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02.10.19 19:38:48
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Boeing whistleblower’s complaint says 737 MAX safety upgrades were rejected over cost

...Seven weeks after the second fatal crash of a 737 MAX in March, a Boeing engineer submitted a scathing internal ethics complaint alleging that management — determined to keep down costs for airline customers — had blocked significant safety improvements during the jet’s development.

The ethics charge, filed by 33-year-old engineer Curtis Ewbank, whose job involved studying past crashes and using that information to make new planes safer, describes how around 2014 his group presented to managers and senior executives a proposal to add various safety upgrades to the MAX.

The complaint, a copy of which was reviewed by The Seattle Times, suggests that one of the proposed systems could have potentially prevented the crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia that killed 346 people. Three of Ewbank’s former colleagues interviewed for this story concurred.

The details revealed in the ethics complaint raise new questions about the culture at Boeing and whether the long-held imperative that safety must be the overarching priority was compromised on the MAX by business considerations and management’s focus on schedule and cost.

Managers twice rejected adding the new system on the basis of “cost and potential (pilot) training impact,” the complaint states. It was then raised a third time in a meeting with 737 MAX chief project engineer, Michael Teal, who cited the same objections as he killed the proposal.

A version of the proposed system, called synthetic airspeed, was already installed on the 787 Dreamliner.

It was not directly related to the flight-control system — the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) — that contributed to both crashes. But it would have detected the false angle of attack signal that initiated events in both accidents, and so potentially could have stopped MCAS from activating and repeatedly pushing down the nose of each jet.

But installing it in the MAX would likely have meant 737 pilots needed extra training in flight simulators. Running thousands of pilots through simulator sessions would have delayed the jet’s entry into service and added substantial costs for Boeing’s airline customers, damaging the MAX’s competitive edge against the rival Airbus A320neo.

Ewbank’s complaint goes further than the decision not to install this one new system. He describes management as “more concerned with cost and schedule than safety and quality.” And he alleges that in one instance Boeing hid inflight safety incident data from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

As first reported in The Seattle Times, Boeing did an inadequate system safety assessment that missed flaws in the design of MCAS that were central to the two MAX disasters. And Boeing engineers were under pressure to limit safety testing to certify the MAX. These fresh allegations from inside Boeing indicate that the problems with jetmaker’s safety culture may go deeper than MCAS.
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30.09.19 15:17:09
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.591.125 von faultcode am 28.09.19 23:52:02
Boeing rüstet wohl Flugkontrollsystem des 737 Max nach

...Das Flugkontrollsystem MCAS ist in einer vereinfachten Version in den Boeing 737-Max-Maschinen verbaut, von denen im Oktober 2018 und im März 2019 je eine abstürzte. Dabei starben 346 Menschen. Seither dürfen Maschinen dieses Typs nicht mehr fliegen.

Den Informationen zufolge erhält das MCAS in der militärischen Variante Signale von mehreren Sensoren, in der zivilen Variante aber nur von einem Sensor. Das Tankflugzeug dient dem Auftanken von Militärmaschinen in der Luft.

Die Ingenieure, die das System vor über zehn Jahren entwarfen, betrachteten die verschiedenen Signalquellen als eine Absicherung gegen fehlerhafte Reaktionen des Systems oder des Piloten. Aus dem gleichen Grund versahen sie es auch mit nur eingeschränkten Möglichkeiten, die Position der Nase des Flugzeugs zu beeinflussen. "Die Lösung sollte schließlich nicht gefährlicher als das Problem sein", sagte einer der Ingenieure.

Die zivile Version von MCAS erhält ihr Signal von nur einem von zwei Sensoren, die den Anstellwinkel der Flugzeugnase messen. Tests ergaben außerdem, dass es für Piloten schwer ist, das Flugzeug gegen die Anweisungen des MCAS zu lenken. Ermittler haben das MCAS im Verdacht, zu den Abstürzen von Maschinen der indonesischen Lion Air im Oktober 2018 und der Ethiopian Airlines im März 2019 beigetragen zu haben.

Das neue MCAS soll nicht nur mehr Sensorsignale erhalten, sondern auch einfacher von den Piloten "überstimmt" werden können...
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28.09.19 23:52:02
Beitrag Nr. 17 ()
Boeing hat schon wieder Probleme mit der 737 (älterer Typ)

...Boeing hat erneut technische Probleme mit Maschinen der 737-Serie. Die Betreiber einiger 737-NG-Jets müssten die Flugzeuge nach Strukturrissen untersuchen und bei Bedarf Reparaturen ausführen, teilte die US-Luftfahrtbehörde FAA am Freitagabend mit.

