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Stelle hier mal Graphene vor, da ich keinen Thread gefunden habe und nun Bewegung in das Unternehmen kommt. Nach dieser Meldung sollte das Tief wohl endlich Geschichte sein.

Graphene NanoChem Exchange: London GRPH
Sector: Energy
Industry: Renewable Energy
Sub-Industry: Biofuels

Stuttgart: WKN: A1T6R7
Marktkapitalisierung in Mio. EUR 76,56
Anzahl Aktien in Mio. 116,54

Graphene NanoChem gets PlatDril order

2 July 2014 | 07:59am - Graphene NanoChem has achieved a prominent milestone with the first purchase order for its graphene-enhanced PlatDrill series oilfield chemicals.


· Order from Scomi Oiltools Sdn Bhd for use by a National Oil Company end-customer

· Framework agreement entered into with Scomi Oiltools as announced on 26 November 2013

· Initial deployment and field introduction of 7,800 barrels (approximately 1000 metric tonnes) into a fully-planned four well onshore drilling programme commencing in July 2014

· Purchase Order represents beginning of commercial roll-out following two years of extensive testing by Scomi Oiltools and end-customers

· Purchase Order, together with visibility of future orders under framework agreement, gives management significant confidence of meeting the market's expectations for 2014

· The revenue from the initial purchase order is estimated to be £1.0 million and is payable on delivery

· The Group remains fully funded to carry out its existing pipeline…
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Graphene hat nach dem Hoch bei 120 pence, eine steile Talfahrt hinter sich.

02.07.14 10:47:48
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Graphene NanoChem PLC and its operating subsidiaries, Platinum NanoChem and Zurex Corporation manufacture performance speciality chemicals and advanced nanomaterials from renewable sources including waste materials. Our integrated nanotechnology platforms provide us with innovative portfolio of products for immediate applications in the oil and gas sector with customers and industry partners that include tier-1 oil and gas companies and service providers.

The Group offers a unique advantage of being able to internally produce graphene nanomaterials on commercial scale to enable the development of graphene-enhanced products portfolio for high performance industry applications. Graphene NanoChem is leading the way in developing applications of graphene for superior performance chemicals and has established alliances with applications R&D labs in Shanghai, China and Camarillo, United States. Our first graphene-enhanced chemical, PlatDrill™ is a high performance biodegradable drilling fluids.
02.07.14 11:05:21
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Auf dieser Seite findet man viele Infos und die dazu gehörenden Unternehmen. U.A. auch GRPH
02.07.14 11:08:02
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Graphen wird technologische Welt revolutionieren

Das Material Graphen ist hauchdünn, flexibel, leitfähig und stärker als Stahl. Die Wunderfolie könnte Europas Wirtschaft zukunftssicher machen. Nur ihr enormer Preis ist noch ein Problem.……

um beide Seiten abzudecken hier ein...

...negativer Kommentar:
05.05.2014, 18:37
Graphen: Gefährlich für Mensch und Umwelt…
02.07.14 11:29:01
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Etwas älterer Bericht, doch aktuell:

Graphene Nanochem PLC : Progress on Graphene Development
12/19/2013 | 02:57am US/EasternRecommend:

Graphene NanoChem plc

("Graphene NanoChem" or the "Group")

Progress on Graphene Development

Graphene NanoChem (AIM: GRPH), the performance nanochemicals and advanced materials company, announces an update on the progress the Group is making on a number of fronts with regard to the production and commercialisation of graphene.

Joint Venture with National Innovation Agency of Malaysia

Graphene NanoChem is pleased to announce that Platinum NanoChem Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary, has entered into a joint venture agreement with the National Innovation Agency of Malaysia, for the development of a national graphene hub.

The hub, due to be launched in the second quarter of 2014, will focus on the development of graphene and the commercial applications for graphene. The hub, both physical and virtual, will facilitate the collaboration of enablers and infrastructure providers for industry, both inside and outside of Malaysia.

The National Innovation Agency of Malaysia has been set up by the Malaysian Government to drive the development of new industries in Malaysia, and to encourage international trade through developing Malaysia as a centre for pioneering technologies. The graphene hub is one of the first steps in this process, and Graphene NanoChem's involvement will enable the Group to leverage commercial opportunities through the hub and drive expansion into a diverse range of industrial applications.

A leading tier-1 global consultant (selected and funded by the National Innovation Agency of Malaysia) has been appointed to develop the graphene hub. Access to their proprietary tools and databases, industry knowledge, personnel and experience will enable Graphene NanoChem to clearly determine routes to market for its various graphene applications and to accelerate progress in the development of new applications.

Expansion of Graphene Production Facility

Graphene NanoChem is also pleased to announce the installation of a second reactor at its Nanomaterials facility, in Senawang, near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The new reactor will double the Group's production capacity of graphene to two tonnes per annum and is the first step in the Group's planned capacity expansion. Graphene NanoChem will continue to expand the production capacity of the Nanomaterials Facility, based on market demand throughout 2014 and 2015, and further expansion is expected to occur without disruption to the existing reactors.…
02.07.14 12:11:49
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In diesem Kommentar, von vor 3 Monaten, wird auf die Chancen des joint ventures, zwischen Graphene und Scomi , hingewiesen. Tja und nun isser da, der 1Mio Pfund-Deal. :)

Monday 7 April 2014 11.33 BST…
Graphene NanoChem jumps 11% after unveiling two joint ventures
Company announces deals with Scomi and Emery to produce speciality chemicals

Graphene NanoChem has jumped nearly 11% after the advanced materials group unveiled two partnership deals.

The company has formed a joint venture with Malaysia's Scomi Oiltools and will licence its technology to produce a range of speciality chemicals. It has also signed an agreement with Emery advanced materials to develop chemicals for plastic additives, biolubricants and rubber.

The company specialises in graphene, a one-molecule-thick layer of graphite that is 20 times stronger than diamond and conducts electricity 20 times better than copper. It has already been used in tennis rackets and other applications range from aircraft bodies to membranes used in DNA sequencing.

Its shares have climbed 10p to 101p after the deals, helped by a positive note from analysts at its broker Panmure Gordon. Dr Mike Mitchell said:

Investors will already be familiar with the market positioning of Scomi as one of the world's leading oilfield chemical solution providers, and the joint venture will produce and supply a range of speciality chemicals – including PlatDrill and other graphene-enhanced green chemicals – exclusively for the $21bn oilfield chemicals market.

The joint venture will deliver, we believe, a material enhancement for both companies in terms of their strategic positioning in the oilfields chemicals markets, not least for Scomi as it aims to move upstream.

The announcement of heads of terms for a joint venture with Emery, the leading natural based chemicals company, means the group has received crucial endorsements from two large industrial players.

With accelerated R&D in support, our forecasts do reflect additional operating expenditure, but we consider the formalising of this opportunity represents a de-risking event. We raise our near-term target price to 150p (110p) and reiterate our buy recommendation.
02.07.14 12:22:54
Beitrag Nr. 10 ()
"This represents a key success in our strategy to utilize low cost renewable feedstock, leveraging our first mover advantage to deliver growth in high value sectors."

The order marks the start of commercial roll-out and comes after two years of extensive testing by the client and end-customers.

Scomi added that the deployment of PlatDrill validates its decision to partner Graphene Nanochem in the production joint venture.…

Ich mach jetzt mal Pause. Von meiner Seite ist alles gesagt worden, was mir wichtig erschien.
Vielleicht hat jemand eine Meinung/Quellen zu diesem Unternehmen oder zu dem Thema( Graphen) im Allgemeinen?

Gruß binda
02.07.14 15:59:21
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.245.388 von binda am 02.07.14 10:32:49
Zitat von binda: Nach dieser Meldung sollte das Tief wohl endlich Geschichte sein.

