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"Backdating options" das hört sich wirklich nicht gut an, aber wieso kommt ein solchen Class Action (aus dem Jahr 2001) rückdatiert erst jetzt zum vorschein???

Meinungen hierzu?
AMD steht vor Übernahme des Grafik-Chipherstellers ATI
Kaufpreis bei 5,5 Milliarden Dollar

AMD steht vor der Übernahme des Grafik-Chipherstellers ATI Technologies. Das berichtet das 'Wall Street Journal' (Samstagsausgabe) unter Berufung auf informierte Kreise. Der Marktwert des Unternehmens aus Markham, Ontario, liegt bei 4,2 Milliarden Dollar. Offiziell haben beide Unternehmen einen Kommentar abgelehnt. Der verhandelte Kaufpreis soll 5,5 Milliarden Dollar betragen.

ATI ist seit 1985 aktiv und fertigt Grafikprozessoren für PC-, Mac-Desktop- und -Notebook-Plattformen sowie für Workstations, Set-Top-Boxen und digitale Fernseher, Spielekonsolen und Handheld-Produkte. ATI ist außerdem mit seinem "Theater"-Chip aktiv, der Unterstützung für Video-Ein- und Ausgänge bietet, auch TV-Karten gehören zum Angebot. Zudem stellt ATI Chipsätze mit integrierter Grafik für Prozessoren von AMD und Intel her. Diese sind der Hauptgrund für das Interesse von AMD, berichtet das Blatt weiter.

Im Jahr 2005 lag der Umsatz ATIs bei 2,2 Milliarden Dollar. Das Unternehmen wurde in den USA von Hongkong-Chinesen gegründet und beschäftigt weltweit ca. 3.700 Personen in Nord- und Südamerika, Europa und Asien. ATI ist eine Aktiengesellschaft, deren Aktien an der NASDAQ und der Börse von Toronto gehandelt werden. Hauptkonkurrent ist Nvidia. (as)
Die Angst vor einem Delisting wird den Rambus-Kurs in nächster Zeit am stärksten beeinflussen. Kommt nicht demnächst ein Settlement oder andere neue Lizenznehmer (kann jederzeit kommen), sehen wir vermutlich wieder einstellige Kurse. Langfristig glaube ich immer noch an die Technologie von Rambus und dass diese auch zu Lizenzeinnahmen führen wird. Kurzfristig ist aber leider jetzt alles bis fast zum Penny-stock drin. Ich tue mir das nur noch mit einer kleinen Position an, um überhaupt noch "am Ball" zu bleiben.

Wegen dem Option-backdating ist nicht nur Rambus im Visier der SEC, sondern noch hunderte andere Firmen, zB auch Apple.(Anscheinend usus im Silicon valley ??).

Hoffen wir, dass nicht noch andere dunkle Machenschaften beim Rambusmanagement aufgedeckt werden. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit ist da. Wie das dann in der Presse ausgeschlachtet werden wird........ dann "Gute Nacht".
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 22.867.389 von Wiener1 am 22.07.06 10:31:28Wienerle nur weil du gestern gekauft hast schliesst das nicht die möglichkeit einer halbierung aus. wir können theoretisch von dem jetzigen niveau gen null laufen genauso wie wir die option auf 500 prozent haben. börse ist irrational und als rmbs bei 100 stand hätte sich niemand, unabhängig der allgemeinen börsensituation, gedacht seinen rmbs depotwert um 95% zu verringern. wer rambus als langfristinvest sieht, die aktie als depotbeimischung hat wird die aktuelle situation gelassen sehen.
hätte wäre wenn, rmbs macht mir keine grauen haare; das erledigen schon meine kinder:laugh:
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 22.913.749 von neunelferjunkie am 22.07.06 19:53:55Interview mit Harold Hughes:

Q&A: Rambus’ Harold Hughes

Rambus is on a roll, and part of that is successfully suing other companies.
July 17, 2006 Print Issue

It’s payback time as far as Harold Hughes is concerned. Mr. Hughes, CEO of semiconductor technology licensing company Rambus, has waged long legal wars against several large makers of dynamic random access memory (DRAM), which stores data in computers and consumer electronics. Last April, Rambus won a key victory when a federal jury in San Jose, California, decided Hynix Semiconductor should pay $307 million for using 10 Rambus patents without paying royalties.

