Greensill - ein globaler Scam

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Greensill Bank Auditor Retracts Sign-Off on 2019 Accounts…

The auditor of Greensill Capital’s German bank withdrew its certifications of the failed lender’s 2019 annual accounts after allegations of irregularities.

Ebner Stolz, a Stuttgart, Germany-based auditing firm, informed the bank’s insolvency administrator on April 23 about the step, according to a filing published on Friday in Germany’s Bundesanzeiger, the federal gazette for company disclosures.

Greensill Bank was shuttered by German financial regulator BaFin in March as the lender’s parent company, founded by Lex Greensill, collapsed. The fall of the bank has cost the country’s deposit insurance fund 3 billion euros ($3.7 billion) and depleted the coffers of many small municipalities that had parked their money at the Hamburg-based lender.
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07.05.21 14:48:38
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Greensill’s U.K. Creditors Set to Lose 80% After Firm’s Collapse
• More than 200 creditors face unpaid claims of $1.2 billion
• Audit firm Grant Thornton details extent of claims in document…
The claims on Greensill’s U.K. unit include $500 million owed to a number of trade insurers including Tokio Marine Holdings Inc.’s Bond & Credit Co., Chubb Ltd., Swiss Re AG and Zurich Insurance Group AG, Grant Thornton’s document shows. Insurance broker Marsh & McLennan Cos Inc. has a claim of $37 million.
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01.04.21 20:59:59
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(Grant Thornton ist der Insolvenzverwalter)

Der Fall Greensill scheint so eine Art australische Wirecard zu sein.
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31.03.21 22:58:37
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Greensill Whistleblower Tips Warned German Regulator of Fraud Last Year
An internal German government report shows that authorities were scrutinizing Greensill for more than a year before it unraveled…

Germany’s banking regulator received a series of whistleblower tips over the past year that made “various allegations of fraud” at Greensill Bank, prompting it to demand improvements at the bank, according to an internal German government report reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The regulator, known as BaFin, received the first set of warnings in the second quarter of 2020. The information alleged that some Greensill assets were backed by fake invoices, according to the report, which outlined the regulator’s efforts over the past year to supervise the bank.

BaFin received another warning in the third quarter of 2020 and three more submissions this year. The German-language report, which didn’t specify the origin of the submissions, said the information expressed “concern about the financial situation of the Greensill Group as well as various allegations of fraud.”

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30.03.21 12:28:46
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"We need an air force."
Lex of Arabia: how Greensill and David Cameron tried to woo MBS
Financier boasted of desert trip with former prime minister and Saudi crown prince…
Before Greensill Capital collapsed this month, one of Lex Greensill’s favourite anecdotes was a camping trip he said he had taken with David Cameron and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Accompanied by the former UK prime minister, who was now his paid adviser, Greensill visited the desert with Prince Mohammed, the kingdom’s de facto leader, according to three people who heard his account of the journey.

One of the people placed the trip during January or February 2020, shortly before the spread of coronavirus largely halted international travel. Flight records for Greensill Capital’s four private planes show a series of trips to Saudi Arabia in the first three months of last year.

Cameron, who once stood to make tens of millions of pounds from Greensill share options before the company’s collapse rendered them worthless, visited Saudi Arabia publicly in October 2019, attending the so-called “Davos in the Desert” summit in Riyadh.


Cameron, who charges at least £120,000 per hour for speaking engagements, frequently used Greensill’s corporate jets to travel around the world, according to several people familiar with the matter. The FT has also seen a photograph of him aboard one of these plushly furnished aeroplanes. Flight records for one of Greensill’s aircraft show numerous trips to and from Newquay airport, which is around half an hour’s drive from Cameron’s holiday home in Cornwall.

As the men looked to change flight plans, Greensill spoke up to offer them a ride on his private jet. Some of those present were amazed the unassuming Australian had his own plane. But Greensill, then 42, had recently cemented his status as a billionaire thanks to SoftBank’s investment in his eponymous finance company. He explained he had not one, but multiple aircraft.

“We need it for clients,” one attendee recalls him explaining. “We need an air force.”


