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12.11.21 10:19:07
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JSB & Joint Consultation meeting to be held on 8 - 10 December 2021…
"#Bougainville #News
ABG President Hon. Ishmael Toroama met with the Prime Minister Hon. James Marape yesterday in Port Moresby.
The two leaders discussed on a number of issues including;
1. JSB & Joint Consultation meeting to be held on 8 - 10 December 2021, in Port Moresby.
2. Intergovernmental Funding Arrangements.
3. Bougainville's COVID 19 response.
4. Recent disagreements on autonomous arrangements on Bougainville.
"The Prime Minister and I agree that both our governments must fully implement the Bougainville Peace Agreement in equal partnership. We may disagree on certain issues but we have a rapport that enables mutual respect for each other's views and a respect for the Bougainville process on self-determination."
-President Hon. Ishmael Toroama"
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02.11.21 08:51:46
Beitrag Nr. 16.176 ()
Ministerial Statement by President Hon. Ishmael Toroama…
The Joint Supervisory Body continues to progress the implementation of the autonomous arrangements on Bougainville. Through the JSB the Sharp’s Agreement has expedited the process of drawing down powers and functions from the National Government. However, the issue of the outstanding Restoration and Development Grant Shares, the BCL Shares, Fisheries, SME funding and Taxation initiatives still need to be addressed.
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08.10.21 10:23:08
Beitrag Nr. 16.175 ()
Bougainville Copper has continued to maintain positive relations with the project
area’s customary landowners, including the Panguna Development Company Limited
(PDCL), whose membership comprises legally appointed block agents from the
project area.

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16.09.21 11:08:35
Beitrag Nr. 16.174 ()
Auszug aus Rede von Toroama
"For Bougainville we sacrificed our independence aspirations in 1975 to remain a part of the newly created independent state of Papua New Guinea. We supported the country through our contributions to the public service and financially supported PNG’s independence through the Panguna Mine. Our support remained consistent until the 1980’s when the government of PNG and Bougainville Copper Limited refused to address our issues on landowner rights and equitable distribution of services on Bougainville."…

Die Frage, die bei diesen Äusserungen von Toroama aufkommt: Warum wird hier in der heutigen Rede das quasi neutrale Unternehmen BCL mit in die Verantwortung für das Disaster mit einbezogen, obwohl die Regierung von PNG mit ihrer Politik alleinig die Zügel in der Hand hatte, um eine Lösung mit den "Freiheitskämpfern" zu finden ?
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15.09.21 17:05:30
Beitrag Nr. 16.173 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 69.333.304 von honigbaer am 15.09.21 15:59:28
Zitat von honigbaer: Was steckt denn hinter der Bilanzposition "Investments" und warum haben die Investments zugenommen? :confused:
Tut mir leid, ich habe schon wieder vergessen, was ich selbst dazu vor einem Jahr recherchiert hatte. :(

Aus Halbjahresbericht 2021:
"The value of ASX listed investments held by the Company increased during the period
resulting in the Net assets of the Group increasing to K123.4 million from K121.0
million in December 2020"
Als ein wesentlicher verbliebene BCL-Vermögenswert von 1989 ist wohl das Wertpapierdepot, das überhaupt entscheident war, dass es diese schlafende Unternehmung noch gibt.
123.4 MKina/401 MAktien = 0.308 Kina/Aktie = 0.308/4,14=0,0744 €/Aktie.

2011, also vor 10 Jahren betrug das Inverstionsvermögen 323 MKina oder 323/401/2.66= 0,30 €/Aktie . Es wird Zeit, dass BCL bald wieder anfängt operativ zu arbeiten, bevor Alles verbraucht ist.
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15.09.21 15:59:28
Beitrag Nr. 16.172 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 69.184.476 von E.S.T. am 30.08.21 11:24:06Was steckt denn hinter der Bilanzposition "Investments" und warum haben die Investments zugenommen? :confused:
Tut mir leid, ich habe schon wieder vergessen, was ich selbst dazu vor einem Jahr recherchiert hatte. :(
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15.09.21 13:50:27
Beitrag Nr. 16.171 ()
Der wohl mittlerweile unübersichtlich gewordene Schwarzhandel mit Gold und Kupfer soll unterbunden werden, denn sie bringen dem Land keine Steuereinnahmen.…

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30.08.21 11:24:06
Beitrag Nr. 16.170 ()
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25.08.21 20:33:32
Beitrag Nr. 16.169 ()

The former Bougainville senior Public servant and landowner at the Lower tailings, PATRICK HEROMATE wants the Bougainville Copper Limited to re-open the closed Panguna Copper and Gold Mine under Bougainville’s own Mining law.
He told New Dawn FM in Buka that he believes only a big company will support the Bougainville government and its people to recover economically and not small miners whom our leaders are talking to.
MR. HEROMATE said he does not want leaders to invite friends to operate in Panguna as only the leaders and their friends will benefit and not the majority of Bougainvilleans who also suffered from the Bougainville conflict.
He said landowners are already talking to the company and it was only proper for the leaders to support their people.

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06.08.21 13:04:40
Beitrag Nr. 16.168 ()
Bougainville Copper Limited
10 Std. ·

Last week, Chairman Sir Mel Togolo and Director David Osikore were invited by the Ex-Combatant community to open a dialogue concerning BCL and it's position in Bougainville. The presentation was well received with many walking away from the session better informed of what processes, timelines and benefits will be seen should a project move ahead in Bougainville.

Bougainville's potential 72% majority shareholding was also discussed, along with the number of jobs and training facilities a project could produce. In 1988, BCL had 3,650 employees, 80.5% were Papua New Guinean. Over the length of the project, the Company had also trained over 12,000 Papua New Guineans, many of whom were assets to projects such as OkTedi, Porgera, Misima and Lihir.

Thank you to the ex-combatants and our VLO's for organising a constructive consultation.

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