The revenue from the initial purchase order is estimated to be £1.0 million and is payable on delivery

Ist nach einem £1.000.000 Auftrag vielleicht ein bisschen hoch gepokert?

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02.07.14 17:53:37
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Zitat von Popeye82:
Zitat von binda: Nach dieser Meldung sollte das Tief wohl endlich Geschichte sein.

The revenue from the initial purchase order is estimated to be £1.0 million and is payable on delivery

Ist nach einem £1.000.000 Auftrag vielleicht ein bisschen hoch gepokert?


Hoch gepokert? Vielleicht, trotzdem bin ich mit einer kleinen Position drin.

..das Tief lag bei 0,49p, ohne Auftrag. Nun ist einer da, der 1Mio Pfund Umsatz bringt. Wie viel da an Gewinn bleibt, keine Ahnung, aber mehr, als ohne Auftrag. ;) Das sollte sich positiv im Kurs bemerkbar machen.(und wenn dann noch weitere Order gemeldet werden...) :D

Hier werden Kursziele von 150p ausgerufen:

Graphene NanoChem jumps 17% on milestone order
Company signs deal with Scomi Oiltools for oilfield chemicals

It takes something to outpace a newly revealed takeover target, but Graphene NanoChem has done the trick.

Mothercare has jumped nearly 12% after the revelation of a US bid approach, but the advanced materials group is up 8.5p or almost 17% at 59p after it unveiled the first order for its graphene-enhanced oilfield chemicals.

The revenue from the initial order from Scomi Oiltools is expected to be around £1m, the company said. The deal is said to be the first bulk deployment of graphene - which conducts electricity better than copper and is 200 times stronger than steel and six times lighter - on a commercial basis, thus marking a milestone for the industry. It follows two years of testing by Scomi and its national oil company end users.

The company said the order and the framework agreement gave it confidence it could meet its 2014 market expectations and would see "subtantial increases in revenues from 2015."

Analyst Dr Mike Mitchell at Panmure Gordon said:

Investors have been waiting a long time but this morning their patience is rewarded with a major milestone for Graphene NanoChem, with the first purchase order for PlatDrill. The order, from Scomi Oiltools for use by an unnamed national oil company end-customer is part of the framework agreement, as announced on 26 November, and represents 7,800 barrels or around £1.0m at the top line. This, alongside future orders within the framework, further underpins our expectations for 2014.

While later of course than we'd originally expected, this is undoubtedly a positive step forward. We reiterate our buy recommendation, target price 150p.…
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02.07.14 18:06:33
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Scomi Oiltools scheint recht groß zu sein:

Southeast Asia is the first launch pad for the planned rollout of the PlatDrill Series, focusing on Scomi Oiltools' existing customer pipeline with national oil companies in the region.

Scomi Oiltools has presence in more than 25 countries worldwide and is one of the leading firms in the global supply of drilling fluid services to national and multinational oil and gas companies.

Partnering with Scomi and its existing client-base allows the Group to greatly reduce marketing and adoption risk and accelerate deployment of the ground-breaking PlatDrill technology. It also enables Graphene NanoChem access to Scomi's existing customer base which today has an order book of RM4.6 billion (£844 million).…
02.07.14 18:52:08
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Aus dieser Ecke könnte auch bald was kommen:…

...Graphene NanoChem (AIM: GRPH), the performance nanochemicals and advanced materials company, is pleased to announce that Platinum NanoChem Sdn Bhd, its wholly-owned subsidiary has signed a heads of agreement for a joint venture collaboration ("Joint Venture") with Emery Advanced Materials ("Emery"), a subsidiary of Emery Oleochemicals Sdn Bhd., focused on developing a new generation of speciality chemicals for plastic additives, biolubricants and rubber.

Emery Group is one of the world's largest producers of oleochemical products derived from renewable sources, with market presence in North America, Europe and Asia...
02.07.14 19:00:09
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.249.114 von binda am 02.07.14 17:53:37
Zitat von binda: Wie viel da an Gewinn bleibt, keine Ahnung

Kann ich Dir sagen -mach die Augen zuuuuu... :D

Mir ist schon klar dass eine initial order etwas ganz anderes ist, als "einfach ein Auftrag".
Und das Geschäftsmodelle sehr verschieden, und entsprechend zu bewerten, sind.

Ich wollte mir ehrlich gesagt hier nur mal registrieren. :)
Auf irgendwelche Forenentdeckungsbeiträge hin mache ich eh so gut wie nichts.

03.07.14 10:58:17
Beitrag Nr. 16 ()
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03.07.14 16:03:39
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.252.764 von binda am 03.07.14 10:58:17
Müssten sich nach 2012 die ausst3ehenden Aktien astronomisch erhöht haben?
Vorsteuerverlust größer, Verust pro Aktie massiiiv kleiner.
Ist der "Forecast" direkt von der Firma, oder von irgend wo eim Brokerhansel?

07.07.14 01:21:20
Beitrag Nr. 18 ()
...die Aktie ist immer noch überbewertet..nicht war Bindaen..das weißt Du doch auch, versuchst hier was zupushen na dann viel glück
07.07.14 08:04:14
Beitrag Nr. 19 ()
Zitat von Popeye82: Müssten sich nach 2012 die ausst3ehenden Aktien astronomisch erhöht haben?
Vorsteuerverlust größer, Verust pro Aktie massiiiv kleiner.

Ist der "Forecast" direkt von der Firma, oder von irgend wo eim Brokerhansel?


Filing 04 Jun 2014…

07.07.14 10:32:10
Beitrag Nr. 20 ()
...und was ist mit der Verwässerung der Aktie?:laugh::laugh::laugh:
07.07.14 18:16:49
Beitrag Nr. 21 ()
Noch ist die Kuh nicht vom Eis.

Kurs USA

@ ediray

Habe keine Lust mich von dir provozieren zu lassen. :yawn:

07.07.14 18:42:21
Beitrag Nr. 22 ()
in London heute SK 61p (-3.17%)

Wenn keine weiteren Erfolge vermeldet werden, wird der Kurs wohl wieder abtauchen.

Doch ich bleibe optimistisch, da das JV mit Scomi sehr positiv für graphene ist und gerade die ersten kleinen (1MIO Pfund) Früchte trägt. ;)
07.07.14 19:48:45
Beitrag Nr. 23 ()
Habe keine Lust mich von dir provozieren zu lassen. :yawn: aaa jaa
Binda wie Du siehst ist das Leben keine Einbahnstraße auch nicht im Forum, wer austeilt hatt damit zurechnen auch einstecken zumüssen
25.07.14 12:40:05
Beitrag Nr. 24 ()
Graphene wieder zurück auf null. An der US Börse sogar ein Alltime Low

Kein Wunder, ohne weitere Details zum Deal und weiteren News.

Das Interesse an Graphene ist zunächst erst mal down.

Ich werde es auf jeden Fall weiter beobachten, denn die Geschichte interessiert mich immer noch. Vielleicht wird demnächst ein Folgeauftrag vermeldet. :look:

Purchase Order, together with visibility of future orders under framework agreement, gives management significant confidence of meeting the market's expectations for 2014
07.08.14 09:06:00
Beitrag Nr. 25 ()
7 August 2014

Graphene NanoChem PLC

("Graphene NanoChem" or the "Group")

New Patents Filed for The Advanced Materials Platform

Graphene NanoChem (AIM: GRPH), the performance nanochemicals and advanced materials company, is pleased to announce the expansion of its nanomaterials products portfolio with the filing of two new patents for graphene nanomaterials production, being the "Method of Production of Graphite Nanofiber" and the "Method of Making Graphene by Multiphase Fluid Dynamic Exfoliation".

The patent applications filed relate to two different types of graphene nanomaterials developed for specific sets of applications areas.

