ENGIE -ein Antizykliker als Kaufgelegenheit? (Seite 41)

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      schrieb am 29.11.17 14:58:26
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      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.273.006 von Inderhals am 25.11.17 12:45:11
      Hallo stelle mir gerade die selbe Frage leider finde ich nicht wirklich nützliche Informationen über die geplante Maßnahme. Daher fällt es mir schwer, zu bewerten ob es sinnvoll ist oder nicht?

      Was ist das für eine Sonderdividende und was bedeutet das ggf. auch steuerlich und wie seht ihr die nötige Haltedauer von 2 Jahren in diesen "Zeiten"?

      Was macht Ihr Umtauschen in Vorzugsaktien??

      Grüße und hoffe mir wird geholfen ;-)
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      schrieb am 25.11.17 12:45:11
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      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.145.164 von R-BgO am 09.11.17 17:51:04Von meiner Depotbank:
      Umtauschangebot ENGIE in reg. Aktien, Verwahrung in Frankreich - 2 Jahre nicht handelbar.
      Aussicht auf "mögliche "Sonderdividende " 2020.....

      Was machen?
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      schrieb am 09.11.17 17:51:04
      Beitrag Nr. 34 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.012.049 von R-BgO am 24.10.17 09:37:04da isser', der Deal:

      2017/11/08 Press release

      Paris -

      Total has signed an agreement with Engie to acquire its portfolio of upstream liquefied natural gas (LNG) assets for an overall enterprise value of $1.49 billion. This portfolio includes participating interests in liquefaction plants, notably the interest in the Cameron LNG project in the US, long term LNG sales and purchase agreements, an LNG tanker fleet as well as access to regasification capacities in Europe. Additional payments of up to $ 550 million could be payable by Total in case of an improvement in the oil markets in the coming years.

      “The acquisition of Engie’s upstream LNG business enables Total to accelerate the implementation of its strategy to integrate along the full gas value chain, in an LNG market growing strongly at 5% to 6% per year. The combination of these two complementary portfolios will allow the Group to manage an overall volume of around 40 million tonnes of LNG per year by 2020, making Total the second largest global player among the majors with a worldwide market share of 10%”, commented Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Total. “With the equity stake in the Cameron LNG project, Total will also become an integrated player in the US LNG market, where the Group is already a gas producer”.

      The proposed transaction is subject to the applicable legally required consultation and notification processes with employee representatives as well as approvals by the relevant regulatory authorities and partners on certain contracts. The transaction is expected to close by mid 2018 and will have an effective date of 1st January 2018.

      Following the transaction, Total will take over the teams in charge of the LNG activities at Engie, which represents around 180 employees.

      In addition, in parallel with this transaction, Total and Engie agreed to cooperate to promote the use of biogas and renewable hydrogen, with Engie becoming Total's priority supplier in this field.
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      schrieb am 02.11.17 16:50:53
      Beitrag Nr. 33 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.012.049 von R-BgO am 24.10.17 09:37:04Das sieht gut aus:…
      schrieb am 24.10.17 09:37:04
      Beitrag Nr. 32 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 55.991.850 von R-BgO am 20.10.17 14:36:46Engie negotiating LNG business sale to Total

      French energy giant and LNG player Engie could be selling its liquefied natural gas (LNG) business to compatriot Total.

      The two companies have already started talks over a possible sale, Reuters reports citing the financial newsletter La Lettre de l‘Expansion.

      An agreement could be achieved over the following weeks, however, no price tag has yet been put on the deal.

      If the talks come to fruition, the LNG business would become the next in line under Engie’s portfolio rotation program unveiled in February 2016, that will see the company disposing of assets in the value of €15 billion ($17.6 billion) during the 2016-2018 period.
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      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 55.450.614 von R-BgO am 03.08.17 12:46:38
      so langsam
      wird ein Muster draus:

      ENGIE to acquire Fenix International to spur development in African off-grid solar

      By Conor Ryan Oct 20, 2017

      ENGIE and Fenix have announced a transaction in which Engie will acquire 100% of Fenix International, an energy generation company offering Solar Home Systems (SHS) in Africa.

