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10.06.20 23:24:45
Sona Nanotech 3,62 CAD
heute mit höchstem Schlusskurs ever

Alles weitere dürfte von erfolgreicher
Validierung durch MRI Global abhängen

MRIGlobal is a world leader in technology and science. Formerly known as Midwest Research Institute, MRIGlobal has a vast history of working with government agencies, commercial businesses, and academic institutions every year to help further unbiased research and innovative development.
Sona Nanotech | 2,680 $
16.06.20 20:03:51
Morgen mit Sona Nanotech CEO Darren Rowles:

JUN 17, 2020 12:00 PM PDT
Panel discussion: Critical design considerations for COVID-19 rapid POC diagnostic test development
Presented at: Coronavirus Virtual Webinar Series
Sponsored by: Cytiva (formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences)…
Sona Nanotech | 2,323 $
26.06.20 01:42:28
Sona Nanotech ist beileibe kein One Trick Pony
aber alle Anstrengungen liegen natürlich
momentan auf dem Covid Antigen Schnelltest
bislang gibt es ja nur einen einzigen zugelassenen
den von Quidel

Zwei Beispiele für andere vorstellbare Anwendungen der Nanorods:

The paper details an experiment carried out using a lateral flow test to detect delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the principal psychoactive cannabinoid of the cannabis plant, in saliva.… the University of Birmingham, is to investigate whether gold nanorods can eventually be used to target cancer cells in the human body.…
Sona Nanotech | 2,250 $
26.06.20 10:50:40
Zum bislang einzigen FDA zugelassenen Antigen Test
von Quidel

Quidel diagnostic gives quick results but it's less than perfect

And because Quidel's evaluation indicated it has sensitivity of only 80% relative to PCR tests, "negative results do not rule out infection," the FDA cautioned in announcing the EUA.

Coronavirus antigen tests: quick and cheap, but too often wrong?…

Deshalb sind laut Cytiva/Sona Webinar die Zulassungskriterien der FDA für weitere
Antigen Tests jetzt stringenter gefasst
Sona Nanotech | 2,250 $
02.07.20 21:43:29
Sona Nanotech

Handel noch angehalten
aber die Newsrelease ist draußen

Sona Nanotech Announces Validation Results for its COVID-19 Antigen Test

Halifax, Nova Scotia--(Newsfile Corp. - July 2, 2020) - Sona Nanotech Inc. (CSE: SONA) (OTCQB: SNANF) (the "Company"), a developer of rapid, point-of-care diagnostic tests, is pleased to announce that its rapid detection, COVID-19 antigen test's laboratory validation studies of performance levels have resulted in a test sensitivity of 96%, test specificity of 96% and a Limit of Detection ("LOD") of 2.1 x 102 TCID50. Sales of the tests will now be permitted under a 'research use only' label until full regulatory authority is granted, in relevant territories, at which time the 'research use only' label requirement would be lifted, as discussed below. Technology transfer to manufacturers is currently underway to produce tests to meet current and expected demand. The Company will provide an update on sales progress and manufacturing delivery timetables in the coming weeks.

Der Konkurrent Quidel hat im Vergleich ja wohl eine Sensitivity von 80%…
Sona Nanotech | 2,590 $
04.07.20 18:06:08
Sona Nanotech - mit historischem Wochenschluss in Kanada
USMarkt war ja geschlossen weshalb der w:o Ticker noch auf Donnerstag steht

Sona Nanotech | 2,590 $
05.07.20 19:04:54
Zwei exemplarische Kommentare ziemlich optimistischer Sona Nanotech Investoren:

@Jz now sona on the other hand? antigen test with very high validation numbers, one competitor in market with only close to 80% sensitivity/specificity, Sona's test gives results in 5-10 mins and detects the virus very early, test can be administered anywhere and gives results on the spot.. 60m shares out, 15m held by insiders, very tight float, grants by canadian gov, working alongside fda and leading us lab.. 5m units LOI's.. 10s of millions of units letter of interest.. stock HAS been performing and will continue to do so as we are massively undervalued...

@BlueSkies As an investor in SONA Nanotech we are all owners of their ground breaking, disruptive novel technology - Gold Nanorods (GNR) This PROPRIETARY, global patent pending technology allows for improved detection in existing tests (influenza A & B, pregnancy, Ebola, etc) and tests not previously possible due to the low concentrations of Biomarkers in the body. You will be doing yourself a disservice and likely very costly one at that if you do not fully recognize the implications of the above. Sure it is going to take some time to check all the boxes - firm orders, meeting capacity requirements, FDA EUA approval, uplisting to NASDAQ etc. I for one am going to wait this out. Otherwise I will be doing a disservice to myself. One last consideration. Quidel, our only real comparable at this time (and an inferior one at that) with an approved Antigen test has a market cap of $9.5B USF or approx. $13B CDN. That is $217.00 per share. Oh, and by the way, their P/E ratio is 110. Hopefully everyone fully comprehends what we own here. Cheers!

Sona Nanotech | 2,590 $
06.07.20 15:54:45
Sona Nanotech Announces Validation Results for its COVID-19 Antigen Test
03 July 2020 | News

The test detects virus in patients with ‘low’ viral loads in 10-15 minutes, as compared to RT-PCR testing which typically takes 24-48 hours to detect the virus.…
Sona Nanotech | 6,120 $
09.07.20 01:05:48
Sona Nanotech auf der Überholspur zum Nasdaq Listing

Sona Nanotech Engages Maxim Group for NASDAQ Listing and Investment Banking Services, and Announces Organizational Change
Posted by Admin on July 8, 2020

CEO Darren Rowles commented, “Sona Nanotech has achieved the extraordinary by bringing a COVID-19 rapid, point-of-care antigen test to fruition in four months with an extremely focused team in the laboratory. The change provides me with the opportunity to focus on my passion for science and driving innovation through the company . I’m delighted to welcome David to Sona’s leadership team and continuing the partnership with him to capitalize on the efforts made to get these unique tests authorized, manufactured and in to as many hands as possible around the world.”…
Sona Nanotech | 5,818 $
17.07.20 00:10:42
Sona Nanotech COVID19 Antigen Lateral Flow Assay Training video for CRO's
1.574 Aufrufe • Premiere vor 19 Stunden.

Sona Nanotech | 6,080 $

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Sona Nanotech - schnellster Coronavirus-Test?