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Inseego Corp. Provides Update on CFIUS Review

Additional Time Provided to Finalize Mitigation Agreement


Inseego Corp. (successor issuer to Novatel Wireless, Inc.) (Nasdaq: INSG) (the "Company"), a leading global provider of solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), including software-as-a-service (SaaS), today announced that in connection with its proposed sale (the "Sale") of Novatel Wireless, Inc. ("Novatel Wireless") to T.C.L. Industries Holdings (H.K.) Limited and Jade Ocean Global Limited ("Purchasers", and together with the Company and Novatel Wireless, the "Parties"), the Parties have voluntarily withdrawn and re-filed the Joint Voluntary Notice ("JVN") that they had previously submitted to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States ("CFIUS" or the "Committee") under the Defense Production Act of 1950 in order to provide additional time for the Parties and the Committee to finalize the terms of a definitive mitigation agreement.

The Parties and the Committee have been working cooperatively to finalize the terms of a National Security Agreement ("NSA"). However, due in part to government personnel changes resulting from the recent change of Presidential administrations, the Committee and the Parties were unable to complete and execute the NSA within the time remaining in the initial investigation period. Accordingly, with CFIUS's consent, the Parties withdrew and re-filed the JVN, which will initiate a new period of review under the regulations. During the renewed period, the Company expects that the Parties and CFIUS will diligently and in good faith negotiate to finalize a definitive mitigation agreement.

The Company still expects the closing of the Sale to occur in the first quarter of 2017, subject to the timing and successful completion of the CFIUS process and assuming satisfaction or waiver of all other applicable conditions.

Said Sue Swenson, CEO of Inseego, "I am encouraged by the progress we have made with the Committee in this review, and we appreciate the efforts the Committee has made to diligently work with us towards a successful outcome."

Added Vittorio Di Mauro, Business Unit Director at TCL, "We remain committed to working to reach an agreement with CFIUS and finalize this important and exciting transaction for TCL."
10.03.17 14:11:56
Q4 war grausig;

negatives EK
31.07.17 15:25:32
July 10, 2017

Ctrack Announces 5-year Contract to Provide Fleet Management Solution to Red Cross Rescue Service in Austria

Platform provides enhanced operational efficiencies, risk management capabilities and regulatory compliance


Inseego Corp. (Nasdaq: INSG) - a leading global provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) - today announced that the Red Cross Rescue Service in Tyrol, Austria, has awarded Inseego's Ctrack a five-year contract to deploy its fleet management SaaS solution across the Red Cross's fleet of rescue vehicles. Ctrack's platform was chosen to drive increased efficiency of the Red Cross's rescue service operations through an advanced fleet management system that monitors multiple parameters of critical importance to the emergency services industry.

Key features of the solution include driver behavior, along with exceptions such as harsh braking and cornering, and automatic trip recording when emergency lights, sirens, or various other indicators are activated.

Where traditionally a vehicle was just a dot on a map, the Red Cross is now provided with continuous in-depth information about every aspect of their fleet. The Ctrack solution not only provides mission critical information for the Red Cross's emergency services, it also helps re-produce trip information to defend legal disputes surrounding insurance claims as well as help comply with government regulations and documentation requirements.

In addition, Ctrack's flexible platform was able to seamlessly integrate with the Red Cross's own in-house software, Inoffice©. This central administrative program was tailor-made to deal with the daily challenges of fleet management and personnel administration. "We take data from Ctrack as well as data from the service administration software and marry them to create a travel log," explains Rescue Service Tyrol CEO, Andreas Karl.

Importantly, due to Ctrack's ability to link to service scheduling data via Inoffice©, there is no need for a driver identification key. This saves critical time in an environment where every second counts to save a life. "With the links between these two software programs, we are raising our rescue service to a level that has never before been seen in Austria," Karl says.

The fleet manager also benefits from Ctrack's robust software solution. Ctrack helps to provide daily, precise information about the mileage each vehicle travels per month and per year, and provides visibility on which routes they travel. "Accurate data received in real-time optimizes cost accounting and makes strategic fleet control possible, especially when the fleet travels in some very remote locations," adds Karl.

The software implementation also takes away the hassle of manually inputting information. "A digital travel log is of fundamental importance to show all the movements of the vehicles, especially when it comes to complying with some of the country's stringent regulations," says Herbert Hagmann, fleet manager of Rescue Service Tyrol.

"We are extremely satisfied. The service and support that we receive from Ctrack are excellent, and the coordination between IT and technicians is great," concludes Karl.

"We are particularly pleased that Ctrack is professionally supporting the Red Cross Rescue Service with its fleet management SaaS solution. After all, we are united in the fact that many years of experience in the market inspire the further development of product and service in order to continually improve quality for our customers," says Maria Johanning, MD of Ctrack Germany.
04.11.17 11:36:06
Q3-Zahlen kamen vorgestern.


Und sie geben keine Subs mehr an.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.098.892 von R-BgO am 04.11.17 11:36:06
Doch, im CC haben sie es gesagt:
"Our subscriber base grew by more than 5% during the third quarter, up to 700,000 compared to our June quarter subscriber count of 664,000."
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und jetzt nicht mehr...

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Hallo zusammen,

scheint ein ganz interessanter Wert zu sein. Sie beschäftigen sich mit Bereichen 5G und IoT. Hat jemand News zu der Aktie? Entwicklung seit 1.2018 von ~1$ auf jetzt 5,21$ = 500%
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gestern kamen die Ganzjahreszahlen,
in Q4 haben sie -glaube ich- den ersten operativen Gewinn, seitdem ich sie beobachte...

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