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Hier noch eine Meldung von der Homepage

TEAM Communications Group Meets Nasdaq National Market
Criteria; Company Commences Top-Tier Trading
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 20, 2000--TEAM Communications Group,
Inc. (Nasdaq: TMTV, Neuer Markt:TME), a leading multinational television production
and distribution company, has met Nasdaq`s stringent listing criteria and the
company`s securities now qualify for trading on the National Market System,
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Drew S. Levin announced today.
"TEAM has experienced a consistently strong performance during the past year,
resulting in a dynamic increase in our earnings per share," said Levin. "Our listing on
the Nasdaq National Market broadens our organization`s acceptance among brokers
and professional money managers and opens up the prospect of attracting
institutional investors. Satisfying the requirements of the National Market System is a
triumphant turning point for our company and our shareholders," said Levin.
TEAM previously reported record revenues of approximately $24.1 million for fiscal
year ended December 31, 1999 - a 77% increase over total revenues of.....

Will heissen:
Team Communication kann ab 20.04.2000 in Fonds aufgenommen werden.

:) Rapsöl :)

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