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      schrieb am 15.05.23 13:21:19
      Beitrag Nr. 23 ()
      H&R Block’s and TurboTax parent Intuit’s stocks lower ahead of government report on proposal to let people file taxes directly to IRS for free…
      The stocks of H&R Block Inc. HRB, +1.23% and TurboTax parent Intuit Inc. INTU, +0.64% fell premarket Monday, ahead of the release this week of a government report on a proposal to let the IRS allow people prepare and file their taxes electronically and for free — directly with the agency.

      The report comes after last year’s Inflation Reduction Act earmarked $80 billion for the IRS to upgrade its operations and enforcement and consider adding a direct filing option. The Biden administration will then decide whether to move ahead with the proposal. H&R Block’s stock fell 8% and Intuit was down 4%. Both companies are pushing back against the move, which would eat into their revenue.

      “It’s time for the IRS to create a free and simplified public tax filing option,” said Adam Ruben, vice president of campaign and political strategy at the Economic Security Project, a left-leaning organization that’s pushed for guaranteed income and more generous tax credits for lower-income people, in April. Taxpayers spend an average of $250 doing their tax returns in 2023, according to IRS estimates.


      => ich glaube nicht so recht dran. Das könnte am Ende alles in der Verhandlungsmasse zwischen der Biden-Administration und den Republikanern im Kongress landen:

      H.& R.Block | 26,96 €
      schrieb am 24.11.22 13:34:48
      Beitrag Nr. 22 ()
      Tax Filing Websites Have Been Sending Users’ Financial Information to Facebook
      The Markup found services including TaxAct, TaxSlayer, and H&R Block sending sensitive data…
      The penalties for disclosing data without consent are potentially steep: Fines and even jail time are possible, although Olson said she wasn’t aware of any criminal cases that have been pursued.

      => meine zweite und letzte Tranche flog gestern auch aus dem Portfolio (keine Empfehlung)
      H.& R.Block | 40,96 €
      schrieb am 11.08.22 13:05:40
      Beitrag Nr. 21 ()
      stimmt, da gab's diese Woche ein dickes Geld-Paket für die IRS (US-Steuerbehörde) vom Kongress (*):

      How to Trade H&R Block as the IRS Bulks Up…
      Much less known is that H&R Block is diversifying its tax-prep foundation. The company is offering individuals and small business help with banking and managing accounting functions, including invoices and payroll. Some of this is reflected in its stock price: Shares are up 93% this year and 77% over the past year.

      Some doubt the story. Short interest—investors who have borrowed shares to sell in anticipation of a price decline—is around 6% of the total float. It would take about five days to cover the short positions.


      What does the Inflation Reduction Act do to your chances of an IRS audit?
      Republicans claim 87,000 agents will boost audits of average taxpayers, while Democrats say hiring will bring more tech, more audits of the rich and much-needed customer service…
      H.& R.Block | 43,70 €
      schrieb am 10.08.22 21:11:00
      Beitrag Nr. 20 ()
      H&R Block Stock Is Surging. The CEO Says the Market ‘Is Starting to Hear the Story.’…
      Shares of H&R Block (ticker: HRB) surged more than 13% Wednesday after the tax preparation company’s fiscal 2022 results topped Wall Street’s expectations. H&R Block’s stock is poised to close at an all-time high and is on pace for its largest percent increase since May 11, when it rose 19.5%.

      The Street was also encouraged by H&R Block’s guidance for fiscal 2023. The Kansas City-based company expects to see revenue in the range of $3.535 to $3.585 billion and earnings per share in the range of $3.70 to $3.95, which represents a 9% year-over-year gain at the midpoint.

      Part of H&R Block’s success can be attributed to the goals listed in its 2020 investor day presentation coming to fruition. While H&R Block will always be associated with tax prep for households and small businesses, it plans to leverage those relationships to provide year-round financial help. Those efforts can also help to smooth out earnings throughout the year, as the company historically has lost money for the quarters that aren’t tied to tax season.

      “We like to see the market starting to hear the story,” Jeff Jones, chief executive at H&R Block, told Barron’s. “In addition to performing and executing, we’ve tried very hard to help people really understand that our transformation is underway. We are changing the company. We are getting different results and we are rewarding shareholders.”



      H.& R.Block | 45,01 $
      schrieb am 01.07.22 23:00:56
      Beitrag Nr. 19 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 71.804.657 von faultcode am 17.06.22 16:25:10
      H.& R.Block | 36,77 $

      Trading Spotlight

      Core One Labs
      0,1850EUR -14,75 %
      Der neue Hot Stock der Communitymehr zur Aktie »
      schrieb am 17.06.22 16:25:10
      Beitrag Nr. 18 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 71.552.769 von faultcode am 11.05.22 22:08:29<Teilgewinn-Mitnahme; Rest soll liegenbleiben als Plan>
      H.& R.Block | 33,58 $
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      schrieb am 11.05.22 22:08:29
      Beitrag Nr. 17 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 71.144.133 von faultcode am 18.03.22 22:43:27Q1 ("Q3"):…
      "I'm very pleased with our overall tax season, led by another year of share gains in Assisted. As a result of our strong financial results, we are raising our fiscal 2022 guidance," said Jeff Jones, H&R Block's president and CEO. "We grew small business clients, increased adoption of our virtual tools, and launched Spruce, our new mobile banking platform."

      Fiscal 2022 Third Quarter Results and Key Financial Metrics

      "Our third quarter financial performance and tax season results give us confidence to raise our fiscal year revenue and EBITDA outlook," said Tony Bowen, H&R Block's chief financial officer. "We also continued to be aggressive in share buybacks, retiring another 6% of shares outstanding, bringing the total amount retired since 2016 to nearly one third."


      H.& R.Block | 28,35 $
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      schrieb am 18.03.22 22:43:27
      Beitrag Nr. 16 ()

      H.& R.Block | 24,20 €
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      schrieb am 07.11.21 08:36:27
      Beitrag Nr. 15 ()
      MACD Signal bei HRB

      Meine Analyse soll eine Hilfe bei der Entscheidungsfindung sein und keine Empfehlung. Ob meine Einschätzung eintrifft oder nicht, wird sich in Zukunft zeigen. An der Börse gibt es keine Garantie, und jeder handelt auf eigenes Risiko. Ich nenne jeweils einige KO-Scheine, mit denen diese Analyse getradet werden könnte – Auch hier, jeder muss für sich selbst entscheiden. Ich analysiere, schreibe meine Erwartung und Einschätzungen auf. Das Risiko der Spekulation, durch ein Investment, trägt der Käufer zu 100% alleine.
      Good Luck
      H.& R.Block | 22,00 €
      schrieb am 13.06.21 22:36:30
      Beitrag Nr. 14 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 68.289.947 von faultcode am 25.05.21 01:21:10
      H.& R.Block | 21,80 €
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