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Madge Network - Red M kooperiert mit Palm = 170% in 2 Tagen - 500 Beiträge pro Seite

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Press Release
The Red-M Blade Brings Bluetooth Mobility to Palm Handheld Users
Bluetooth Clip-On for Palm Handheld Announced
WEXHAM SPRINGS, U.K.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 1, 2001--Red-M(TM), a leading supplier of advanced Bluetooth(TM) networking product solutions, today launches the Red-M Blade(TM), Bluetooth clip-on for the Palm(TM) Vx handheld computer. The Red-M Blade attaches easily to the back of the handheld, combining all the functionality of the Palm OS® platform with Bluetooth wireless flexibility, whether in the office or on the road.

Access email, calendar, contacts and browse the Internet or Intranet anywhere
Communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled devices for data sharing and game-playing
Send SMS messages, and auto-dial contacts direct from your Palm Vx
Connects without wires in the home, on the road or in the office
When out of the office the Red-M Blade can connect anytime, anyplace, anywhere to a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to enable access to email, calendar, other data and the net on a Palm Vx handheld, turning it into a mobile office. The Red-M Blade will identify and can connect with other authorized Bluetooth devices, such as a PC, to enable wireless synchronization. It can also communicate with other Palm Powered(TM) devices for applications such as game playing.

When in the office or at home, the Red-M Blade can link to a Bluetooth network, such as that provided by Red-M`s 3000AS access server and 1000AP access point devices, to enable low cost, high speed access to email, calendar, contacts information, plus the Intranet and Internet.

The Red-M Blade design allows the Palm handheld to be installed in its cradle to top up its battery without removing the clip-on enabling users of the Palm handheld to be Bluetooth enabled 24 hours a day. Combined with Red-M`s intelligent BladeLinkTM software, connection in the office, home or on the road is seamless and automatic.

John Cook, senior director of product marketing at Palm, Inc., adds, ``We are delighted that Red-M is implementing a Bluetooth wireless application. The Red-M Blade combines the benefits of Bluetooth with the power of the Palm handheld to enable wireless access to relevant information.``

Simon Gawne, Vice President and co-founder, Red-M, comments, ``The Red-M Blade is an innovative, must-have, accessory that adds a new level of functionality and flexibility to the Palm Vx handheld. From the large corporate to the small business to the consumer, users of the Red-M Blade have a serious productivity enhancer that can connect them anytime to a wide variety of information sources.``

Priced at $199, the Red-M Blade will be available in August 2001 from selected retail outlets. For further information, please go to Red-M`s website at www.red-m.com/blade

About Red-M

Red-M is an acknowledged leader in the Bluetooth networking market. The company develops and markets hardware and software product solutions that enable mobile data, voice and video communications inside buildings and public concourses to a range of devices - including computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), wireless application protocol (WAP) smart phones and other emerging information appliances - using wireless Bluetooth technology. Red-M was founded as an internal start-up of Madge Networks N.V. (NASDAQ:MADGF - news) and is now an associate company, having secured $35m second round funding from Apax Partners and Amadeus Capital in April 2001. Red-M launched the world`s first Bluetooth networking products in October 2000 with the 3000AS access server and 1000AP access point.

The company has filed a number of patents around the design and implementation of Bluetooth networking technology, including its unique Red-M BIAS(TM) (Bluetooth Internet access server) technology. Red-M has won several awards including the first ever Award for Innovation at the annual Bluetooth Congress in June 2000 and more recently PC Magazine`s `UK Technical Innovation Award`. Red-M is an Associate Member of the Bluetooth Special Internet Group (SIG) and is an active member of the Personal Area Networking (PAN) working group. Information on Red-M can be found at www.red-m.com

About Bluetooth

Bluetooth(TM) wireless technology is set to revolutionize the personal connectivity market by providing freedom from wired connections. It is a specification for a small form-factor, low-cost radio solution providing links between mobile computers, mobile phones and other portable and handheld devices, and connectivity to the Internet. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), comprised of leaders in the telecommunications, computing, and network industries, is driving development of the technology and bringing it to market. The Bluetooth SIG includes promoter companies 3Com, Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Lucent, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia and Toshiba, and more than 2,200 adopter companies.

Red-M, the Red-M logo, Red-M BIAS, and the Red-M Blade are trademarks, and in some jurisdictions may be registered trademarks of Red-M (Communications) Ltd. Madge is a trademark, and in some jurisdictions may be a registered trademark of Madge Networks N.V. or its affiliated companies. Palm OS and Palm Powered are registered trademarks and Palm is a trademark of Palm, Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other trademarks appearing in this release are the property of their respective owners. PC Magazine`s UK Technical Innovation Awards is a trademark of VNU Business Publications Limited


Internet: www.red-m.com
Rob Forbes, +44 (0) 1753 661779
Public Relations Contacts:
Collaborative Communications
Laura Cleveland/ Liz Washer
Tel: 617/520-9105
Outside of USA
Companycare Communications
Jeremy Wrench/ Helen Gorbutt
Tel : +44 118 939 5900

Ciao Tbroker
Wer kauft den jetzt noch bluetooth Adapter für Palm Vx für 200 USD ?

