOlympics.com content, including interviews from Olympic athletes, NBC sports commentary, and other in-depth Olympics coverage before and during the Games -- covering such sports as diving, swimming, gymnastics, track and field, basketball and more. This narrowband and rich media content also will be featured on NBCi`s broadband destination service.

The NBCi/NQV Sydney 2000 Center will integrate contextual commerce links to NQV`s U.S. Olympics Store, www.usolympicstore.com, where U.S. users can purchase Olympic-related merchandise online. As part of this agreement, NBCi will receive a commission on sales of product purchased from users who originate from NBCi`s Snap site or other affiliated NBCi consumer Internet sites, including the soon-to-be-launched NBCi.com flagship portal.

Additionally, NBCi Direct, NBCi`s e-list management and database marketing division specializing in direct marketing via the Internet, will create and manage a specialized direct e-commerce initiative for NBCi and NBCOlympics.com. This direct e-commerce program will be targeted for NBCi members who have opted-in to receive information about NBC Olympic products and services.

"Today`s announcement underscores our deepening relationship with the NBC family of entertainment, information, sports and news services," said Will Lansing, Chief Executive Officer, NBCi. "We are especially pleased to showcase one of the world`s biggest events -- the Olympics -- via NQV`s top quality, exclusive multimedia content, direct from the Summer Games in Sydney. This alliance also demonstrates NBCi`s ability to broker high-quality content and commerce transactions between our users and best-of-breed Internet content providers, leveraging both Web-based and direct e-commerce applications."

"NBCOlympics.com aims to deliver a rich Olympic experience to a wide U.S. Internet audience and today`s exciting deal with NBCi will help us connect with NBCi`s large, valuable audience, expanding our scope throughout the NBC family," said Tom Newell, General Manager of NQV. "We look to leverage NBCi`s platform to deliver rich Olympics content and commerce direct to portal users via the Web and direct e-marketing opportunities."

As part of the multifaceted agreement, NBCi will promote NBCOlympics.com via media placements throughout NBCi`s consumer Internet services as well as within NBCi`s direct email newsletters, including SnapWire, XOOMWire and NBC Studio Pass. NBCi, NQV and Telocity

Telocity`s residential U.S. broadband subscribers will have access through NBCi and NBCOlympics.com to broadband Olympic content from the Sydney Games. Telocity subscribers also will receive additional showcased multimedia content from NBCi`s co-branded NBCi/NQV Sydney 2000 Center.

"Telocity`s strategic relationship with NBCi continues to create real benefits for our companies and our customers. Telocity subscribers will be among a select group this fall that can view exciting broadband Olympic content," said Telocity CEO Patti Hart. "Telocity will continue to showcase breakthrough Web experiences for our residential broadband users, and access to this unique Olympic content will help us further establish our reputation for delivering high-quality, branded content."

NBCi, NBC, GE and ValueVision International announced a strategic alliance with Telocity in December 1999. About Telocity

Telocity is a leading provider of integrated residential broadband services. Telocity improves today`s dial-up, or narrowband, experience through faster and reliable services that enhance Internet surfing, shopping, and communications. Telocity intends to expand its broadband services to packaged value-added services that may include secure telecommuting, home monitoring and automation, voice bundling, and entertainment and gaming services. Telocity currently provides high-speed broadband services through digital subscriber line (DSL) technology. As Telocity expands its services nationwide, the company intends to choose the most reliable, flexible and cost-effective broadband access technologies (including DSL, cable, and wireless) available in each local market. Telocity`s current broadband footprint covers over 125 major Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) across the United States. For more information, contact Telocity at phone 408-863-6600; fax 408-777-1451; www.telocity.net, or mail at 10355 N. DeAnza Blvd., Cupertino, CA 95014. Forward-looking statements are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and are identified by the words "intends," and "may include." Actual results may differ materially from those indicated by these forward-looking statements due to various important factors, including those identified in the Company`s Registration statements on Form S-1 and other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. About NBCOlympics.com

NBCOlympics.com is a joint venture between NBC and Quokka Sports and is the home for NBC`s online coverage of the Olympic Games. NBCOlympics.com is part of NBC`s complete coverage of the Olympics and presented in concert with NBC`s broadcast and cable programming. "The Complete Olympics" will increase total Olympic television coverage from 171.5 hours from the 1996 Atlanta Games to 441.5 total hours of coverage from Sydney.

Unique to NBCOlympics.com is Athlete`s Voice(TM) programming, a mainstay of the coverage where the world`s elite athletes provide ongoing first-person accounts of the trials, tribulations and successes of training and competing. Through e-mail, online diaries, audio and other digital media, the competitors offer viewers a personal look into their individual experiences. Once the Olympic Games begin, www.nbcolympics.com will offer digital media coverage of the Sydney Olympics to complement NBC`s television coverage. About NBC Internet, Inc.

NBC Internet, Inc. (NBCi) is a leading Internet media company that helps consumers access Internet resources, leveraging user data to broker information, commercial, and entertainment transactions between consumers and marketing partners. NBCi`s primary consumer services, Snap.com and Xoom.com, provide Internet search and directory, information, community, personal file storage, e-commerce, and entertainment services. NBCi`s broadband destination service aggregates top quality multimedia content and services for high-speed users. NBCi`s business-to-small business portal, AllBusiness.com, offers information, products, and services to help small businesses start and grow. NBCi is scheduled to integrate all of its consumer products and services under the NBCi.com brand, with a new flagship portal service slated to launch in fall 2000 at www.NBCi.com.

NBCi was launched in November 1999 through the combination of Snap, Xoom.com, NBC.com, NBC Interactive Neighborhood, VideoSeeker, and a 10 percent equity stake in CNBC.com. NBC Internet publicly trades under the ticker NBCI on The Nasdaq Stock Market(R). NBC, a subsidiary of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), holds a 39.3 percent ownership stake in NBCi. NBCi is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. For more information about NBCi and its Internet services, please see the NBCi corporate Web site at www.NBCi.com/corporate.

This press release contains statements that are forward-looking. These statements are based on NBCi`s expectations of its future results as of the date of this press release. Actual results may differ materially from those projected because of a number of risks and uncertainties, including those listed from time to time in NBC Internet Inc.`s SEC reports, including but not limited to XOOM.com, Inc.`s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 1998; XOOM.com`s Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q for the periods ended March 31, 1999, June 30, 1999 and September 30, 1999; the Registration Statements on Form S-4 and Form S-1 filed by NBC Internet, Inc., as amended. Important factors that could cause the results to differ materially from those in any such forward-looking statements include: NBCi`s limited operating history; unpredictability of its quarter-to-quarter results; its unproven business model and dependence on members; risks associated with its international operations; its reliance on a network infrastructure; its dependence on vendors and suppliers; management of its growth and expansion; risks associated with brand development; its reliance on advertising revenue; intense competition with other Web communities and businesses; the risks of infringement of intellectual property rights; risks associated with acquisitions; and reliance on strategic relationships.

/CONTACT: media, Robert Silverman, 212-664-2756, or robert.silverman@nbci.com, or Lauren Lum, 415-288-2616, or lauren.lum@nbci.com, or analysts, Roger Maes, 415-288-2568, or roger.maes@nbci.com, all of NBCi Corporate Communications; or Emily Greene of OutCast Communications, 415-392-8282, or Emily@OUTCASTPR.COM, for Quokka Sports; or Bill Chandler of Telocity Corporate Communications, 408-863-5983, or bill.chandler@telocity.net/


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