In line with the Group's long term IP ring-fencing strategy, the Method of Production of Graphite Nanofiber was developed to provide a significantly broader patent protection in the production of graphitic nanofiber which has unique permeability properties and the capability to enhance the thermal and electrical conductivity of its host products, suitable for energy storage (lithium ion battery), polymer composite and chemical applications. The "Method of Making Graphene by Multiphase Fluid Dynamic Exfoliation" enables the production of high quality defect free single or multiple layer graphene through supersonic exfoliation, for high-end applications such as stretchable electronics, flexible displays and morphing phones. This new method overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional time consuming method of using acids in the exfoliation process which inevitably damages the surfaces of nanostructures, degrading their structural integrity, functional performance and mechanical strength.

The Group will be seeking to extend the patent protection for its latest inventions in selected jurisdictions worldwide.

Jespal Deol, Chief Executive Officer of Graphene NanoChem, commented:

"There are a wide range of graphene nanomaterials - each having differing properties and strengths and addressing different markets depending on the targeted functional use. As part of our long-term strategy, we will continuously invest in building our nanomaterial products portfolio that would allow us to explore commercial applications of graphene nanomaterials in strategic growth areas."
For further information:

Graphene NanoChem
Tel: +603 2282 3080
Jespal Deol, Chief Executive Officer
07.08.14 10:54:43
Beitrag Nr. 26 ()
die aktie hier ist extrem überbewertet da wird es wohl die nächste wochen nur eine richtung geben ...richtung süden halt
07.08.14 10:59:54
Beitrag Nr. 27 ()
Charttechnisch ist der Abwärtstrend hier intackt , das große Luftloch ist absehbar, nur meine Meinung

14.08.14 09:49:19
Beitrag Nr. 28 ()…

14 August 2014

Graphene NanoChem PLC

("Graphene NanoChem" or the "Group")

New Patent Filed for Advanced Materials Platform

Graphene NanoChem (AIM: GRPH), the performance nanochemicals and advanced materials company, is pleased to announce it has filed a Malaysian patent application in relation to a unique method of making graphene nanocomposites by multiphase fluid dynamic dispersion.

Graphene NanoChem's multiphase fluid dispersion device, PlatSperse, provides a significant enhancement to the Group's platform in graphene dispersion and enables Graphene NanoChem to explore a more diverse range of applications with a view to commercialising graphene enhanced products.

The addition of graphene to a host material can enhance the properties for multifunctional applications in numerous industries such as oilfield, automotive, aerospace, medicine, electronics, structural and mechanical and energy. PlatSperse enables direct dispersion into a polymeric host material, for which there is great demand due to its high mechanical strength and excellent electrical properties. PlatSperse provides a simpler, more cost effective and "in situ" method of directly and evenly dispersing graphene nanomaterials within a variety of aqueous solutions and polymeric materials.
14.08.14 10:53:44
Beitrag Nr. 29 ()
es schaut nicht gut aus hier
05.09.14 11:39:24
Beitrag Nr. 30 ()
Die Homepage wurde überarbeitet und sieht recht übersichtlich aus.

Graphene NanoChem PLC

("Graphene NanoChem" or the "Group")

Launch of New Website

Graphene NanoChem (AIM: GRPH), the performance nanochemicals and advanced materials company, is pleased to announce today the launch of its new website,, designed with an updated look and simplified navigation, and includes the latest information about our products and areas of focus.

The overall aim of the new site was to ensure it was user-friendly and simple to navigate. The new design enables visitors to quickly find the contents and browse the site for information.

The new website provides a comprehensive overview of the Company's two business platforms: Advanced Chemicals comprising of the Fuel Additive, Oilfield Chemicals and Home Care business segments; and Advanced Materials, comprising of Nanofluids, Nanocomposites and Conductive Inks application areas. The website also highlights the Company's strategy in building long term value.
05.09.14 11:44:53
Beitrag Nr. 31 ()
Langsam kommt wieder Bewegung in den Kurs.
Diesen Monat gibt es Zahlen:

05.09.14 11:53:41
Beitrag Nr. 32 ()
Kein Umsatz hier , wen wundert`s dieser laden hier hatt keine zukunft ist nur da um das geld von kleinanlegern zuverbrennen
10.09.14 00:49:26
Beitrag Nr. 33 ()

Looking @the future through graphene goggles - MA/NN/FL/TC/UoM, MARYLAND - Sep 9, 2014

- Michael Fuhrer -………

"Graphene – an atom-thick sheet of carbon – has been touted as a new wonder material: it is stronger than steel and conducts electricity better than copper.

In the journal Nature Nanotechnology today, my colleagues and I show how graphene can be used to build a detector of long wavelength (far infrared or terahertz) light that is as sensitive as any existing detector, but far smaller and more than a million times faster. The detector could improve night-vision goggles, chemical analysis tools and airport body scanners.

But before I go into the research, I’d like to talk about how we get from the discovery of a new wonder material such as graphene to new technologies that are uuuuuseful :eek: .

As a researcher working on new materials, I am constantly asked “what is it good for?” To answer this, the first thing we researchers often try is to imagine the new material as a replacement for an existing one in an existing technology.

The problem with that approach is that any existing technology has a lot of momentum. For example, consider computer processors. The electrons in graphene move about 70 times faster than those in silicon (used in most computer processors today) under the same conditions, so graphene could arguably be used to make faster computer chips.

But it’s nooooot :eek: :eek: that simple. There are maaany :eek: reasons we use silicon besides the speed at which electrons travel – it readily forms a strong oxide coating and it is easy to dope, to name a couple. And changing to a radically different material would mean throwing away all the infrastructure used to make silicon chips that was developed at enormous expense over the past several decades.

So a better question — though much more difficult to answer — is to ask what a new material might enable us to do that no other material has before. The answers to that question don’t always come immediately, and sometimes they come serendipitously.

- A walk-through of some of the research in the Fuhrer laboratory: created by Anna Grieve, Big Stories Co. -

Two layers are beeeeetter than one

One property of graphene that interested me was that bilayer graphene (two layers stacked one on another) has a bandgap — the basic property of a semiconductor — that can be tuned by applying an electric field to the material.

I teamed up with researchers at the University of Maryland to try to measure this bandgap using infrared light, since infrared photons have energies which are similar to bilayer graphene’s bandgap. When we measured the conductance of our bilayer graphene under infrared illumination, we found that it changed much more than we expected.

In fact, the change in conductance in our graphene was greater than that of the commercial silicon photodetector we were using to measure the power of our infrared beam! For some reason, our graphene was an excellent photodetector.

We knew enough about graphene to figure out what was happening. When the electrons in graphene absorb light, they heat up. In most materials, the electrons quickly lose energy to vibrations of the atoms, which we sense as heat.

But in graphene this process of heat loss is very inefficient, which gives graphene its extraordinarily high electrical conductivity. What we realised is that bilayer graphene with a bandgap has a conductance that varies strongly with electron temperature, allowing us to read out the change in electron temperature caused by the light heating the electrons.

- A graphene photothermoelectric detector. The active area of the device is a 0.5 mm by 0.5 mm square which consists of strips of graphene contacted by partially overlapping gold and chromium electrodes. Michael Fuhrer, Author provided -

Such a device is called a “hot electron bolometer” and bilayer graphene makes a very good one. We published our result in the journal Nature Nanotechnology in 2012, and several research groups are interested in developing graphene bolometers as exquisitely sensitive cryogenic detectors for use in radio astronomy.

Unfortunately, the bolometric effect only works well at low temperature, where bilayer graphene’s resistance changes strongly with temperature. But we knew from our measurements that hot electron effects should be important in graphene at room temperature.

