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Bin jetzt mal gespannt wie die Story weiter geht. Lydian hat ja ihre Mitarbeiter und Zulieern gekündigt. Jetzt muss erstmal wieder eingestellt werden, um den Betrieb voranzutreiben. Ich finde die Story sehr spannend, bin zwar nicht in LYD, aber indirekt durch OR daran "beteiligt".
Falls hier noch jemand in LYD drin ist oder es verfolgt, hier mal ein interessantes Statement aus dem OR Conference Call:

"Cosmos Chiu

Yes. And maybe switching gears a little bit, turning to another sort of problem child for you, Amulsar operated by Lydian. Number one, what's your current book value on that investment? And number two, reading up on this forbearance facility that you and the other creditors have in place with Lydian, essentially helping them through this more difficult period. But there's also a sort, I don't want to call like a deadline, but there is a date here, June 30, 2019, in terms of they need to figure out if there's any alternative ways or alternative strategies. I guess my second question is, after the book value, is how rigid is that date? And what do you need to see to kind of continue with this forbearance?

Sean Roosen

So book value is $183 million. In terms of what's going on directly on the project, I'd rather not comment any -- on any specifics on that situation as it is somewhat political. There's ongoing discussions with the government. There has been a couple of court dates where they went through that were positive for the projects in terms of dealing with the access to site closure. So things are evolving, but I don't think it's proactive for us to do too much deep dive on it right now because I'm not directly involved with the execution of that work. But actual side of it, we're very active with our other partners on this. Again, it's a good investor group. It's quite capable of dealing with this twin EPRD.

So I think that there has been an evolution on it. The management team with the company has done their work and we continue to deal with it. It really revolves around the continued concern over water quality there, which I think that's been dealt with by a few different consulting groups, and hopefully we can put that issue behind us. It really is a spectacular project that -- from a heap leach standpoint at 1.2 to 1.4 grams. So all the equipment is on site. So unfortunately, they've experienced this delay, but the project is exceptionally high quality. So we continue to be a participant and a monitor on this. We feel that this project goes forward, but obviously, we're not kind of predict time schedules at this point in time."

-> Der Stream und NSR stehen mit $183 Mio. in den Büchern bei OR, obwohl LYD nur ein Marketcap von ca. $129 Mio. hat. Also wenn sich die Blockade auflöst und der Bau beendet wird und die Mine in Produktion gehen SOLLTE, dann ist hier ein nettes Upside möglich. Viele "Wenns", aber ich verfolge LY weiterhin, weil ich die Story sehr spannend finde und indirekt beteiligt bin durch OR.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.257.255 von rolleg am 14.08.19 20:24:57Es würde mich freuen, wenn das Projekt "online" geht für alle Beteiligten. (bin nicht investiert, verfolge es aber aus Interesse).
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Armenian gov’t clears path for Lydian at Amulsar; environmental activists remain defiant

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Das ist mal eine positive News!


NPV ist ein Vielfaches von Marketcap, das Ding ist im Bau bzw. gerade in der Pause. Jetzt kann es weitergehen.

Sehr spannende Story hier!
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.303.522 von KleinerInvestor am 20.08.19 21:08:51Nicht zu früh jubeln:

Lydian Provides Update on Government of Armenia’s Review of SIC Report on Lydian’s Responses to Recommendations in Environmental Audit Report
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