Interessant wäre es, wenn die die ersten wären die eine bluetooth Karte für den 505 herausbringen würden.
hi MichaelFK,

ich denke, dass das Klientel wohl Unternehmen sind und nicht "Privatpersonen".
Weiterhin denke ich, dass dies ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung, gerade für Madge Networks, die ja bekanntlich Probleme mir der Liquidität haben.
Red M ist mit seinen Produkte ein Vorreiter in Sachen Bluetooth. (..., der erste Bluetooth-Server, etc.)

Einfach abwarten und Tee trinken...

Ciao Tbroker
Hi Tbroker,
habe lange überlegt, ob ich madge verkaufen soll. War ja klar, daß nun erst mal Gewinnmitnahmen kommen. Hat mancher sicher seinen Schnitt gemacht. Habe mich aber doch weiter für long entschieden. Denke eben bis 2002 und glaube, daß dann sicher ein Kurs stehen wird, bei dem wir keinen Tee sonder Champus trinken. Glaube mit RedM werden wir noch tolle positive Überraschungen erleben.
Cu Rbroker
Hi Tbroker,
wie findest Du das? Endlich war ich mal schneller. Cu.
Red-M Receives CIO-100 Award for Innovative Business Practices and Services; Prestigious CXO Media award recognizes Red-M`s contribution to Bluetooth

WEXHAM SPRINGS, UK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 15, 2001--Red-M(TM), a leading supplier of advanced Bluetooth(TM) networking product solutions, announces today that it is a winner of the prestigious CIO-100 Award from IDG`s CIO magazine.

The 2001 CIO-100 Award recognizes organizations around the world that excel in business through innovative practices and products. Red-M is the first Bluetooth company to win this award.

To provide a vision of ever-changing business trends, the focus of the CIO-100 changes each year. CIO has identified and honored organizations each year since 1987 that have distinguished themselves in a particular industry. This year, CIO honors companies that demonstrate innovation to improve products, services and relationships with partners and clients. Complete coverage of the 2001 CIO-100 is featured in the August 15 issue of CIO magazine and at www.cio.com.

"In order to survive in the competitive business world, companies rely on innovative ideas and development of those ideas into sound business processes," says Abbie Lundberg, Editor in Chief, CIO magazine. "Honorees of this year`s CIO-100 have done just that and are being recognized for their ingenuity and success."

Mike Wilson, CEO of Red-M, comments, "In just over a year since our launch, Red-M has demonstrated leadership and innovation in the emerging Bluetooth networking industry. We are very pleased to be recognized for our potential and our accomplishments as a winner of the CIO-100."
Hi Tbroker,
hoffe hattest heute einen guten Tag. Schon gelesen?

Madge.connect Launches Global Web Portal to Offer Online Sales Channel for the Industry`s Leading Range of Token Ring Solutions
www.token-ring.com Will Complement Existing Reseller Channel to Enhance Processing, Fulfillment and Delivery of Madge Customer Orders
Madge.connect(TM), a subsidiary of Madge Networks N.V. (NASDAQ NM: MADGF), has announced its new Madge Portal online sales channel for its market-leading range of Madge Token Ring solutions.
The Madge Portal will be available from September 2001 at www.token-ring.com and will enable global customers to access the complete range of Madge Token Ring solutions online, as well as taking advantage of Token Ring-related services and information. It will provide users with a range of benefits including reduced operational costs and greater choice, support for online credit card purchasing, the latest information on product strategies and developments delivered direct to their desktop, and an online interface to further enhance communications with their preferred reseller.
The launch of the new Portal extends Madge.connect`s e-commerce development strategy and supports the company`s latest research, which shows that 47 per cent of customers surveyed are interested in buying their Token Ring solutions online. The new Portal allows accredited Madge resellers to set up online catalogues that customers can access via a standard Web browser and use to place purchase orders online. Customers can purchase Madge Token Ring and complementary IT and networking products from Madge resellers. All orders will be fulfilled through Madge.connect`s existing resellers and distributors.
"Recent Madge research indicated that many customers buy, or plan to buy, networking products online, but many resellers do not yet offer this facility," said Simon Drennan, Marketing Director for Madge.connect. "Around 47 per cent of customers surveyed said that they would like to buy Token Ring products via the Web, which clearly demonstrates the strong customer demand for online purchasing. Madge.connect is again responding to the need of Token Ring customers everywhere by offering free access to this e-trading Portal."
"The new Madge Portal will also complement existing customer-to-reseller relationships by bringing the two parties together online. Madge now truly enables e-commerce with a complementary channel to market that broadens sales opportunities for our worldwide resellers and increases choice and value for our customers," added Simon Drennan.
Customers interested in the Portal can register at http://www.madge.com/connect/portal or email portal@madge.com

Schade, dass das Hoch heute nicht gehalten hat.
Cu Rbroker
Hi Rbroker,

hab die News zur Kenntnis genommen.
Nicht schlecht. Der Kurs fing ja gut an. Vielleicht stabilisiert sich dieser wieder bei 1$
Ich denke, dass wir nun positiver in die Zukunft blicken können.

Ciao Tbroker
@ Alle

unverbesserliche Optimisten !

Gruß, Franta
Ps: seit ich das Ding weg hab, geht`s mir besser.Ich sammel nämlich für den Tag X Verlustvorträge.

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