Our team designed a device which could measure the hot electrons at room temperature, using an effect called thermoelectricity. Our first graphene photothermoelectric detectors were comparable in sensitivity to the best available room-temperature detectors of light in the far infrared, or terahertz, regime of the electromagnetic spectrum, and we saw room for orders of magnitude improvements in sensitivity with new designs.

Interestingly, our devices were more than a million :eek: :eek: times faster than those detectors, and it’s these results we publish today, once again in Nature Nanotechnology.

Graphene shows us the light

Detection of infrared and terahertz light has numerous uses, from chemical analysis to night-vision goggles to body scanners used in airport security.

But since an ultra-fast, sensitive terahertz detector had neeever :eek: been consiiiiidered :eek: :eek: a possibiiiiiiility :eek: :eek: :eek: before, it’s hard to say where our devices might be applied.

Our detector could be used to speed up chemical analysis techniques such as Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, or FTIR.

Because the graphene detector is easily microfabricated, we envision arrays of detector pixels suitable for imaging, which could lead to inexpensive infrared cameras or night-vision goggles.

Our calculations show that the hot electron photothermoelectric effect can be an efficient means of gathering energy from light. Perhaps our devices could be used to gather the infrared light escaping the Earth into the night sky, and turn it into electricity :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: . Maaaybe they will be used for something that we haaaaaven’t even thought of yeeeeeeet.

But had we never set out to investigate a new material simply for the sake of understanding how it works, we never would have discovered these new answers to the question, “what is it good for?”

The Conversation

Michael Fuhrer receives funding from the Australian Research Council, U.S. National Science Foundation, U.S. Office of Naval Research, and U.S. Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity. "
11.09.14 09:00:24
Beitrag Nr. 34 ()…
11 September 2014

Graphene NanoChem PLC

("Graphene NanoChem" or the "Group")

Offtake Agreement for 135,000 tonnes of PlatDrill to Scomi Oiltools

Graphene NanoChem (AIM: GRPH), the performance nanochemicals and advanced materials company, is pleased to announce the signing of the licensing agreement and the guaranteed offtake for the entire production of PlatDrill under the Scomi-Platinum joint venture.

The 50/50 production joint venture ("Scomi-Platinum JVCo.") between Platinum NanoChem Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Graphene NanoChem, and Scomi Oiltools Sdn Bhd ("Scomi Oiltools"), a subsidiary of Scomi Energy Services Bhd, which was previously announced on 7 April 2014 is to construct and operate an integrated 45,000 tonnes per annum ("tpa") production chemicals facility, including a 30,000 tpa PlatDrill production plant and a 30 tpa graphene nanomaterials facility in Port Klang, Malaysia ("Port Klang Plant") dedicated for supply into the oilfield chemicals market.

PlatDrill is a graphene-enhanced biodegradable drilling fluid, which offers significant operational benefits over traditional substances with improved properties such as better lubricity, load bearing capability and higher viscosity stability.


· Offtake contract locks-in guaranteed sale, over five years, of 135,000 tonnes of PlatDrill to commence once the Port Klang Plant has been commissioned, with an option for Scomi Oiltools to renew for a further 5 years

· Technology licensing agreement guarantees royalty payments for 15 years to Graphene NanoChem

· Graphene nanomaterials production capacity increased from 30 tpa to 50 tpa

· The Port Klang Plant due to come on line in Q2 2016

Scomi-Platinum JVCo. will employ Graphene NanoChem's technology for the production joint venture and the parties have entered into two 15-year royalty bearing, technology licensing agreements for the exclusive licensing of the base oil and graphene nanomaterials technologies to Scomi-Platinum JV Co. for the production of PlatDrill.

The integrated facilities will be constructed in Port Klang Plant and are expected to have an initial capacity of 30,000 tpa of PlatDrill, 15,000 tpa of specialty chemicals for oilfield chemical applications (ester quat and imidazoline) and an increased graphene nanomaterial production capacity from the initial 30 to 50 tpa. Under the terms of the master supply agreement, following the financing, construction and commissioning of the Port Klang Plant, Scomi Oiltools has committed to purchase and Scomi-Platinum has committed to sell 100% of the PlatDrill produced from the Port Klang Plant for 5 years with an option to renew for another 5 years.

Scomi-Platinum JVCo. is planning for the start up of the Port Klang Plant in Q2 2016 and is currently in discussion with several financial institutions to finalise the debt financing package for the joint venture.

Graphene NanoChem further expects to announce the signing of the specialty chemicals component of the production joint venture soon.

Jespal Deol, Chief Executive Officer of Graphene NanoChem, commented: "This strategic joint venture with Scomi is a quantum leap forward for our oilfield chemicals business, it demonstrates the value of our technology and products and sets a clear path for rapid worldwide growth in this sector.

"This partnership provides us with a ready made market through Scomi's strong presence in the oil and gas service sector. We also now have a platform to expand the production capacity for PlatDrill with guaranteed offtake, as well as the opportunity to diversify into other higher margin specialty products within the sector. Pending Port Klang Plant coming online in Q2 2016, Scomi Oiltools' current PlatDrill requirement will be serviced directly by Graphene NanoChem."

Wan Ruzlan Iskandar Wan Salaidin, President, Market Units of Scomi commented:

"The collaboration with Graphene NanoChem enables Scomi Oiltools to be a provider of game changing, cutting-edge and environmentally green drilling solutions which enable time and cost savings for our customers. Green based chemical systems with graphene enhancement allow for increased drilling efficiency, higher wellbore stability in preparation for optimised production. Waste treatment will be more cost efficiently done given the bio-degradable quality of the mud and cuttings.

""Our test results of PlatDrill-R, have shown remarkable thermal and electrical stability, surpassing the performance of other known base oils in the market place.

"We are also now in the midst of finalising the mud formulation utilising PlatQ lubricants, as a new addition to our technology solutions offering for commercial deployment. Our internal tests have demonstrated market-leading enhancement in torque reduction and rate of penetration, yielding more than 20% in Oil-based Muds and more than 80% in Water-based Muds."

"The PlatDrill and PlatQ Series are the first products utilising nano graphene technology being deployed by our sovereign oil and gas customer. Southeast Asia will be our intial launchpad in establishing these products' presence and we anticipate rapid acceptance upon the sharing of the success of our early adopting customers. We are also exploring the potential of nano graphene technology for multiple applications across the various stages of oil and gas exploration, drilling, completion and production in the value chain."

For further information:

Graphene NanoChem
Tel: +603 2282 3080
Jespal Deol, Chief Executive Officer
5 Antworten
11.09.14 14:05:27
Beitrag Nr. 35 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.750.547 von binda am 11.09.14 09:00:24
Hast du Ahnung für was 15,00 Tonnen Platdrill, 7,500 t Spezialchemikalien und 15 tonnen Graphene an Umsatz gut sind?
Ich hab keine Ahnung von der Firma, aber das ist jedenfalls, widersprech ich Ediray, keine Pommesbude.

4 Antworten
11.09.14 21:21:22
Beitrag Nr. 36 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.754.237 von Popeye82 am 11.09.14 14:05:27Kann ich Dir nicht beantworten. Erst mal weitere Details abwarten.
3 Antworten
12.09.14 02:55:12
Beitrag Nr. 37 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.759.619 von binda am 11.09.14 21:21:22
Ich finde es immer sehr schön Gemeinsamkeiten zu haben.
2 Antworten
12.09.14 06:42:11
Beitrag Nr. 38 ()
Graphene Nanochem PLC Earns “Buy” Rating from Panmure Gordon (GRPH)
September 11th, 2014 - 0 comments - Filed Under - by Mindy Fischer

Graphene Nanochem PLC Graphene Nanochem PLC (LON:GRPH)‘s stock had its “buy” rating reiterated by research analysts at Panmure Gordon in a report released on Thursday. They currently have a GBX 150 ($2.43) target price on the stock. Panmure Gordon’s target price indicates a potential upside of 142.33% from the company’s current price.

