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Nexoptic Technology – Bahnbrechende Entwicklung in der Linsentechnologie? (Seite 183)

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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.024.576 von techinvestor69 am 27.11.19 13:25:29Mehrere Möglichkeiten. Einige haben wir ja genannt. ;)
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.026.322 von sebaldo am 27.11.19 16:25:40Der Fokus bei NXO steht aber auf kurzfristig wirtschaftlich rentabel zu werden. Scheinen wohl in Zugzwang zu sein, was wir aber auch schon länger wissen. Schreiben aber auch fortgeschrittene Dialoge. Nun lassen wir uns überraschen, was es sein wird.
Auf jeden Fall muss es keine Eintagsfliege wie mit einer PP sein. Nur einen Prototyp zu finanzieren und produzieren reicht nicht. Eine monatliche Produktion von z.B. 1000 Stück muss erst einmal angestoßen werden und finanziell selbsttragend werden. Es muss aber auch Geld für die F&E übrig bleiben.
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Mal überschlägig gerechnet. Bei der augenblicklichen Mitarbeiteranzahl müssten sie 6 - 10 Mill. € Umsatz machen. Kommt darauf an, wie tief die Fertigungskette ist und damit die Gewinne sind.
Damit könnten sie rentabel sein.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.034.929 von zukunft2018 am 28.11.19 13:51:30Du hast natürlich recht.

Die Finanzierung des Prototyps und des Geschäftsbetriebs in den nächsten Wochen scheint erst einmal gesichert.

Alles andere müssen wir abwarten. Die Situation kann sich sehr schnell ändern, wenn sie einen JV-Partner präsentieren können.

Jetzt haben wir so lange geduldig gewartet, da kommt es auf ein paar Monate auch nicht an. :)
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.035.157 von sebaldo am 28.11.19 14:18:12Ich bin mir sicher das noch dieses Jahr eine Knaller Nachricht präsentiert wird.

So lese ich die letzte News.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.046.818 von Loonaa am 29.11.19 23:15:27Vielleich haben die auch was versehentlich verraten:
Die zwei Bildsensoren und die digitale Bildverarbeitung (Digital Image Processor/„DSP”) wurden an die neuesten Produktangebote von Sony Corp. und Ambarella Inc. angepasst
Das kommt mir schon ein bischen verdächtig vor.
Von Ambarella kommen ja die Prozessoren.Ist da vielleicht ja was mit der KI im Busch?
Und: fertigt Sony nicht auch Prozessoren und sogar Smartphones?
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.050.385 von UBernhart am 30.11.19 20:04:31
interessant habs mal original übernommen
von user aus stockhouse
RedMatter (49)
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December 04, 2019 - 12:37 PM 103 Reads
Post# 30421445

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The truth from the AGM
Been busy buying. Bid pressure far outweighing the Ask. Turning point is past us. Here is why:

The AGM was short and sweet. Because of the shareholder support of the board of directors, 100% of all items passed with flying colors:

"I have never in my history with TSX Venture companies seen a voter turnout like this. This sends a strong and clear message of confidence and support to the management team" - Law Firm Scrutineer

1) Will Rich Geruson receive compensation and is he here to stay?
"Because of items 5 and 6 passing, Rich Geruson will now be properly compensated, and the remainder of the AI team including Kevin Gordon and his team are secured.

After the vote tally we can truly welcome Rich. What a class act and he stated so many times , he's excited to be here."

Rich Geruson attended the AGM in person, not via conference call. Meeting him face to face changes your forecast of NexOptic. Rich is genuinely excited about ALL the tech NexOptic is involved with.

2) Is there a working prototype?
Unlike the bullsh!t we received from Brandon last year, this information is trustworthy because the prototype came off a manufacturing line, not jerry rigged together and with gum and glue.