The case against Seoul-based Hynix isn’t over—the company is likely to appeal and has pending claims to invalidate Rambus’ patents. But the jury verdict bolstered Rambus’ claims in additional cases against Hynix and other DRAM companies, including Samsung in South Korea, Micron Technology in the United States, and Nanya Technology in Taiwan.

Based in Los Altos, California, Rambus has spent millions on legal battles in the last six years (See Rambus Lawsuits Continue). In 2005, court awards accounted for 24 percent of the company’s revenue, or about $38.2 million. If Rambus seems lawsuit happy, that’s because the 16-year-old public company’s survival depends on it, says Mr. Hughes, who became chief executive in January 2005. Rambus doesn’t make and sell chips, but instead licenses its technologies for speeding up communication between memory and the main processor of an electronic device. As well as DRAM companies, Rambus also counts makers of microprocessors and electronic gadgets as its customers.


Its vault of patents—now 500 strong—and the engineering services Rambus provides generated $157.2 million in revenue last year, up 8.5 percent from 2004. The company made $33.7 million in profit in 2005, up 3.6 percent from the previous year. Intel, Toshiba, and Elpida Memory are major customers. Mr. Hughes is proud to point out that Sony’s PlayStation 3, due out in November, will contain Rambus’ technology.

Rambus is counting on more legal victories against large DRAM makers, although its success isn’t assured. Last year, a federal judge in Virginia threw out Rambus’ claims against Munich-based Infineon Technologies, which later settled with Rambus and agreed to pay a quarterly licensing fee of $5.9 million for two years.

Red Herring recently caught up with the globe-trotting Mr. Hughes to ask him about technology trends, the Asian market, and the case for litigation.

Q: Why is Rambus so litigious?

A: In the licensing world, you can’t be shy. We want to protect our customers. We have obligations to them to deal with competitors who have not taken a license but who have used the technologies nonetheless.

Q: Why should DRAM makers choose Rambus?

A: DRAM is a highly cyclical business and requires heavy investments. One of the ways you might gain competitive advantages is to outsource R&D and work closely with IP [intellectual property] vendors.

Q: What’s a key trend in your business?

A: As the density of memory goes up, the requirements for the interface go up. You need a faster interface to get the information in and out. If it’s a life-like graphics application, then it requires extremely high-performing input/output. Like the performance we’ve got in PlayStation 3.

Q: The DRAM business has experienced tough times in recent years. Did that contribute to your protracted legal battles?

A: It’s not because the business is tough; there is a reluctance or ability to pay. We would like to translate legal victories into licenses.

Q: Are you finding new business opportunities in other parts of Asia, such as Taiwan?

A: We have litigation against Nanya, but we have not focused on DRAM suppliers in Taiwan. The opportunities we have are with large companies.

Q: How about China, which is hungry for all sorts of electronic devices?

A: It’s nascent. At this point, it’s not high on the priority list. Six months from now that might change.

Contact the writer:
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 22.934.364 von Ronni007 am 22.07.06 22:43:03Interessante Argumente!

w Profile Recs: 1
Subject: Short Term Plan for Rambus

(DISCLAIMER and DISCLOSURE: The following is my personal opinion and is NOT intended as an investment or legal advice. The reader is advised to do his / her "due diligence" as he / she is the master of his / her investment portfolio, especially with respect to Rambus. I continue to remain "long" on Rambus... at least for now.)

I believe that the following can be a good Short Term Plan for Rambus to alleviate the already-depressed Rambus stock and Rambus shareholders:

1. An immediate change in the management level that would include the dismissal of Harol Hughes and Geoff Tate. This should restore the waning confidence of Wall Street and the remaining shareholders on Rambus management.

2. Rambus should come out clean and into the open with respect to the backdating issue and the BoD should create a 3-member panel to determine:

(a). to what extent is the involvement or participation of John Danforth in this growing "scandal," and,

(b). if there is any conflict of interest on his part as Rambus deals with the class action suits on the matter.