Boeing habe über das Problem informiert, das nach einer Inspektion an einem stark genutzten Flugzeug bei einer kleinen Zahl an Maschinen entdeckt worden sei. Boeing erklärte, das Unternehmen sei mit den Fluggesellschaften in Kontakt, es seien aber "keine Probleme während des Betriebs gemeldet worden". Wie viele Flugzeuge von den vorgeschriebenen Inspektionen betroffen sind, wurde zunächst nicht mitgeteilt.

Die 737 NG, oder Next Generation, ging 1997 an den Start und ist die dritte Generation des meistverkauften Boeing-Flugzeugs. Die moderne 737 Max, die seit März nach zwei Abstürzen binnen fünf Monaten am Boden bleiben muss, ist dem Konzern zufolge von diesem Problem nicht betroffen. Laut dem Sender Komo News geht es um die Verbindung zwischen Rumpf und Flügeln. Eine Fehlfunktion während des Fluges könne zu einem ernsthaften Risiko werden...
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23.09.19 13:28:49
Beitrag Nr. 16 ()
FAA waiting for more software details before 737 MAX can return to service

...Boeing Co (BA.N) still has a series of steps to complete before the 737 MAX can return to service, including submitting a pre-production version of a software update, Federal Aviation Administration chief Steve Dickson said.

Dickson met with Boeing executives in Renton, Washington on Thursday and tested revised software in a simulator. Next week, he will meet with around 50 aviation safety regulators in Montreal to discuss the status of the plane, which has been grounded worldwide since March in the aftermath of two fatal crashes.

The FAA has been reviewing proposed software and training changes from Boeing Co (BA.N) for months and it remains uncertain when Boeing will conduct a certification test flight, a step needed before its best-selling plane can fly again.

In a telephone interview with Reuters, Dickson laid out a series of steps that must happen before the certification test flight, adding it should then take about another month before the FAA could allow flights to resume absent unforeseen circumstances.

“I am not going to sign off on the plane until I am personally satisfied,” he said.

Some government officials have told Reuters they do not believe Boeing will conduct the certification flight until at least mid-October. Asked if there are at least several weeks of work to be done before that flight can occur, Dickson said he thought that was a “fair statement,” but did not want to set a specific date.

Asked about reports that the FAA has at times been frustrated with a lack of information from Boeing, Dickson said he is satisfied that Boeing has been responsive to him and added the FAA had made clear what it expected.

“We’ve had conversations about the importance of making sure that we are looking at complete documentation and not piecemeal documentation,” Dickson said.

“It’s really better to be very methodical and very detailed rather than try to rush a partially completed product and then say, ‘We’ll get back to you with the rest of it.’”

Boeing has repeatedly said it hopes to resume flights early in the fourth quarter. The company reiterated Thursday it remains “committed to working collaboratively” with the FAA and other regulators.

FAA still needs to see Boeing’s “final system description” - a “500-ish page document that has the architecture of the flight control system and the changes that they have made,” Dickson said, adding that the software changes must be in a “pre-production” code and not a “beta version”.

“We need to see that level of refinement and there has been a good bit of back and forth and some constructive discussions,” he said.

“Until it is locked down, we’ve got to go make sure that there aren’t any new fault trees that have developed that need to be mitigated.”

Once the system description is completed, the FAA will work with Boeing to develop the “integrated system safety analysis” - a step that will take a few days.

Then the FAA will move to the next phase - the pilot workload management scenarios. Once that is done, the agency will be “much closer to a predictable timeline for when the actual certification test flight will occur.”

The FAA plans to get input from international regulators EASA, Canada and Brazil. “We’ve got U.S. and international pilots that have to be scheduled to come out and actually go through the scenarios,” Dickson said, adding it must also finalize training requirements.

Boeing plans to revise the 737 MAX software to take input from both angle-of-attack sensors in the anti-stall system linked to the two deadly crashes.
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23.09.19 13:25:43
Beitrag Nr. 15 ()
Boeing entschädigt Icelandair wegen 737-Max-Flugverbot

...Sie ist damit eine der ersten Airlines, die eine solche Vereinbarung mit Boeing seit Inkrafttreten des Flugverbots im März öffentlich macht. Den Betrag, den Boeing an die Isländer für den Stillstand der von ihnen genutzten sechs Maschinen überweist, nannte die Gesellschaft allerdings nicht. Nach früheren Angaben hatte sie die Kosten für den Ausfall auf 1,3 Millionen US-Dollar am Tag beziffert.