"the images and quality of the double take unit are now better than they would’ve been with the old design had it even been scalable to manufacturing, which we now know it wasn’t. Paul admitted they were concerned as to how well the working prototype would work and when they got the results they were better than they could have hoped for. Evidently the results are so good that the CEO of the manufacturing company was brought in to see it for himself."

This not only confirms that the tooling is complete, but that the manufacturing line is up and running.

3) Is there shareholder confidence in this new Management Team, including the new DT Project Manager and his team, as well as with Kevin Gordon and his team?

"Kevin Gordon is a certified genius."

"What I did get a sense of is that the management team is transparent, realistic, hard-working, appreciative of investors, committed, capable, experienced, talented and has an executable plan as opposed to the previous management team which was basically narcissistic and full of bullsh!t"

With the exception of the scrutineer, the above quotes are from several shareholders with 7 figure share holdings who attendended both the AGM and the aftermeetings.

What more needs to be said? Its time to let the institutions buy up some stock to be held in strong hands for the long haul. The agonizing downtrend is over, and 2020 is looking mighty promissing!

Read more at https://stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#JkKwUggBUEGqZ43C.…
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TheTiminator (3)
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December 04, 2019 - 12:39 PM 184 Reads
Post# 30421453
AGM Summary
Hello all, I have been a shareholder since 2016, but have steered clear of posting here of late since stockhouse is such a "shot" show. I went into yesterday's AGM with many doubts and worries, and all concerns were addressed. To say Rich Geruson is a class act is an understatement. You could tell he was surprised that there was concern about his commitment to NXO from his board appointment at MindHeart. His role there is entirely for altruistic and personal reasons, and is not about the $. Fortunately, his role at NXO is definitely about the $, and he is extremely excited to be on board. He is definitely not going anywhere, and we can all thank our lucky stars (and the great turnout of voting), that we have him on board. Rich, Paul, and Kevin Gordon (absolute genius, btw) fielded and addressed all questions put forward at the AGM and after. They will be at CES in Vegas in early Jan, not in a booth but will be holding targeted meetings in a conference room and unveiling the prototype with production to commence shortly thereafter. There will be a pre-sale starting around this time, and they are counting on that to be a big contributor to revenue. They did state that they have enough $ to get through Q1 2020, but reading between the lines it does seem that they expect commercialization of ALLIS and the pre-sale to be big contributors. I would also expect a capital raise, but I believe the conditions for this won't be an issue. The new DT lens system is even better than the original science experiment of the flat lens tech. The optics pros who are testing the lenses are absolutely blown away and haven't encountered anything like this before. Some of the comments were the range, clarity, resolution, etc., and in a form factor that is so small. Also, battery life has been improved by 30-40% over the previous version. The new version they also believe is patentable, scalable, and can be used in all other applications previously mentioned. NXO is also committed to a whole line of products and an entire brand- not just the DT and ALLIS. The mobile lens is not the focus right now, but may still be in play in the future. There will be meetings with phone co's where NexOPtic will determine where the future of cell cam tech is going and how NXO can meet those needs. Marketing...that has long been an issue for the company. There are new renderings and photos being taken, the website will be updated and there will be a full social media campaign in swing, with the help of influencers and also, all of us shareholders. I have to hop on a plane now, but hope this helps! I am a little jealous of newcomers to the NXO story, as now is a terrific entry point. There are many of us who have been through hell but we are on our way back! Good luck to all. The Timinator

Read more at https://stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#U1II7mwqD0XRhpjY.…

also kanns dann endlich losgehen im Januar :)
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Sehr optimistische Berichte von der Hauptversammlung. Das klingt ja richtig nach Aufbruchsstimmung. Dem heutigen Kurs hat`s auch gut getan. Kann so weiter gehen.

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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 62.082.182 von sebaldo am 04.12.19 22:05:09Na das sieht ja erst einmal gut aus. Schade nur das sie erst einmal nicht die Smartphone-Technologie weiterverfolgen wollen. Nun ja Alles zu seiner Zeit und wenn es machbar ist.
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