      Founded back in 2009, Fenix employs 350 people and bases its operations in Uganda, where it is the leading SHS company with 140,000 customers.

      Fenix recently expanded into Zambia and plans further expansion in other countries across Africa. Fenix will be the first SHS company to join a major worldwide energy company.

      Bruno Bensasson, CEO of ENGIE Africa, said: “We believe that combining the strengths of ENGIE, a global energy player and Fenix, a successful company with very strong customer focus, high-quality products and an experienced team anchored in the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa, will enable faster deployment of SHS to the large African population still lacking access to electricity.

      “Fenix will be the agile growth engine for ENGIE’s SHS business in Africa and enable us to become a leading profitable off-grid energy services company on the continent, reaching millions of customers by 2020. We do believe that universal access is now reachable in a foreseeable future by the combination of national grids extension, local micro-grids and solar home systems, depending on the local characteristics of the energy demand.”

      Fenix‘s flagship product, ReadyPay Power, offers lighting, phone charging and power for TVs and radios. The technology is offered on a lease-to-own system so that off-grid customers can finance their power system through micro instalments over mobile money. This investment will contribute to ENGIE’s goal of providing 20 million people around the world with access to decarbonized, decentralized energy by 2020,

      Lyndsay Handler, CEO of Fenix International, added: “Fenix and ENGIE share the belief that universal access to energy is possible and paramount. To date, Fenix has delivered reliable solar power to over 900,000 people in East Africa. By joining forces with ENGIE - one of the world’s largest independent utility companies with a firm commitment to a decentralized, decarbonized and digital energy revolution - we will greatly accelerate the path to our vision.”

      This week Uganda-based off-grid and home PV firm SolarNow also received a US$6 million syndicated off-grid solar financing facility.
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      schrieb am 20.09.17 16:11:27
      Beitrag Nr. 30 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 55.450.614 von R-BgO am 03.08.17 12:46:38Die Aktie kommt nun so ganz langsam in "die Gänge!"…
      schrieb am 03.08.17 12:46:38
      Beitrag Nr. 29 ()
      Engie invests in off-grid solar specialists in Guatemala and India

      By Amanda Lennon Jul 27, 2017…

      French utility and renewable energy developer, Engie, is investing in Kingo Energy, a provider of clean energy in Latin America and Africa.

      Engie's investment, alongside development banks Proparco and FMO, aims to bring renewable energy to over 1.5 million people who are currently off-grid in Latin America by 2020. Kingo delivers off-grid solar solutions to people in Guatemala offering ‘pay as you go’ payment options.

      In the second of a three part investment, Engie will also join ElectriFi and Insitor in a new round of fundraising for Mera Gao Power (MGP).

      MGP provides power with solar microgrids to off-grid rural communities in the state of Uttar Pradesh in Northern India.

      In 2015 it supplied power to over 1,800 villages, serving up to 115,000 people. The newest round of funding is expected to provide renewable energy to more than 700,000 people by 2020.

      Engie’s third investment is a first round financing project for biodigester producer and distributer company ATEC in Cambodia.

      Engie president Paulo Almirante said, the investments contribute to Engie’s 2020 goal to provide 20 million people worldwide with access to sustainable decentralised energy.
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      schrieb am 31.07.17 17:19:36
      Beitrag Nr. 28 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 55.426.911 von nickelich am 31.07.17 15:23:57Gut, Die wollen sich einfach nur absichern.

      Der Trump wird auch die iranische Pipeline über Katar Iraq und Türkei torpedieren.
      Das sollte man nicht unbedingt real betrachten.
      Nur eine Option.
      schrieb am 31.07.17 15:23:57
      Beitrag Nr. 27 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 54.994.500 von Inderhals am 22.05.17 16:29:14 Im Fall von neuen US-Sanktionen gegen Moskau könnte der französische Energieriese Engie (Engie Aktie) möglicherweise die Ostsee-Pipeline Nord Stream 2 nicht mehr weiterfinanzieren.
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