Son at this time believed the Australian financier was capable of funding increasingly grand schemes, according to people who know the SoftBank founder. He even frequently introduced Lex Greensill by a pithy nickname: “the money guy”.

“He was part of the overall solution for a smart city for Mecca,” said a person involved in the talks. “That's why Lex was down there. He was doing the financing.”

The grand vision, again, never came to fruition.

Son --> SoftBank
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26.03.21 17:21:42
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Bin grad noch auf das Video der SdK gestoßen. Scheint ja auch bei Greensill so, als hätte die BaFin mal wieder ordentlich geschlafen. Hier mal noch der Link:
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26.03.21 14:19:35
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Verstehe ich das richtig, dass Anleger nur betroffen sind, wenn sie mehr als 100.000 Euro bei der Bank liegen hatten? Alles drunter übernimmt die Einlagensicherung?
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26.03.21 13:22:30
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Greensill stellt auch in den USA Insolvenzantrag…
Das britisch-australische Finanzkonglomerat Greensill hat auch für sein US-Geschäft Insolvenz angemeldet. Die Tochter Greensill Capital Inc. stellte am Donnerstag (Ortszeit) in New York einen Antrag auf Gläubigerschutz, wie aus Gerichtsunterlagen hervorging.

Im Vergleich zur britischen Mutter sowie der australischen Holding und der ebenfalls zum Konglomerat gehörenden Bremer Greensill Bank, bei deren Insolvenzen es um Milliarden geht, sind in den USA relativ geringe Summen betroffen. Greensill gab im Insolvenzantrag Vermögenswerte zwischen 10 Millionen und 50 Millionen Dollar und Schulden zwischen 50 Millionen und 100 Millionen an.

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23.03.21 23:07:15
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Tory MPs block Greensill inquiry by Treasury select committee
Labour wants probe into lobbying role of former UK prime minister David Cameron…
Conservative MPs on parliament’s Treasury select committee have thwarted calls by their Labour colleagues for an investigation into the collapse of finance group Greensill, which could have left David Cameron facing awkward questions about his former advisory role.

Labour MPs on the committee had been pushing for a formal inquiry into the collapse of the supply chain finance group.

They stepped up those demands after the Financial Times last week revealed that former Tory prime minister Cameron had personally lobbied senior figures in the Treasury and Downing Street to try to help it secure greater access to state-backed Covid-19 loan schemes.

The Treasury ultimately turned down those attempts, which at one point involved Cameron personally texting chancellor Rishi Sunak, according to a report in the Sunday Times.

But Anneliese Dodds, the shadow chancellor, has called for a government inquiry into those lobbying attempts by the former prime minister.

Cameron has ignored all questions from journalists for the past three weeks over his role as an adviser to Greensill, which would have earned him tens of millions of pounds if the group had succeeded in its plans for a public listing.

Tory MPs made clear during the meeting that they believed an investigation specifically into Greensill would be overtly political given Cameron’s role as an adviser to the group.

“The committee examined a large number of options for future inquires and will announce these in the usual way once we have agreed their terms of reference,” Stride said after the meeting. “We do not currently have plans to launch a specific inquiry into Greensill.

However, he indicated during the meeting that the committee could touch on Greensill’s use of the government’s coronavirus large business interruption loan scheme — or CLBILS — during other hearings, for example into the use of public money during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A decade ago Cameron himself — as prime minister — warned that lobbying was likely to be the “next big scandal” and introduced new rules to make it harder for former ministers to use their political influence on behalf of fee-paying corporate clients.

He went to work for Greensill in 2018, two years after he quit Downing Street on losing the Brexit vote.

Cameron had in 2012 given Lex Greensill, the group’s founder, a part-time role in Whitehall as a “crown representative” advising the Cabinet Office.

The company used the CLBILS in June 2020 to advance hundreds of millions of pounds’ worth of loans to GFG and related companies.

However, Greensill used Cameron to lobby for access to the Bank of England’s Covid Corporate Financing Facility scheme and also for the lending threshold on CLBILS to be lifted — both unsuccessfully.
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Greensill - ein globaler Scam