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Vestas wins first full scope EPC contract in Vietnam for new 50 MW intertidal project

Vestas Wind Systems | 99,65 $
38 MW Norwegen:

Vestas develops repowering solution in Norway with 30-year service contract for the world’s most northern wind project

Vestas Wind Systems | 99,54 $
Und schon der nächste Repowering-Auftrag:

36 MW Dänemark + 20 Jahre AOM5000 Premium-Service

Vestas Wind Systems | 99,44 $
149 MW USA


Bis zum Jahresende wird in Sachen Aufträge noch einiges gehen - tippe auf 1-2 GW.
Vestas Wind Systems | 90,78 €
Und hier nochmals aus Amerika: Vestas receives 162 MW order in USA incl. 10 Jahre Service
Vestas Wind Systems | 90,78 €
Turbines of the year 2019: Onshore turbines 3.5MW-plus

GOLD Vestas V150-5.6MW EnVentus

Vestas propelled medium-speed drivetrain technology into the onshore mainstream with its groundbreaking EnVentus platform announced in early 2019.

The first two variants have a rating of 5.6MW with rotor diameters of 150 and 162 metres, the former due to operate as a prototype soon.

The Danish manufacturer recognised the need for a global modular turbine architecture in response to market-driven conditions back in 2012.

The modular approach offered inherent advantages in standardisation and repetitive tasks for significant manufacturing cost savings.

The main principle of the EnVentus platform is the compact semi-integrated medium-speed drivetrain.

Other product-specific features include a modular main shaft front-flange with multiple bolt circles radiuses to accommodate various hub sizes, and a modular main-shaft housing adapter flange for mounting the two-stage planetary gearbox (with journal bearings) and PMG sub-assembly.

This allows matching various gearboxes with corresponding input torque levels and specific operating conditions. The fully sealed air-cooled PMG only contains the relatively cheaper and easier-to-obtain rare earth Neodymium for the magnets.

The V150-5.6MW is aimed at IEC S sites, and can be deployed at up to 8m/s mean wind speeds with a maximum turbulence level of 15%. Vestas claims an AEP improvement of around 17% over the yield of its V150-4.2MW turbine.

Vestas Wind Systems | 88,62 €

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