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    15.12.22 17:18:01
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    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 72.437.994 von faultcode am 21.09.22 11:00:3521.09.2022, Beitrag Nr. 211:…

    => mit dem heutigen Handelstag ist diese charttechnische VaP-Marke von 5 Cent auch erreicht bzw. unterboten worden:


    If SIHNV shareholders agree to the Maturity Extension Transaction, they will retain 20% of the economic interest in the post-closing equity of the Group, with the financial creditors being entitled to receive the balance. If they do not agree, shareholders will no longer have any interest in the Group.
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    15.12.22 12:45:59
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    Ich such was
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    15.12.22 12:16:46
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    Das müssen Anleger jetzt wissen!…
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    15.12.22 10:08:37
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    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 72.603.188 von faultcode am 19.10.22 14:51:24Warum erst 5 Jahre später, Vertuschung?
    Wo lebt Jooste aktuell?
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    19.10.22 14:51:24
    Beitrag Nr. 212 ()
    Jetzt geht's los! Fast 5 Jahre nach dem Knall :eek:

    Reserve Bank seizes former Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste’s assets – this is what they took…
    The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has seized assets belonging to former Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste.

    This comes five years after severe financial misconduct at global holding company Steinhoff International became one of South Africa’s largest corporate scandals.

    According to Bloomberg (…), the latest move by SARB represents a potential advance in the painstaking process of bringing charges against the former CEO, who numerous legal authorities and regulatory probes and lawsuits have pointed to as the mastermind behind the accounting scandal.

    Court documents publically sourced from the SARB relating to the attachment of his assets revealed that some of the following assets were looked into:


    Under section 10.2.5 of the order, all movable goods of any nature of or to which Jooste is a beneficial owner, excluding clothing and foodstuff, are also attached. The court noted that such goods would not be removed from the property but photographed and inventoried.

    The Reserve Bank further investigated and seized crucial documents, both hardcopies and electronic files, including flash drives, memory sticks, CDs or external hard drives that could have crucial information.

    Speaking with News24, the former chairperson of Steinhoff Christo Wiese praised the attachment of Markus Jooste’s assets, adding that “a lot of people will be grateful to see that the wheels of justice are turning.”

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    21.09.22 11:00:35
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    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 69.597.579 von faultcode am 14.10.21 15:56:2914.10.2021
    Zitat von faultcode: die Zone von ~EUR0.10 ... 0.12 wird bei Steinhoff halt immer noch gerne angefahren:

    so ist es:

    "Turnarounds seldom turn", Warren Buffett, 1979 (*)

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    26.08.22 12:26:35
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    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 72.166.692 von faultcode am 10.08.22 14:44:1926.8.
    Steinhoff Ex-CFO Fined by Bourse Five Years After Accounts Scam…
    Steinhoff International Holdings NV former Chief Financial Officer Ben la Grange has been fined 2 million rand ($119,000) by South Africa’s main stock exchange for violating listing rules -- almost five years after the company’s near collapse.

    Johannesburg’s stock exchange, in its first censure of any director at scandal-hit Steinhoff, also barred La Grange from holding an office in a listed company for 10 years, according to a statement Friday. Steinhoff lost 98% of its market value after auditors refused to sign off on financial statements in December 2017.

    Forensic investigators from PwC later confirmed that 6.5 billion euros ($6.5 billion) in fictitious or irregular income had been recorded at Steinhoff between 2009 and 2016, making it South Africa’s largest known fraud.

    At the time of Steinhoff’s collapse, La Grange held the highest-ranking financial position in the company, and he should have applied more scrutiny to a handwritten document that was given to him by former Chief Executive Officer Markus Jooste, and from which La Grange was told to generate an invoice of 23.5 million euro, the JSE said in the statement.

    “There was no actual transaction nor any legitimate commercial reason that supported the information or calculations contained in the handwritten document,” the JSE said. “The result of this fictitious transaction by the processing of the false invoice,” was that Steinhoff’s income was falsely inflated, it said.

    The false invoice meant that the Steinhoff at Work division, which was purportedly collecting rebates from retail transactions, produced an artificial operating profit of 47.5 million rand for 2016, rather than a 329.1 million rand loss.

    While La Grange was “not aware the income was false at the time”, he didn’t use “necessary due care and skill,” the JSE said. The JSE is yet to announce any sanction against Jooste, who gave the handwritten invoice to La Grange.

    There are numerous investigations taking place around the world into Steinhoff, which owns Poundland in the UK and part of Mattress Firm in the US and had been Europe’s second-largest furniture retailer after Ikea. In Germany, two people charged over the accounting scandal are to stand trial.

    La Grange’s lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    The JSE said the fine and censure were tempered by La Grange’s “constructive and unwavering co-operation with the JSE’s investigation and his full and frank engagement with the JSE where he provided various additional disclosures that assisted the JSE in its investigation against Steinhoff.”

    The move against La Grange follows a censure and 13.5 million rand fine against Steinhoff in October 2020 because of its infraction of the listings requirements. The JSE’s investigations into the conduct of other executives is ongoing, it said.
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    24.08.22 12:44:55
    Beitrag Nr. 209 ()
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 72.227.280 von Ines43 am 19.08.22 07:46:41Hallo INES,
    schön, dass Du auch noch dabei bist. Da ich ja nun schon einige Zeit außen vor und an der Seitenlinie bei Steinhoff bin, jedoch nach wie vor die Presse und dieses Forum zu Steinhoff aufmerksam verfolge, ist mir heute dieser interessante Artikel aufgefallen:…

    Eventuell steige ich ja dann auch noch mal bei Steinhoff ein, wenn "bald" gute Nachrichten kommen.
    Für mich hat Steinhoff nach wie vor das Potenzial sich zu einem "normalen" Unternehmen zu entwickeln.

    Allen hier Investierten wünsche ich, dass sich Euer Investment irgendwann doppelt und dreifach auszahlen wird. :D
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    19.08.22 07:46:41
    Beitrag Nr. 208 ()
    Ob sich ein heutiges Invest bei SH morgen auszahlen wird, kann niemand außerhalb der Geschäftsführung heute sicher sagen.
    Möglicherweise weiß es auch die Geschäftsführung noch nicht.
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    18.08.22 18:56:35
    Beitrag Nr. 207 ()
    Hi all,
    lange nicht mehr hier gewesen,
    aber läuft ja wie Schifferscheiße.
    Kein neues Invest mehr wert.
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