Graphene Nanochem PLC (LON:GRPH) opened at 61.50 on Thursday. Graphene Nanochem PLC has a one year low of GBX 45.50 and a one year high of GBX 129.00. The stock’s 50-day moving average is GBX 53.60 and its 200-day moving average is GBX 72.96.…
30.09.14 08:33:08
Beitrag Nr. 39 ()
Interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2014…
30.09.14 10:03:27
Beitrag Nr. 40 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.760.804 von Popeye82 am 12.09.14 02:55:12
Zitat von Popeye82: Ich finde es immer sehr schön Gemeinsamkeiten zu haben.

gemeinsam mit dem schlitten talwärt`s fahren ggg
1 Antwort
30.09.14 11:03:14
Beitrag Nr. 41 ()

Home::Alliance News::Graphene NanoChem Shares Drop As It Expects To Miss Full-YeaBookmark this page
Alliance News

Graphene NanoChem Shares Drop As It Expects To Miss Full-Year View
Tue, 30th Sep 2014 09:37

LONDON (Alliance News) - Graphene NanoChem PLC shares dropped early Tuesday, after the company said a series of delays for the Plat Drill Series meant it is likely to miss market expectations for the full year, despite narrowing its loss and doubling its revenue in the recent half-year.

Graphene said its pretax loss in the six months to June 30 was GBP3.5 million, improved from GBP5.4 million a year earlier. Revenue was GBP20.4 million, up from the GBP10.1 million posted a year earlier.

Despite the company ramping up revenue in the period, it said it has seen a series of delays in deployment of the its Plat Drill Series of oilfield chemicals, owing to regulatory and testing constraints. The company said these delays will result in revenue which had been forecast to be booked in 2014 moving to 2015, meaning the company now anticipates it will be loss-making this year.

The delays also mean results for the full year are likely to be "significantly" below current market expectations, Graphene NanoChem said.
30.09.14 20:08:05
Beitrag Nr. 42 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.905.601 von ediray am 30.09.14 10:03:27
Was ich auch immer sehr schön finde ist wenn Leute den Durchblick haben. ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg :)
30.09.14 20:54:36
Beitrag Nr. 43 ()
Neben der Gewinnwarnung für das Geschäftsjahr 2014 gibt es auch Positives in diesem GB,welche bereits in 2015 zum tragen kommen z.B:


1. Fuel Additives

The Group achieved a 144% increase in year-on-year sales of waste-based biofuels into the Fuel Additive market through the sale of 32,988MT into the Malaysian and European markets (2013:13,537MT) and has continued to maintain key long-term relationships with blue-chip tier-1 international oil and gas customers servicing the Malaysian and EU markets.

The Group has invested in and successfully completed the upgrade of its Senawang Chemicals Facility to increase the production capacity and process efficiency to improve its production margins. The upgrade has enabled plant capacity to be increased from 80,000 tonnes to 120,000 tonnes per annum of which 70% is already forward sold up to 2015. The Group expects to continue to be a dominant player in this market segment where the focus will be to continuously improve the profit margins through optimum feedstock mix.

The planned increase of the biofuels blending mandate from B5 to B7 to be implemented in Q1 2015 is expected to benefit the Group through an increase of the volume demand of its customers to meet the local blending requirement.
30.09.14 21:15:43
Beitrag Nr. 44 ()
oder dies:

Oilfield Chemicals

Two key graphene-enhanced performance nanofluids line, namely the PlatDrill and the PlatQ Series were developed for commercial deployment into the oilfield chemicals market...

The Group is also gearing up to deliver the next order in the pipeline for PlatQuartZ, expected in Q4, 2014.

Oilfield Services

Working with HWV Technologies, the Group is exploring opportunities for the deployment of a graphene-enhanced wastewater treatment facility for onshore and offshore deployment.

The Group expects to update the market on the progress by the end of the year.

The Group is also focused on developing quality collaborations with industry partners and, depending on the progress of engagement with these partners, will adopt the suitable commercialization and business models on a case-by-case basis. In March 2014, the Group executed a heads of agreement with Emery Advanced Materials to explore potential collaboration on three key applications areas: Rubber, Plastic Additives and Polymer. Work is currently ongoing to identify the right products to commercialize.

Der Kurs schmiert ab, Gewinnwarnungen sind äußerst unbeliebt :cry:

Doch es bleibt spannend, mit Scomi und Emery Advanced als Geschäftspartner.
Mit kleinem Einsatz dabei, eine Wette auf den Erfolg in absehbarer Zeit ;)
01.10.14 09:48:11
Beitrag Nr. 45 ()…

1 October 2014

Graphene NanoChem PLC

("Graphene NanoChem" or the "Group")

PlatQuartZ Commercial Deployment

Graphene NanoChem (AIM: GRPH), the performance chemicals and advanced materials company, is pleased to announce the receipt of the second commercial order of the PlatQuartZ Series, its second high value graphene-enhanced products line for the oilfield chemicals market, valued at US$5.6 million.
01.10.14 09:53:00
Beitrag Nr. 46 ()

· Second commercial order of 2,640 drums of the PlatQuartZ Series, representing 6 fold increase over the first commercial order of 380 drums announced by the Group yesterday;

· Order from Scomi Oiltools Sdn Bhd ("Scomi Oiltools") for dispersion into water and oil based drilling systems and deployment to a National Oil Company;

· The revenue from the commercial order is US$5.6 million.
01.10.14 10:05:08
Beitrag Nr. 47 ()
Jespal Deol, Chief Executive Officer of Graphene NanoChem, commented: "We are delighted to announce the increase in sales of our PlatQuartZ Series that will boost revenues for the fourth quarter, further validating the commercial rollout of our products into the oilfield chemicals marketplace through our partnership with Scomi. We anticipate further orders for the PlatDrill Series in the near term.…
01.10.14 12:46:18
Beitrag Nr. 48 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.248.132 von Popeye82 am 02.07.14 15:59:21
Zitat von Popeye82:
Zitat von binda: Nach dieser Meldung sollte das Tief wohl endlich Geschichte sein.

The revenue from the initial purchase order is estimated to be £1.0 million and is payable on delivery

Ist nach einem £1.000.000 Auftrag vielleicht ein bisschen hoch gepokert?


Nun der 2. Auftrag in der Sparte PlatQuartZ im Wert von 5,6 Mio Dollar/3,42 Mio Pfund

Leider führen die anfänglichen Probleme in der Sparte PlattDrill: "it has seen a series of delays in deployment of the its Plat Drill Series of oilfield chemicals, owing to regulatory and testing constraints", wohl dazu, dass die Ergebnisse für das laufende Geschäftsjahr signifikant unter den Erwartungen liegen werden.

Nun stellt sich die Frage, sind diese Probleme/Verzögerungen behoben und gehören der Vergangenheit an? Denn Graphene aktualisiert : "We anticipate further orders for the PlatDrill Series in the near term."

Den heutigen Auftrag hatten sie im gestrigen Halbjahresbericht angekündigt:" "The Group is also gearing up to deliver the next order in the pipeline for PlatQuartZ, expected in Q4, 2014."

Dass es dann so schnell kommt, ist sehr überraschend.

Also erwarte ich, dass, wie angekündigt, auch im Bereich PlatDrill bald was gemeldet wird.