Boeing wollte keine Angaben zur Höhe der Entschädigung machen. Die Zahlungen seien spezifisch für jeden Kunden zu ermitteln, hieß es in einer Stellungnahme. Der Konzern hat 5,6 Milliarden US-Dollar für Entschädigungszahlungen an Max-Kunden zurückgelegt.

Seit mehr als sechs Monaten müssen weltweit über 380 Maschinen des Typs 737 Max am Boden bleiben. Hunderte weitere Flugzeuge können nicht ausgeliefert werden, bis die Behörden den Betrieb des Typs wieder genehmigen. Zwei Abstürze innerhalb weniger Monate hatten ein Flugverbot und Untersuchungen nach sich gezogen...
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16.09.19 13:30:48
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.468.469 von faultcode am 12.09.19 14:21:23
NYT: Boeing committee set to recommend safety changes: report

Boeing Co.'s full board of directors is expected to hear a report this week detailing structural corporate changes that can be made to improve the safety of its planes following two fatal crashes of its 737 Max planes, the New York Times reported Sunday.

The recommended changes from a small committee of board members include a new corporate reporting structure, creating a new safety group and building simpler cockpits, the Times said.

Under one proposed change, engineers would reportedly report directly to the company's head engineer, rather than a business-unit leader who might favor production deadlines over fixing problems.

Boeing reported a sharp dropoff in monthly aircraft production last week as the 737 Max remains grounded...
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12.09.19 14:21:23
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.438.748 von faultcode am 08.09.19 23:18:4811.9.
New Blow For Boeing

• Boeing 777X structural test failed as cargo door exploded.

• Test failure is a setback for the program, but does not necessarily mean additional delays.

• Boeing engineers now have to analyze data to determine root cause and implement modifications.



Boeing warns U.S.-China spat raises new risks for 787 Dreamliner
The plane once praised as “beautiful” by Donald Trump could become a casualty of his escalating trade war.…


US Air Force restricts KC-46 from carrying cargo and passengers…
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08.09.19 23:18:48
Beitrag Nr. 12 ()
Former Boeing official subpoenaed in 737 MAX probe won’t turn over documents, citing Fifth Amendment protection

A former Boeing official who played a key role in the development of the 737 MAX has refused to provide documents sought by federal prosecutors investigating two fatal crashes of the jetliner, citing his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Mark Forkner, Boeing’s chief technical pilot on the MAX project, invoked the privilege in response to a grand jury subpoena issued by U.S. Justice Department prosecutors looking into the design and certification of the plane, the person said.

Invoking the Fifth to avoid testifying, while a legal right, is sometimes interpreted as an admission of guilt. Its use to resist a subpoena for documents is less common and may only imply a dance between prosecutors and defense attorneys, legal experts say.

Forkner, now a first officer for Southwest Airlines, referred questions to his attorney when reached by phone. His attorney, David Gerger, of Houston, did not respond to inquiries.

Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr declined to comment. Boeing also declined to comment.
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04.09.19 15:12:49
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.398.641 von faultcode am 03.09.19 13:06:00
Norwegian Air, der erste Fall out? -- Norwegian seeks bonds' payment extensions

Norwegian Air is pledging all shares of Norwegian Air Norway AS and its take-off and landing slots at Gatwick airport as security against a requested extension period for repayments on two unsecured bonds.

By requesting an extension to November 2021 and February 2022 respectively on the two bonds, Norwegian hopes to have time to effect economies elsewhere.

Norwegian says the take-off and landing slots alone are worth more than the bonds’ current value of US$380 million.

The company already has delayed deliveries of Airbus aircraft, has sold its shares in the Norwegian Finans Holding bank for GBP203 million and sold aircraft to pay back US$127 million of debt.

It also has said it is in joint venture negotiations for part of its fleet.

Most recently, Norwegian said it saw a 13 per cent increase in unit revenue in Q2 and a cost reduction of more than GBP50 million.

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03.09.19 13:06:00
Beitrag Nr. 10 ()
Norwegian Air Not Expecting to Fly Boeing 737 MAX This Year-CEO

...Norwegian Air does not expect to fly its 18 grounded Boeing 737 MAX aircraft this year, the carrier's interim Chief Executive Geir Karlsen told Reuters on Monday.

Talks with Boeing regarding a compensation are still ongoing, Karlsen said.

"We are actually planning on not having the MAXes flying this year, in 2019," he added.

The company said in July that it expected its 737 MAX aircraft fleet to return to service in October...
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