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      schrieb am 12.07.24 11:19:51
      Beitrag Nr. 618 ()
      Hm, dass das so hohe Wellen schlägt, war mir nicht klar.
      Fundamental hielt/halte ich die Aktie für unterbewertet. Aber in US wird eben Politik mit den Gerichten gemacht. Mal sehen, wie s weitergeht. Aber von Zukäufen sehe ich erst mal ab....
      Johnson & Johnson | 137,90 €
      schrieb am 09.07.24 09:10:06
      Beitrag Nr. 617 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 76.065.746 von mp2019 am 09.07.24 08:01:25Erinnert mehr und mehr an das Bayer Elend ; der ´Heimvorteil ´scheint auch nicht zu helfen ...
      Johnson & Johnson | 134,28 €
      schrieb am 09.07.24 08:01:25
      Beitrag Nr. 616 ()

      The battle over J&J’s bankruptcy plan to end talc lawsuits

      Johnson & Johnson is locked in a bitter fight with lawyers opposing its third attempt to settle tens of thousands of lawsuits through a controversial bankruptcy-court maneuver. The women alleging J&J’s talc products caused their cancer are caught in the crossfire.

      ‘Fraudulent’ claims?

      J&J believes it will get the claimant support it needs for its third two-step. The company removed some of the opposition by settling – outside of bankruptcy court – with claimants who had previously helped derail its Chapter 11 plans.

      By May, J&J had reached agreements to settle almost all claims from people with mesothelioma. J&J declined to disclose the total it paid but sources familiar with the matter said it was about $2 billion. In June, J&J agreed to pay about $700 million to U.S. states alleging the company misled consumers about the safety of its talc products.

      The majority of the remaining cases involve ovarian cancer. The claims arising from that disease and mesothelioma have been considered the strongest cases by plaintiffs’ lawyers because scientific evidence, while mixed and disputed by J&J, links the illnesses to talc.

      Birchfield alleges J&J is weaponizing thousands of “fraudulent” claims related to other diseases – including cervical, vaginal and uterine cancers – as a strategy to overwhelm the objecting votes of ovarian-cancer plaintiffs.

      The total number of claims allegedly involving diseases without clear connections to talc isn’t known. But it could be enough to decide the outcome of a potentially close vote based on J&J’s estimates of total claims.

      J&J recruited one key plaintiffs’ lawyer who had initially opposed its two-step bankruptcy in part by agreeing to settle in Chapter 11 with about 9,000 of his clients with uterine cancer, according to the attorney’s testimony in J&J’s second subsidiary bankruptcy. That lawyer was Onder, who represents a total of 21,000 clients, including those with ovarian cancer.

      That’s a potentially decisive voting bloc for J&J. Haas said in a May investors call the company faces between 85,000 and 100,000 total claims, “depending upon the ultimate process that we go through in vetting those claims.”

      Birchfield argues J&J has little incentive to weed out bogus claims because they could provide the critical ‘yes’ votes it needs for a Chapter 11 settlement.

      Onder first agreed to support J&J’s settlement during its second bankruptcy attempt. Under questioning at the time from another plaintiffs’ lawyer opposing the deal, Onder acknowledged that J&J had agreed to pay his clients for uterine-cancer claims it wouldn’t otherwise settle outside of bankruptcy.

      J&J is actively recruiting to drive up the number of claims, Birchfield says.…
      Johnson & Johnson | 134,48 €
      1 Antwort
      schrieb am 04.06.24 07:52:07
      Beitrag Nr. 615 ()
      J&J faces lawsuits from more than 61,000 plaintiffs over talc. The vast majority are by women with ovarian cancer, with only a small minority involving people with mesothelioma. The company has settled most of the mesothelioma cases.
      J&J needs the support of 75% of remaining plaintiffs to get approval for a bankruptcy settlement that would end the litigation, shutting off future cases and preventing people from opting out of the deal.…
      Johnson & Johnson | 147,74 $
      schrieb am 29.05.24 08:27:09
      Beitrag Nr. 614 ()
      Johnson & Johnson sued by cancer victims alleging 'fraudulent' transfers, bankruptcies

      Jonathan Limehouse USA TODAY
      Show Caption

      Cancer victims sued Johnson & Johnson claiming the healthcare company executed a scheme to prevent victims from receiving their day in court.
      The suit stems from Johnson & Johnson's filing for bankruptcy multiple times to resolve tens of thousands of lawsuits.
      Johnson & Johnson says the suit is frivolous and that it has offered one of the largest resolutions in the history of mass tort litigation.…
      Johnson & Johnson | 133,20 €

      Trading Spotlight

      East Africa Metals
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      Ist das die Monster-Rallye in den Kinderschuhen? mehr zur Aktie »
      schrieb am 16.05.24 14:38:19
      Beitrag Nr. 613 ()
      Johnson & Johnson übernimmt Proteologix für $850 Mio in bar.
      Johnson & Johnson | 140,98 €
      schrieb am 02.05.24 12:14:49
      Beitrag Nr. 612 ()
      Johnson & Johnson Aktie: Milliardenlösung vorgeschlagen…

      eben mit Aktien Johnson & Johnson: Babypuder wiegt schwer wie Blei
      von Marlon Bonazzi
      28. April 2024…
      Johnson & Johnson | 141,30 €
      schrieb am 02.05.24 09:25:20
      Beitrag Nr. 611 ()
      Was ist jetzt hier genau der Grund für den Kurs Anstieg?
      Diese Babypuder Geschichte?
      Johnson & Johnson | 140,82 €
      schrieb am 22.04.24 13:08:05
      Beitrag Nr. 610 ()
      Ok,danke für die Info. Hab nochmal nachgekauft😉.
      Johnson & Johnson | 139,46 €
      schrieb am 22.04.24 11:27:40
      Beitrag Nr. 609 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 75.657.783 von MD1976 am 21.04.24 22:47:25Nach einer Info der SEC ist das Verhalten für die Broker nicht festgelegt sondern frei dem Broker überlassen:

      Current Broker-Dealer Practices

      We are aware that broker-dealers employ a variety of practices to disseminate mini-tender offer information. Some broker-dealers review mini-tender offers prior to making a decision about whether to forward notice of the offers to customers. Some firms provide disclaimer language when they forward mini-tender offer information to customers. Other broker-dealers do not forward any mini-tender offers to customers. We do not suggest that broker-dealers should follow a uniform standard in this regard. Rather, our goal in this letter is to provide guidance for broker-dealers to consider when deciding whether and how to disseminate mini-tender offer information.…

      Dort findet man auch noch zahlreich zusätzliche (warnende) Infos zu diesen Deals.

      so long
      Johnson & Johnson | 139,08 €
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