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OBDUCAT.......QUO VADIS ??? (Seite 68)

ISIN: SE0000514705 | WKN: 922032 | Symbol: OBD
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[posting]18.939.848 von GOOFUUSI am 22.11.05 15:55:41[/posting]the trend is your friend - der zeigt, dass obducat
langsam aber sich die gewinnzone erreicht.

der markt hat sieht es scheinbar ähnlich
Obducat rechnet fuer das letzte Quartal noch mit Aufträgen in beträchtlicher Höhe. Das Unternehmen bleibt dabei, aus dem ständigen Feedback der potentiellen Großkunden ergebe sich eine realistische Möglichkeit des Beginns der Massenproduktion mit Hilfe von NIL in verschiedenen industriellen Sektoren in der ersten Hälfte 2006. Bis dahin ist es ja gar nicht mehr weit hin. Dann wissen wir mehr. Allerdings bemerkt man zunehmend Konkurrenz, aber das spricht ja auch nicht gerade gegen die Zukunft von NIL.:look:
tja hohenlohe...da hast du uns jetzt aber was ganz neues erzählt......:cry:

zu bemerken ist noch (wenn es ma schon nicht tut), dass obd in schweden wieder über 0,13 liegt!

Ahoi passengers!
Not much to say for now, but however there is no reason to be negative about Obducat. I think things are going as they should, a little slow though ;)

Here you have some links to spend some time with. Checj especially page 41 in the first link from analysts Lux Research.

The second link is from HP/Pioneer and they are really satisfied with NIL.…… aulhenri.html… dgarA.html

have a nice evening
SK in Schweden 1,21 Umsätze ca. 340.000 (1,21 * 0,1069 = Kurs in €)
Für alle die die Links noch nicht kennen:
Schwedische Kurse: und dort auf Quotes klicken (OBDU B)
Aktuelle Infos über Nanotechnologie:

PS: Habe die "Charly_2" Pfeifenfüllung wieder abgeschafft (musste davon 2 Tage lang kotzen).
Guten morgen zusammen,
am 8.12.2005 präsentiert Patrik Lundström das Unternehmen in Amerika.…
Da wird doch sicher der eine oder andere Investor zuschlagen?

I see that MA already have provided you with the good news. I´m adding another link about the same event.

This could really be the big breakthrough.
RT in Schweden bei 1,28 SEK (0,1347€)!:)
Die Deutschen hängen wieder ordentlich (knapp 10%) hinterher:confused:
Sieht aber ganz gut aus heute!:lick:
EE Times
(11/23/2005 8:52 AM EST)

LONDON — Qualcomm Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. have extended their foundry partnership and the Korean company will start making the latest generation CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and W-CDMA (Wideband CDMA) wireless chipsets for Qualcomm.
The chipsets will be produced using 90-nanometer process technology, with sub 90-nm nodes being employed in the future, the companies said.

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed, nor were there any details over the timing of tape-out or the additional wafer starts involved.

"Our foundry agreement with Samsung will provide an additional source of supply and assist us in our strategy aimed to ensure capacity to support existing and anticipated business growth in both CDMA and WCDMA markets," said Sanjay Sha, president of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies, in a statement.

The Korean market is a large and growing one for Qualcomm’s devices, and Samsung uses some of the San Diego, California-based company’s chips in its mobile handsets.
Ahoi passengers and crew!

A good day today. The sun has returned after some grey and cloudy days and Queen Obducat can continue her journey to the paradise islands. Especially the news about the hearing in New York was good.:lick:

That news made our swedish forumclown "bättre framtid" (or BF) completely nuts. He is now so stressed up that I think he is going to have an heartattack.

He is obviously very very nervous because he knows that his little show now has come to an end.
But maybe our captain could engage "bättre framtid" to do a stand-upcomedyshow on our cruiser. Wouldn´t that be nice. BF on stage, maybe together witg Charly, vomiting on everything that has a connection with Obducat, and all of us in the audience cheering and partying like wildmen.

Oh, please God, make it happen!!

Until then...

Have a nice

and are a pipesmoker. Have you run out of Rizsla´s

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