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TripAdvisor: Ein Drittel aller Bewertungen Fakes?…
26.08.18 11:49:08
16.07.18 22:12:53
TripAdvisor Bolsters Foray into Food with Additional Eatigo Investment…
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ich denke das es zu einer Übernahme/Beteiligung durch Alibaba kommen wird.
07.11.17 21:26:59
Es scheint nur eine Frage der Zeit bis hier die Übernahme kommt. Eine solche Firma für 4 Mrd. USD zu kaufen könnte für diverse Käufer spannend sein.
07.11.17 21:08:45
Es scheint nur eine Frage der Zeit bis hier die Übernahme kommt. Eine solche Firma für 4 Mrd. USD zu kaufen könnte für diverse Käufer spannend sein.
10.08.17 11:58:47…

TripAdvisor is still a must-have marketing channel for online travel agency and hotel advertisers. But if the Priceline Group and Expedia tilt their spend more toward other marketing vehicles, there aren’t a lot of other players with the marketing resources they have to make TripAdvisor whole.
— Dennis Schaal

... company on Tuesday said that in July, which is the start of the third quarter, TripAdvisor saw softer cost-per-click pricing in its hotel auction. In other words, online travel agencies or hotels seeking to place their links and rates in TripAdvisor’s hotel pages and higher in the listings weren’t bidding as much as they had in the past.



The softness in pricing, which TripAdvisor characterized as a recent “trend,” is certainly something to watch. That’s because over the last three years, TripAdvisor’s largest advertising partners were Expedia and Priceline, and the two partners/competitors contributed 46 percent of TripAdvisor’s total revenue each year.

If Expedia, which owns TripAdvisor rival Trivago, and Priceline start shifting significant marketing spend away from TripAdvisor’s hotel auctions, and this contributes to less-competitive bidding, then that could portend a nagging problem for TripAdvisor. They could perhaps spend more with Trivago, Google, Facebook or Kayak, for example.


Asked whether the softness was TripAdvisor-specific or might be related to wider trends, CEO Steven Kaufer said the company doesn’t have insights into individual companies’ marketing-spend decisions, adding that he doesn’t believe the wrinkle was purely a TripAdvisor phenomenon.

He said TripAdvisor saw the softness in cost-per-click bidding globally — so not in one specific market or region — and that it wasn’t a consistent trend among a broad swath of clients. Kaufer said it is very possible that the weaker bidding might reverse itself.
04.08.17 13:37:59…

Online food delivery services have increased people’s appetite for eating in, including in hotel rooms, and hoteliers have little choice but to swallow the trend.

The trend’s popularity is represented at TripAdvisor, which in May integrated Grubhub’s restaurant network in the U.S. and Canada into TripAdvisor’s website, mobile Web and app, and most recently expanded the meal-delivery service globally with London-based Deliveroo.

TripAdvisor’s newest partner claims a roster of some 20,000 restaurants and 30,000 delivery riders in 140 cities across 12 countries, including the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia.

With a familiar source like TripAdvisor, travelers may be further encouraged to dine in while previously they might have hesitated because of not knowing the local restaurants or who’s best at delivering food in the market. In Singapore, for instance, aside from Deliveroo, there’s Foodpanda, UberEATS, Food Matters or What To Eat, to name a few.
08.05.17 09:23:01
TripAdvisor hasn’t abandoned letting customers book on TripAdvisor but it has dramatically downplayed the feature in favor of the more lucrative metasearch option. With Trivago and Google making gains in a hyper-competitive sector, TripAdvisor couldn’t stick with a strategy that wasn’t working.
— Dennis Schaal…

TripAdvisor indeed appears to be downplaying hotel booking on its own sites, giving more preference to metasearch links to partners in a dramatic reversal of its initial strategy for its so-called Instant Booking feature.

Skift picked up on the feature change April 27 when I reviewed a small sample of 30 TripAdvisor hotel results in New York City and found that all of my results highlighted metasearch links, not the book on TripAdvisor option, in the primary View Deal box, and a TripAdvisor spokesman said the Instant Booking option would mostly be given primacy in cases where it is the lowest rate or for hotels that the customer has previously booked on TripAdvisor.

The presentation of booking on TripAdvisor versus links to partners could thus vary depending who is doing the searching.

We wrote last month: “On TripAdvisor today, it appears that changes in its hotel search algorithms have moved the site away from an earlier approach when it seemed to be giving preference at times to its own Instant Booking, or Book on TripAdvisor, feature over metasearch and its links to partners,”

But, in a research note May 4, Kevin Kopelman and Emily DiNovo of Cowen and Co. put the changes into context, characterizing them as a “dramatic rollback of Instant Booking” that would boost TripAdvisor’s revenue $50 million to $100 million annually because TripAdvisor metasearch has the conversion advantage over Instant Booking.

The Cowen and Co. analysts also found that the rollback of TripAdvisor Instant Booking on mobile is even more dramatic than on desktop.

“Instead of Instant Booking, TripAdvisor has reverted to its more traditional meta-search price comparison ads that re-direct hotel shoppers to its partners’ sites — usually Priceline and Expedia brands (i.e. a return to a Trivago-like business model),” the Cowen and Co. note said.

“We estimate the changes could drive [approximatley $50-100M annualized benefit to TripAdvisor revenue, adding approximately 5 percent to total revenue growth and approximately 10 percent to growth in the flagship meta/IB revenue line, most of which would drop to EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization).”


From an investor standpoint, the TripAdvisor strategy change and potential revenue boost must be tempered by the fact that the company could shortly be announcing that it will be returning to TV advertising, a maneuver that would cut into profits — in the short term.

TripAdvisor’s earnings announcement is slated for Tuesday night after market hours. Cowen and Co. estimates that there is a 60 percent chance that TripAdvisor could announce a TV branding campaign that would cost more than $200 million through the end of 2018. There is also a chance that TripAdvisor could reveal its intent to mount a smaller campaign or none at all, for now.


In a search for a new business identity, TripAdvisor management has apparently decided that it doesn’t want the company primarily to become a hotel- booking site, per se. Instead, it will tilt toward metasearch for now.

If consumers prefer booking on TripAdvisor, then based on their past behavior on TripAdvisor they will see this option most prominently. If they prefer to navigate to third-party sites for booking, then those are the options that TripAdvisor will highlight.

Two years ago, Kayak CEO Steve Hafner was out-front warning TripAdvisor that facilitated bookings like Instant Booking aren’t such a big deal and that TripAdvisor would eventually scale back its aggressive effort. As TripAdvisor has struggled getting revenue per hotel shopper back into a positive growth trajectory following the rollout of Instant Booking, Hafner’s prognosticating appears to be borne out — so far.

The downplaying of TripAdvisor Instant Booking — and it’s still an option for TripAdvisor customers — is likely a positive for Expedia, which is a TripAdvisor Instant Booking partner but has been prohibited from all-out participation because of apparent provisions in the Instant Booking agreement.

TripAdvisor’s strategy is evolving — as it should — and these changes are obviously not the end of the story. TripAdvisor management is likely to have much more to say about some of these issues when the company releases its first quarter earnings statement Tuesday afternoon and officials speak to analysts Wednesday.
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