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      schrieb am 12.12.06 09:30:53
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      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 26.117.797 von cashbob am 12.12.06 08:41:07@cashbob: mit sicherheit, ist altria doch ein langfristiges investment. es gab nur in letzter zeit nicht allzu aufregende meldungen zu aktie, vielleicht mit ausnahme dieser hier (


      Indie Research
      Class Action Ruling Gives a Lift to Altria
      Thursday December 7, 4:34 pm ET
      By the Staff

      Stock evangelist Jim Cramer pointed out today that a ruling from a federal appeals court yesterday is good news for Altria Group, the tobacco company that knows more about legal battles than probably just about anyone in the U.S. Yesterday, the appeals court refused to certify part of a six-year old lawsuit against investment banks as class action. The lawsuit revolves around claims that a number of investment banks rigged tech IPOs in the late 1990s. Millions of investors were seeking class action status to pursue the banks -- including Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs -- as a group. Due to the ruling, those investors have to pursue their lawsuits separately, which dramatically limits their chances of success, or of even going to court.

      Cramer was right to point out this favorable development, as it does indeed bode well for Altria's fight in the Schwab case. That case was granted class action status in September, which, as we warned, could present a risk to Altria's breakup plans. Yesterday's IPO suit ruling throws the Schwab class action status into question, giving Altria at least good grounds to appeal the case. It also builds on the July ruling that went in Altria's favor in the Engle case. That decision by the Florida Supreme Court among other things upheld a prior appellate court decision that decertified the class action status of the case.

      The ruling in the IPO suit adds to the momentum Altria has established in the courts over the past couple of years, over which time it has won far more rulings than it has lost. While we've avoided "betting" on legal rulings going the firm's way, we have had our eye on the class action rulings since early this year. At that time, we noted that if the courts ruled against class action status, that works in favor of not only Altria, but also its Kraft Foods (NYSE: KFT - News) unit. As a snack maker, it too has become a target of lawyers eager to sue over the effects of its junk food.

      With the rulings mostly going Altria's way, we are looking forward to the details of the spin-off plan early next year. While lawsuits aren't likely to disappear, the latest rulings are going to make it much more difficult for future plaintiffs to get or maintain class action status. Tobacco companies have shown that they can win most of the one-on-one battles, and so Altria should carry on with its plan to spin off Kraft, and likely Philip Morris International, some time down the road. We'll soon have more thoughts on what that should mean for the stock in 2007 for subscribers.

      Altria Group and Goldman Sachs are Bull Market Report Recommended List stocks.

      No member of The Bull Market Report editorial staff contributing to this article has any long or short positions in any company mentioned. Indie Research has a disclosure policy.

      lg, speculi
      schrieb am 12.12.06 08:41:07
      Beitrag Nr. 34 ()
      moin, ist hier keiner mehr, der die aktien hält ?
      gruß cash
      schrieb am 22.11.06 17:36:44
      Beitrag Nr. 33 ()
      Altria verdient derzeitig prächtig. und die klage gegen die tabakindustrie wurde zurückgestellt. außerdem hat das management gezeigt das es ende januar bekannt geben möchte wie die bzw. wann die abspaltung nun erfolgen soll. aufgrund dieser basis steigt die aktie weiter.

      schau mal nach den news zu altria, da stehen nochmal zahlen etc.

      viele grüße

      schrieb am 22.11.06 14:12:31
      Beitrag Nr. 32 ()
      tut mir leid, wollte unten einen Banner einbauen
      leider 4x das w zu
      schrieb am 22.11.06 09:54:50
      Beitrag Nr. 31 ()
      was glaubt ihr, wie es mit der Aufteilung bei Altria weitergeht ?
      wie mit der Dividende ?

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      Judge grants stay in 'lights' cigarette suit
      Decision is boost for tobacco industry; Altria shares at decade high
      By Alistair Barr, MarketWatch
      Last Update: 5:59 PM ET Nov 17, 2006

      SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- A U.S. Appeals Court judge stopped proceedings in the $200 billion Schwab "lights" cigarette class-action lawsuit in a decision announced Friday that analysts said was a positive development for the tobacco industry.
      Shares of Altria, owner of cigarette giant Philip Morris, climbed 1.7% to close at $85.01 on Friday. That's the highest closing price in at least a decade.
      Judge Barrington Parker of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit granted a stay that stops proceedings in Schwab v. Philip Morris USA. A clerk for the court said Friday that the stay was issued Thursday afternoon. The stay will allow the judge to review a lower court ruling that certified the suit as a class-action case.
      In September, a federal court judge gave the suit class-action status, transforming it into the largest legal threat to the tobacco industry and defendants including Philip Morris and a unit of R.J. Reynolds. The industry appealed that decision.
      The suit is also a potential problem for Altria's plans to break itself up into separate businesses. The company has said that it's waiting until legal issues are resolved before finalizing a re-organization.
      "While Schwab remains the most concerning of the four active "Lights" class action suits, some of the risk surrounding the case has subsided as it is no longer a potential roadblock to the breakup of the company," Christopher Growe, an analyst at A.G. Edwards, wrote in a note to investors on Friday.
      Growe and other analysts expected the court to take the appeal, but not so quickly.
      "Today's decision has essentially 'cut a few months' off the time before a final decision regarding the industry's appeal is reached," Bonnie Herzog, an analyst at Citigroup wrote in a note to clients.
      The decision is also positive for tobacco companies because it "potentially signals that the Court is likely to rule in favor of the industry, as it has in the past," she added. End of Story
      Alistair Barr is a reporter for MarketWatch in San Francisco.

      lg, speculi
      schrieb am 15.11.06 15:59:20
      Beitrag Nr. 28 ()
      @speculi danke für den bericht.
      jeden monat 5000 euro in altria investieren sage ich nur ;)
      schrieb am 15.11.06 14:18:55
      Beitrag Nr. 27 ()
      @cashbob: mach dir mal keine sorgen, das war mit sicherheit kein "starkes sinken" ;) in vergleich zu frueheren ruecksetzern ...

      @all: zwar nichts neues, was informationen betrifft, koennte aber, da von GS, fuer erhoehte nachfrage sorgen:

      Altria upgraded at Goldman Sachs
      By Tomi Kilgore
      Last Update: 7:54 AM ET Nov 15, 2006

      NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Altria Group was upgraded to buy from neutral at Goldman Sachs, which cited optimism over the potential spin-off of company's Kraft food business and an improvement in international tobacco trends. Analyst Judy Hong said he also expects an "upbeat" management presentation at the company's investor conference on Thursday, and believes the appeals court will accept review of the certification of the Schwab case over the coming months. Hong revised her stock price target to $96 over the next 12 months from $100 over the next 2 years. The stock was also placed on Goldman's America's Conviction Buy List. The stock, a component of the Dow industrials, closed Tuesday up 30 cents at $81.14.

      lg, speculi
      schrieb am 09.11.06 20:44:00
      Beitrag Nr. 26 ()
      was ist heute passiert ? habe nix gehört und die aktie sinkt stark
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