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IP Group - IP Vermarktung/Technologietransfer für brit. Universitäten

main asset: oxford nanopore (dna sequencing unicorn)
16.11.18 08:19:17
Nanopore macht aber auch nur rund ein Viertel des Gesamtportfolios aus;

trotzdem interessant
09.07.19 11:12:26
Oxford Nanopore 2018 Revenues More Than Double; Firm Opens New Production Facility
Jul 08, 2019
NEW YORK – Oxford Nanopore Technologies said today that its revenues grew 246 percent in 2018.

In a message posted on Twitter, the company said that revenues increased to $43.7 million last year, up from $17.8 million in 2017.

Orders also more than doubled in 2018 to $60.6 million from $24.5 million the previous year.

In addition, "strong growth continues" in 2019, according to the company.

The firm also said that its new 34,500 square foot factory, called the MinIon Building, is now online. The manufacturing facility will produce consumable flow cells for the MinIon, GridIon, PromethIon, and Flongle sequencers, as well as for future devices such as the SmidgIon and Plongle. It is also designed to scale up manufacturing of current and future sample preparation kits and other products, such as the Ubik, a sample extraction and preparation device.

"Full, end-to-end production will be phased in over the coming months," according to the company. Over the next four to five years, the new facility, located on the Harwell Campus about 16 miles south of Oxford, is expected to ramp production to more than 1 million flow cells per year.

Oxford Nanopore said it continues to invest in improving its technology and in "commercial and operational expansion so that we can support more customers around the world." Its sequencing technology is now used by scientists in more than 80 countries.

The company did not provide information about its net income or net loss last year or about its cash position.

Last October, Oxford Nanopore received a £50 million ($62.5 million) equity investment from Amgen, following £100 million in funding from a number of international investors in March 2018.

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10.09.19 14:18:44
Portfolio highlights
- Fair value of portfolio broadly stable at £1,127.0m (FY18: £1,128.2m; HY18: £1,148.2m)
- Net portfolio fair value reduction of £36.7m, approximately 3% (HY18: gain of £0.7m; FY18: (£48.4m))
- Capital provided to portfolio companies and projects: £39.0m (HY18: £46.9m; FY18: £100.9m)
- Portfolio cash realisations: £7.1m (HY18: £2.5m; FY18: £29.5m)
- Oxford Nanopore more than doubled revenue and orders in 2018 to $43.7m and $60.6m respectively and
this year opened a new factory to support rapid growth in demand for nanopore sequencing technology
- Ceres Power and Japan’s Miura announced a first fuel cell product launch using Ceres technology
- First Light Fusion’s ‘Machine 3’ fully operational and management targeting demonstration of fusion in 2019
- Successful funding rounds for Inivata (£40m), Featurespace (£25m) and Azuri Technologies (£20m)

Financial and operational update
- Hard NAV1 of £1,171.8m or 110.6p per share (FY18: £1,217.5m, 115.0p; HY18: £1,283.0m, 121.1p)
- Net assets of £1,172.4m (FY18: £1,218.2m; HY18: £1,489.8m)
- Return on Hard NAV2 of negative £46.9m (HY18: (£13.1m); FY18: (£75.6m))
- Strong liquidity with gross cash and deposits at 30 June 2019 of £161.1m (FY18: £219.0m; HY18:
£258.5m;) and net cash of £71.0m (FY18: £121.2m; HY18: £156.0m)
- Integration cost savings now complete following return of technology transfer operations to Imperial College,
run rate savings of £8m per annum secured (0.7% of Hard NAV)
- Board strengthened through appointment of two additional independent non-executive directors
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