3. Without undermining his professional expertise and legal strategy for Phase III, Gregory Stone and Co. may want to consider several equitable principles, and legal arguments that would emphasize on the distinction between active and passive concealment on the one hand, and fraudulent misrepresentation and good faith omission on the other for his defense in that trial proceeding.

4. A new Rambus management should conduct an immediate review on:

(a). The company's Stock Repurchase Program; and,

(b). Stock Option Plan.

5. Immediately hire a good PR firm with contacts in Wall Street.

(Again, the foregoing is merely a personal opinion and the above Disclaimer and Disclosure is herein reiterated.)


I'll take a stab at addressing your post point by point.

1. I don't agree that any management changes would instill Wallstreet confidence, ie "buying", in Rambus. Wall Street wants to see the money. The top line and cash position is growing. IMO, it will grow even more over the next 2-3 quarters irrespective of new licensees. General market downdraft and the Silicon Valley options backdating fiasco is killing the stock. I may be an outlier, but I like Harold. He steps on his toungue and I imagine wishes he had a do over of the Annual Meeting, but he has a plan. He believes in the tech and knows that its potential market reach has been barely scratched. He has annunciatd his plan if you (collectively) have the wherewithal to listen to what he says. I believe he is slowly but surely executing that plan.

2. Don't disagree. Again IMO, this is what is occuring with the independent audit team. My reading is that the rats, if there are any, have already left the ship, or if still aboard, have attempted to give back the ill gotten cheese. There may very well be more downside due to new revelations, but I don't see how this really affects the business. Its all a bunch who struck john about when options were granted and at what price. The lawyers are going to milk it for all its worth, but in the end, business will go on.

3. Stone and MTO have been kicking ass and taking names in any and every court that is not located in Richmond, Va. Unfortunately, its hard to kick ass and take names when the judge has rendered you a quadruple amputee. I trust them to a) develop the proper strategic and tactical plan to win the phase 3, AT, and DDR2 cases; and b) execute the plan. Fundamentally, Hynix is grasping at straws to try and find some BS reason why they should not have to pay for having stolen fizzy lifting drink. The fizzy lifting drink they are trying to get out of paying for has already gone stale and flat. The new and improved extra fizzy with the uber lift capacity is not at issue. In the end, they are gonna have to pay.

4. I don't think either is going to happen. If I'm Satish, I'm buying down here. The options gravy train is not going away. I have accepted this as part of my Rambus investment thesis.

5. Rambus recently added a marketing whiz to their board. Rambus needs more revs to draw Wall Street. Product ramping, court wins leading to settlements or case finality, and new licensees are what will drive revs. Wall Street will FOLLOW the money. My thesis includes buying IN FRONT of or LEADING the money. I accept the risk that the money may never come. My observation and analysis tells me it will.

Things are gonna suck, until they don't anymore. Just some of my opinions. Hope you are having a good weekend.

Seit Freitag Rambus umsatz ist sehr minumum,niemand vekauft Aktie.
Kommende Tagen Rambus Schiesst nach oben.
Deutsche sprache ist schwer.Evet her dil agirdir,ama bazi inekler bunu anlamiyor,saniyorlar yalniz kendi dillerini ögrenmek zordur.

Kann mir mal einer erklären, wie bei einem Umsatz von 48,9 Mio. Dollar eine MK von 1,5 Mrd. Dollar zu rechtfertigen ist?

Der Traum mit Rambus reich zu werden ist vorbei, dafür hat das Unternehmen schon viel zu viele Aktien ausgegeben und immer noch einen viel zu hohen Kurs.

Warten wir mal auf 5 bis 7 Euro, da hat man dann auch wieder eine Chance auf eine ver-5 bis ver-10fachung.

Bye Hansi
Hallo CrazyBroker

Sie sind sehr klug,Also mann soll Ramnbus erst verkaufen,du wartest ab,wenn Aktien runta fällt bis,7,oder5 Euro dann sofort kaufen.Wer verkauft Rambus,schaust du richtig wie hoch ist umsatz.
Du kannst noch lange zeit warten aber kein Rambus kaufen.Heute wir werden abend nochmal sehen,wenn Rambus nicht 10% nach oben geht,dann kann du vleicht,7 Euro kaufen.Wir werden sehen!


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