Greensill - ein globaler Scam (Seite 2)

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      Greensill stellt auch in den USA Insolvenzantrag…
      Das britisch-australische Finanzkonglomerat Greensill hat auch für sein US-Geschäft Insolvenz angemeldet. Die Tochter Greensill Capital Inc. stellte am Donnerstag (Ortszeit) in New York einen Antrag auf Gläubigerschutz, wie aus Gerichtsunterlagen hervorging.

      Im Vergleich zur britischen Mutter sowie der australischen Holding und der ebenfalls zum Konglomerat gehörenden Bremer Greensill Bank, bei deren Insolvenzen es um Milliarden geht, sind in den USA relativ geringe Summen betroffen. Greensill gab im Insolvenzantrag Vermögenswerte zwischen 10 Millionen und 50 Millionen Dollar und Schulden zwischen 50 Millionen und 100 Millionen an.

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      Tory MPs block Greensill inquiry by Treasury select committee
      Labour wants probe into lobbying role of former UK prime minister David Cameron…
      Conservative MPs on parliament’s Treasury select committee have thwarted calls by their Labour colleagues for an investigation into the collapse of finance group Greensill, which could have left David Cameron facing awkward questions about his former advisory role.

      Labour MPs on the committee had been pushing for a formal inquiry into the collapse of the supply chain finance group.

      They stepped up those demands after the Financial Times last week revealed that former Tory prime minister Cameron had personally lobbied senior figures in the Treasury and Downing Street to try to help it secure greater access to state-backed Covid-19 loan schemes.

      The Treasury ultimately turned down those attempts, which at one point involved Cameron personally texting chancellor Rishi Sunak, according to a report in the Sunday Times.

      But Anneliese Dodds, the shadow chancellor, has called for a government inquiry into those lobbying attempts by the former prime minister.

      Cameron has ignored all questions from journalists for the past three weeks over his role as an adviser to Greensill, which would have earned him tens of millions of pounds if the group had succeeded in its plans for a public listing.

      Tory MPs made clear during the meeting that they believed an investigation specifically into Greensill would be overtly political given Cameron’s role as an adviser to the group.

      “The committee examined a large number of options for future inquires and will announce these in the usual way once we have agreed their terms of reference,” Stride said after the meeting. “We do not currently have plans to launch a specific inquiry into Greensill.

      However, he indicated during the meeting that the committee could touch on Greensill’s use of the government’s coronavirus large business interruption loan scheme — or CLBILS — during other hearings, for example into the use of public money during the Covid-19 pandemic.

      A decade ago Cameron himself — as prime minister — warned that lobbying was likely to be the “next big scandal” and introduced new rules to make it harder for former ministers to use their political influence on behalf of fee-paying corporate clients.

      He went to work for Greensill in 2018, two years after he quit Downing Street on losing the Brexit vote.

      Cameron had in 2012 given Lex Greensill, the group’s founder, a part-time role in Whitehall as a “crown representative” advising the Cabinet Office.

      The company used the CLBILS in June 2020 to advance hundreds of millions of pounds’ worth of loans to GFG and related companies.

      However, Greensill used Cameron to lobby for access to the Bank of England’s Covid Corporate Financing Facility scheme and also for the lending threshold on CLBILS to be lifted — both unsuccessfully.
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      (Greensill wird (noch) viel mit der Credit Suisse in Verbindung gebracht; aber nicht alles dazu hat mit der Credit Suisse zu tun)
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