Natürlich alles nur meine Meinung und spekulativ

03.10.14 10:41:32
Beitrag Nr. 49 ()
For Immediate Release
3 October 2014

Graphene NanoChem PLC

("Graphene NanoChem" or the "Group")

Malaysia Green Technology Award

Graphene NanoChem (AIM: GRPH), the performance nanochemicals and advanced materials company, is pleased to announce that the Scomi-Platinum joint venture company ("Scomi-Platinum JVCo") has been awarded up to £9.4 million in Government-backed debt guarantee for its Plat Drill Series and performance chemicals Facility ("the Facility").…

Jespal Deol, Chief Executive Officer of Graphene NanoChem, commented: "We are delighted by the award from the Malaysian Government, further validating our innovative technology platform".
03.10.14 11:05:58
Beitrag Nr. 50 ()
The guarantees from the Malaysian government ("Government") include:

-- Providing Government guarantees for up to 60% of debt financing package, subject to a maximum amount of GBP9.4 million, for the construction of the Facility ("Project Debt Financing");

-- Subsidising 2% of the total interest charged by the financial institutions providing the Project Debt Financing.
06.10.14 08:25:03
Beitrag Nr. 51 ()
Eine weitere gute Nachricht:

For Immediate Release
6 October 2014

Graphene NanoChem PLC

("Graphene NanoChem" or the "Group")

Third Term Contract Renewal With Shell

Graphene NanoChem (AIM: GRPH), the performance nanochemicals and advanced materials company, is pleased to announce that Platinum NanoChem Sdn Bhd, its wholly-owned subsidiary, has been awarded a contract renewal by Shell Malaysia for the supply of up to 5 million litres per month of PlatAmber, the Group's biofuel product derived from palm waste for the Malaysian market.

The contract with Shell Malaysia, renewed for the third term, is for a further period of one year, commencing 1 November 2014. PlatAmber is used as an additive into road-grade diesel to assist with compliance with the Malaysian Government's B5 mandate, which requires a mixture of 5% biofuel in diesel products. The Malaysian Government plans to increase this to a B7 mandate, increasing the threshold to 7%, in 2015, following which the Group expects the market for the product to increase from 500,000 tonnes to 700,000 tonnes per annum.

Jespal Deol, Chief Executive Officer of Graphene NanoChem, commented: "We are pleased to announce this latest contract renewal with Shell Malaysia, and look forward to supporting our long term partner in the fulfillment of its obligations under the mandate."…
06.10.14 09:58:19
Beitrag Nr. 52 ()
Ein kleines Geschmäkle hat das Ganze. Erst eine Gewinnwarnung für das laufende Jahr und dann rappelt es nur so von Aufträgen.

Absicht, um den Kurs kurzzeitig zu drücken und um billig Shares zu sammeln?
06.10.14 10:07:24
Beitrag Nr. 53 ()
06.10.14 10:57:05
Beitrag Nr. 54 ()
Partnering with Scomi and its existing client-base allows the Group to greatly reduce marketing and adoption risk and accelerate deployment of its products within this market space. It also enables the Group's access to Scomi's existing customer base which today has an order book of RM5.4bn (£1.0bn). - See more at:…
07.10.14 11:26:42
Beitrag Nr. 55 ()

08.10.14 08:32:15
Beitrag Nr. 56 ()…
Results for the first six months ended June that were relaeased on September 30 disappointed investors as the company warned on contract delays. The profit warning sent shares crashing by 32.4pc – a decline of 18.375p to 38.375p – in particular it was sluggish signing on the graphene-enhanced biodegradable oilfield drilling fluid that was the problem.

The orders may have been delayed but they haven’t disappeared altogether.

The company said yesterday that it had agreed a second commercial order of its graphene enhanced drilling fluid called PlatDrill. The order signed with Scomi Oiltools and valued at $4.8m is three times the size of the previous contract.

The announcement came alongside an agreement, sealed with Shell Malaysia, to provide a palm oil-based biofuel additive for diesel products. The contract is for one year starting in November to provide 5m litres per month of PlatAmber. However, the biofuel additives are not graphene enhanced and are lower profit margin.

Jespal Deol, chief executive, is confident that the contract wins now underpin revenues for 2015. Sales are expected to rise about 50pc next year from a target of around £50m this year and a larger proportion of those sales, thought to be in the region of 30pc, will come from higher profit margin PlatDrill products.

Graphene Nanochem is a high-risk investment but if those sales come through as expected, and with new graphene products in the pipeline, the shares are definitely one to watch and we upgrade to buy.
08.10.14 09:26:34
Beitrag Nr. 57 ()…

Last week Graphene Nanochem (LSE:GRPH) issued its half-year trading update, which came in below expectations and sent the company’s share price plummeting by around 30%.

To me, these declines looked to be excessive and it seems as if the market agreed with me. After hitting a low of 38.7p on 30 September, the company’s shares have rallied strongly and are currently trading just above 62p, a full 61% above the low hit last week.

However, Graphene’s shareholders still have plenty to look forward to. Here are three reasons why you should consider buying in today.

Rapid sales growth
The one thing that stood out within Graphene’s first-half results was the company’s rapid revenue growth. Graphene reported a 102% increase in revenue to £20.4m for the first half of the year. Unfortunately, due to the slower-than-expected development of its PlatDrill Series of oilfield chemicals, the company’s earnings failed to register the same kind of growth.

Nevertheless, for the first half Graphene’s losses narrowed from £5.4m to £3.5m. So, as soon as the company gets the development of its oilfield chemicals back on track, profitability should follow.

High demand
Graphene’s rapid sales growth indicates that there’s a strong demand for the company’s advanced materials and today’s news confirms this. Indeed, it was revealed today that Graphene has won a won a second commercial order for its PlatDrill Series chemicals worth $4.8m — around £3m, or 15% of first half revenue.

The order for 23,400 barrels is three times more than the first order for the Plat chemicals and was placed by Asian oil services provider, Scomi Oiltools.

Scomi Oiltools has a current order backlog of £1bn and gives Graphene a great client-base with which to test its new product on. Hopefully, Scomi Oiltools’ clients will quickly recognise the benefits of the PlatDrill chemicals, boosting Graphene’s business.

Not expensive
As mentioned above, Graphene was expected to report a small profit this year. However, due to development delays the company now expects to report a loss for full-year 2014.

Still, with sales growing rapidly, Graphene is likely to report a profit next year. It seems reasonable to suggest the company could report a 2015 profit similar to the one previously expected by City analysts this year.

On that basis, Graphene is set to report a pre-tax profit of £2.9m next year, or earnings per share of 2.3p, implying that Graphene is trading at a forward P/E of 27. This may look expensive at first but Graphene’s sales are set to double this year, that’s growth worth paying a premium for.

Risk remains
Still, like all small caps, Graphene is not a sure thing and while the company is set for growth, the shares are only suitable for investors with a high risk tolerance.
17.10.14 10:02:43
Beitrag Nr. 58 ()
("Graphene NanoChem" or the "Group")

Collaboration To Develop Graphene-Enhanced Lithium-ion Battery For Electric Buses

Graphene NanoChem (AIM: GRPH), the performance chemicals and advanced materials company, is pleased to announce that Platinum Nanochem Sdn Bhd; its wholly-owned subsidiary, has entered into a product development and collaboration agreement ("Agreement") with Sync R&D Sdn Bhd ("Sync R&D") on a joint initiative to develop a 'next generation', graphene-enhanced lithium-ion battery ("Li-on Battery") solution for electric buses under the Electric Bus 1 Malaysia program ("EB1M Program").

mehr hier:…
17.10.14 10:22:30
Beitrag Nr. 59 ()
17.10.14 12:40:00
Beitrag Nr. 60 ()
Graphene lubricants last much longer than existing lubricants…

Lubricants Molybdenum Technical / Research Wed, 15/10/2014 - 1:36am
One promising graphene application is in the lubricants market. Graphene NanoChem for example is commercializing graphene-based lubricants for the oil industry (and already signed a deal to supply 135,000 tons of these materials in the next five years). Now researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory discovered that those graphene-based lubricants last a long longer than conventional lubricants (made from graphite or molybdenum disulfide).

