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BlackRock - weltgrößter Vermögensverwalter (Seite 2)

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Jim Grant

• Bearish on Blackrock (BLK)

• Its motto should be “built for a time of falling rates, rising asset prices, massive inflows…”

• Tailor-made for the financial moment

• Hand-in-glove with the Fed – Blackrock is the Federal Reserve’s Wall Street doppelganger

• BLK took in 18% of all mutual fund and ETF inflows in 2015

• Assets may come, assets may go

• Margins? There is a price war in passive. Fees are ~69 bps at BLK versus 15 at Vanguard. Further compression is likely.

• BLK is at 18x EPS vs. 14x industry average

• Massive amounts of insider selling at BLK without any buys
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