A single layer of graphene, for example, lasts for over 6,500 "wear cycles". This is a great improvement compared to conventional lubricants that will last for only 1,000 wear cycles - and this will only happen if you use about 1,000 layers of those materials.

Graphene can also work in a dry setting, unlike graphite which requires humidity. This is another important advantages for graphene-based lubricants.
04.11.14 17:04:19
Beitrag Nr. 61 ()
Malaysia's Biofuels Mandate Increased from B5 To B7 Effective 1 November 2014…
06.11.14 10:21:49
Beitrag Nr. 62 ()
Technology Partnership with HWV Technologies In Water Treatment Solution for Oil & Gas Industry…
16.01.15 11:08:12
Beitrag Nr. 63 ()
1 Antwort
16.01.15 11:16:20
Beitrag Nr. 64 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 48.795.065 von binda am 16.01.15 11:08:12
Zitat von binda:…

Trading Statement and Corporate Update

Graphene Nanochem (AIM: GRPH), the performance nanochemicals and advanced materials company, is pleased to announce a trading update following the close of its financial year ended 31st December 2014, and to provide an overview of the Company's recent performance and future strategy and milestones.

At the Company's interim results announced in September 2014, the Board highlighted that due to delays in the deployment of the PlatDrill Series, it was expected that the Company would report a loss for the year to 31 December 2014. Whilst this position remains unchanged, the Board is pleased to announce that the Group was profitable in the three month period ended 31 December 2014 ("Q4 2014").

Cash and cash equivalents as at 31 December 2014 was approximately £1.8 million, with approximately £23.0 million of cash and working capital facilities in aggregate.

Key Mid-Term Targets of the Group

Having successfully developed its Performance Chemicals platform on commmercial scale, the Board has set a series of targets to achieve by the end of 2017, namely:

▪ Selective revenue growth: the Group is focused to improve revenue growth with quality earnings, targeting a CAGR of 25% in the period 2014 - 2017;

▪ Gradually improve margins: the shift to high margin performance began in Q4 2014 with focus on gross margins steadily increasing to 20-30%;

▪ Achieve ROCE of 15%:management has targeted ROCE as a key metric; and

▪ Reduce net debt: EBITDA < 2.0x: the Group will de-gear significantly through internal cash generation to reduce interest cost.

Jespal Deol, Chief Executive Officer of Graphene NanoChem, commented: "We have closed the year with strong momentum and a significant pipeline of both contracted sales and future tenders. The drop in oil prices has had a positive impact to our business with the need for superior products that enable cost savings to end-users. This was as reflected in positive sales in Q4 2014 and we are delighted with the market progress and scale of opportunities for expansion. Furthermore, the completed development of innovative new product lines planned for launch in 2015 and 2016 is a significant milestone in the growth plan of the Group and we look forward to updating the market on our progress."
28.01.15 11:06:13
Beitrag Nr. 65 ()
Graphene NanoChem JV's manufacturing licence approved

28 January 2015 | 08:43am - Graphene NanoChem's joint venture company Scomi-Platinum Sdn Bhd has been granted approval for a manufacturing licence by Malaysia's Ministry of International Trade Industry for its planned nano-enhanced oilfield chemicals facility in Port Klang. The 45,000 MT per annum facility is targeted to come on line by 2016.

Graphene NanoChem say this milestone represents the latest ongoing progress of the development of the group's joint venture partnership with Scomi Oiltools Sdn Bhd.
- See more at:…
03.02.15 11:00:12
Beitrag Nr. 66 ()
Etliche gute Nachrichten, doch der Kurs rauscht in die Tiefe :(…
For Immediate Release
2 February 2015

Graphene NanoChem PLC

("Graphene NanoChem" or the "Group")

PlatDrill Testing Programme with One of the World's Top 5 Oil Companies

Graphene NanoChem (AIM: GRPH), the performance chemicals and advanced materials company, is pleased to announce that Scomi-Platinum Sdn Bhd, its joint venture company, has signed an agreement with one of the world's top 5 international oil companies ("IOC") for the testing and evaluation of the PlatDrill Series.

The agreement with an IOC that operates across the entire oil and gas industry value chains and markets, marks a significant milestone of the phased expansion of PlatDrill into new regions.

The ongoing deployment of PlatDrill is gaining strong market traction within the South East Asian region. It is the Group's objective to expand the market share for PlatDrill and the agreement with an IOC supports the objective of the Group in establishing presence and increasing sales worldwide.

The Group expects the tests to be completed by Q4 2015, following which the potential for the commercial way forward will be discussed.

Jespal Deol, Chief Executive Officer of Graphene NanoChem, commented: "I am delighted to announce thata leading IOC is formally assessing the potential of the PlatDrill Series. We have a unique technology platform that plays an important role in enabling faster drilling, reducing equipment downtime and improving output levels to drive down operating costs and that is why we believe many oil and gas players will be interested in what we have to offer."
03.02.15 11:02:20
Beitrag Nr. 67 ()
Nichts für schwache Nerven

1 Antwort
03.02.15 11:07:21
Beitrag Nr. 68 ()
PlatDrill Testing Programme with One of the World's Top 5 Oil Companies
Who is who?…
05.02.15 11:35:38
Beitrag Nr. 69 ()
Trees Under Water in Malaysia Fueling Rally in Palm Oil

The floods were the worst in four decades, and the Palm Oil Board estimates domestic output in December fell the most in eight years. In contrast to the slump in crude oil, prices for palm jumped about 23 percent since September, and Macquarie Group Ltd. says the rally has further to go. That’s boosting the cost of the vegetable oil used by Unilever, Hershey Co. and biodiesel producers throughout Asia.…

Nicht uninteressant, da Graphene im Palm-Oel-Geschäft tätig ist ( Lahad Datu Complex houses our palm oil refinery operations. Plans are being developed for the upgrade of the Lahad Datu Complex.)
24.02.15 09:16:42
Beitrag Nr. 70 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 48.961.286 von binda am 03.02.15 11:02:20
Zitat von binda: Nichts für schwache Nerven

24 February 2015

For Immediate Release 24 February 2015

Graphene NanoChem PLC

("Graphene NanoChem" or the "Group")

Tax Exempt Status for Scomi-Platinum JV

Graphene NanoChem (AIM: GRPH), the performance nanochemicals and advanced materials company, is pleased to announce that Scomi-Platinum Sdn Bhd, its joint venture company with Scomi Oiltools ("Scomi-Platinum JV"), has been granted a pioneer status for strategic project approval by Malaysia's Ministry of International Trade Industry for its planned 45,000 MT per annum nano-enhanced oilfield chemicals facility in Port Klang, Malaysia ("Approval").

Under the Approval, the Scomi-Platinum JV has been granted a full 10-year 100% tax-exempt status for its statutory income pursuant to which it is fully exempted from paying corporation tax on taxable income. Malaysia currently imposes a fixed rate of 25% corporate tax on chargeable income.

Jespal Deol, Chief Executive Officer of Graphene NanoChem commented: "We are highly encouraged by the strong support we continue to receive from the Government of Malaysia in advancing our technology platform and the growth plan of our business and this latest progress provides a significant financial benefit to the Group moving forward."
24.02.15 09:25:32
Beitrag Nr. 71 ()
;) Steuerfrei

Under the Approval, the Scomi-Platinum JV has been granted a full 10-year 100% tax-exempt status for its statutory income pursuant to which it is fully exempted from paying corporation tax on taxable income. Malaysia currently imposes a fixed rate of 25% corporate tax on chargeable income.
24.02.15 09:54:41
Beitrag Nr. 72 ()
LONDON (Alliance News) - Graphene NanoChem PLC shares were trading higher on Tuesday morning after the company said its Malaysian joint venture has been given tax-exempt status in the country.

The advanced materials company said Scomi-Platinum Sdn Bhd, its joint venture with Scomi Oiltools, has been granted tax-exempt status by the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade Industry for its planned nano-enhanced oilfield chemicals facility in Port Klang.

The joint venture has been granted a full ten-year tax-exempt status for its statutory income, meaning it is fully exempt from paying corporation tax in Malaysia.

"We are highly encouraged by the strong support we continue to receive from the government of Malaysia in advancing our technology platform and the growth plan of our business and this latest progress provides a significant financial benefit to the group moving forward," said Graphene NanoChem Chief Executive Officer Jespal Doel.
26.02.15 12:04:10
Beitrag Nr. 73 ()
04.03.15 23:40:54
Beitrag Nr. 74 ()

Graphene NanoChem Launches PlatsurF Through Partner Scomi Oiltools
Wed, 4th Mar 2015 14:21
04.03.15 23:50:16
Beitrag Nr. 75 ()
LONDON (Alliance News) - Graphene NanoChem PLC Wednesday said it has launched the commercial deployment of its latest product offering, an oilfield recovery additive named PlatsurF through its joint venture partner.

PlatsurF removes blockages caused by drilling residues or from production waste and reverses shortfalls in production caused by formation damage. The smartfluids product "vastly improves" production rates in previously damaged wells with reduced waste generation, said the company.

Scomi Oiltools, its joint venture partner, will supply PlatsurF to the market, and has placed an order on behalf of an international oil company that is serviced by Scomi for an approximate 50 well drilling programme in Thailand using PlatsurF, said the company.

Graphene NanoChem said the order will consist of an initial deployment of 40 drums of recovery additive for two wells in Thailand, as part of Scomi introducing the additive as a "product subsitituion," it said.

The revenue from the initial purchase order of 40 drums of PlatsurF is estimated to be worth around USD162,000.

The company said Scomi's order book currently stands at GBP950 million, providing Graphene NanoChem with a "significant market opportunity for the joint venture in terms of product substitution," it said.

"The partnership with Scomi has enabled the group to significantly minimise its marketing and adoption risk and accelerate the commercial deployment of its products via Scomi Oiltools' existing customer base," said Graphene NanoChem.

""The combined strength of our unique product solutions and the strategy to deploy our products through a partnership model with a respected industry player is bearing fruit with the deployment of our third oilfield product through Scomi Oiltools," said Chief Executive Jespal Deol.

Graphene NanoChem also has other fuel additive products, including PlatAmber and PlatClear alongside oilfield chemical brand PlatDrill.

Grapehene NanoChem shares were down 1.1% to 46.00 pence per share on Wednesday afternoon.
27.03.15 21:34:08
Beitrag Nr. 76 ()
Readily Biodegradable Result of The PlatDrill Series

Graphene NanoChem (AIM: GRPH), the performance nanochemicals and advanced materials company, is pleased to announce that after 9 months of independent testing of the PlatDrill Series by the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research - National Institute of Oceanography, India, a world renowned oil and gas research facility, it has concluded that at 84.81%, the biodegradation level of the PlatDrill Series is ~25% higher than the standard specified by the OECD guidelines. Based on this biodegradation rate the PlatDrill Series has been classified as "readily" biodegradable with a non-toxic ranking.

As offshore oil exploration increases, water and environmental contamination risks arising from the increased use of drilling fluids, gas and discharge of drilling waste mud and drill cuttings into the marine environment has resulted in more stringent environmental restrictions in the chemicals and substances used for drilling.

Biodegradation is an important characteristic of drilling fluids to ensure that the fluids do not persist in the environment for long periods of time and how quickly the site recovers from its discharge particularly for offshore drilling. "Readily" biodegradable refers to a substance that degrades efficiently and completely.

The readily biodegradable classification and non-toxic ranking of the PlatDrill Series enables the Group to meet the technical and environmental performance of modern days drilling requirements, helping the industry reduce its environmental risks and overall drilling costs from waste treatment savings. In addition, it also enables the potential market expansion of the PlatDrill Series into the highly environmentally regulated market such as the Gulf of Mexico.

Jespal Deol, Chief Executive Officer of Graphene NanoChem, commented: "The combined strength of the performance of our PlatDrill Series and its superior environmental profile is providing the Group a unique competitive advantage in the market as well as reinforcing the Group's commitment in providing green solutions to the industry."…
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Graphene NanoChem PLC Friday said its PlatDrill series is about 25% more biodegradable than guidelines request after it was tested over a nine-month period.

Graphene NanoChem PLC sagte am Freitag,dass nach einer Testphase von neun Monaten, seine PlatDrill Serie um 25% besser biologisch abbaubar ist, als die Richtlinien es vorschreiben.
20.04.15 11:44:44
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Graphene nanochem was one of the featured exhibitors

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Graphene NanochemFull Year Results Thursday, June 4…
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Schade, noch keine Zahlen. :(

Doch hier was aktuelles vom Partner Scomi, der die PlattDrill Technology von Graphene anwendet und vertreibt.…

Scomi Energy banking on technology to maintain profit
( Date Posted: 8 June 2015 )

10.06.15 22:28:47
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The Malaysian energy company Scomi Energy has announced the development of three graphene-enhanced lubricants called Plat Drill, Confi Graph Lube and Hype Graph Lube. The lubricants, based on graphene nanotechnology, help prolong the lifespan of the diamond drillbits used in oil drills. The products improve on the efficiency of the drilling process and reduce maintenance cost. Scomi Energy has patented this technology with its partners and is in the process of rolling it out to its customers in FY 2016 (which actually means by March 2017). Since Scomi is collaborating with Graphene Nanochem on the development of the PlatDrill, It is reasonable to assume that the Confi Graph and Hype Graph are also the fruit of this cooperation. Graphene Nanochem is presumably in charge of the technical development while Scomi will most likely handle marketing and sales.
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Preliminary unaudited results for the twelve months ended 31 December 2014…
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US$28 Million Tender Award for the PlatDrill Series…
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KE könnte anstehen

A well-capitalised position throughout its period of growth will be advantageous for the Group to realise the full potential within the large and expanding EOR sector and to execute its business plan as well as deliver the high margins envisaged for the Group's solutions as we work on converting ongoing activities into sustainable revenue streams.

The Group is in the process of raising additional funds through a corporate exercise and continues to engage with its financial partners to further enhance the Group's financial platform thereby providing us greater flexibility and speed to address and execute our business and growth opportunities.
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The Graphene Week 2015 - teil
The Graphene Week 2015 will be held during 22 – 26 June 2015, in Manchester, UK. The conference is commissioned by the Graphene Flagship, with support from the University of Manchester, the National Graphene Institute (NGI), and the City of Manchester.
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Graphene NanoChem PLC Wednesday said it has applied for a new patent application for the company's latest invention of a new drilling and completion fluid that can be used in extreme temperatures and pressures in both oil- and water-based systems.
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Jespal Deol, Chief Executive Officer von Graphene NanoChem, kommentierte:

"Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit dieser Ergänzung zu unserem aktuellen IP-Portfolio, welches einen weiteren technologischen Meilenstein in unserer Öl-Recovery-Lösungen bedeutet, die eine schnellere Bohrungen ermöglicht und Ausfallzeiten reduziert und das Leistungslevel verbessert, was zu erheblicher Kostenreduktion führt, Vorteile für Big Oil".

Liest sich super, doch handfeste Aufträge wären mir lieber. Der Kurs ist ein Trauerspiel. Denke, das ist der anstehenden KE geschuldet.

To raise £16 Million, doch die Details sind bisher unbekannt. :(
01.07.15 10:57:24
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Vielleicht gibt es da endlich Antworten

Annual General Meeting (the "AGM") will be held on Friday, 10 July 2015 at 10.00am

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