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Zero-Spin Silicon Project Successfully Completes Stage One 29 June2020Highlights:•Stage one of the three-year project completed on budget and schedule •Project aims to produceZero-Spin Silicon (ZS-Si)-a key enabling material for the emerging silicon quantum computing industry•Commercially valuable isotopic purity of 99.95%demonstrated at lab-scale using a variant of the SILEX laser isotope separation technology•Project remains on track for completion by the end of CY2022 with aimof demonstrating ability to cost-effectively produce ZS-Si•Project supported by collaboration partners SQC and UNSW, and funding from the Federal Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P)Silex Systems Limited (Silex) (ASX: SLX) (OTCQX: SILXY) is pleased to announce in conjunction with project partners Silicon Quantum Computing Pty Ltd (SQC) and UNSW Sydney (UNSW), that it has achieved completion of stage one in the project to develop a process for the commercial production of high-purity ‘Zero-Spin Silicon’ (ZS-Si) using a variant of the SILEX laser isotope separation (LIS) technology. Silex’s LIStechnology has the potential to efficiently produce ZS-Si to provide a secure supply of this material for SQC in support of its efforts to commercialise silicon-based quantum computing in conjunction with UNSW. ZS-Siis a unique form of isotopically enriched silicon required for the fabrication of next-generation processor chips which will power silicon-based quantum computers. Quantum computers are expected to be thousands of times more powerful than the most advanced of today’s conventional computers, opening new frontiers and opportunities in many industries, including medicine, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and global financial systems. “We are very pleased with the timely achievement of the first milestone in this world-leading collaboration –I want to congratulate the team forachievingan impressive start to the project”, Dr Michael Goldsworthy, Silex CEO said today. “The results achieved have exceeded our expectations. Not only has proof-of-concept been verified for the silicon LIS processand stage one completed, but the team has already managed to achieve commercially valuable isotopic purity of at least99.95% in laboratory-scale tests. If this process can be successfully scaled-up in the next stage of the project, then we will be well on our way to potentially establishing a new business segment for Silex,” he added.
2| P a g eThe three-year, three-stageproject is due for completion at the end of CY2022 with the plannedproduction of initial commercial quantities of ZS-Si from a SILEXpilot production facility.The first stageinvolved ‘proof-of-concept’ demonstration of the silicon enrichment process using laboratory-scale equipment, and initial optimisation of the process to support the development of anenrichmentmodel which will be used to help scale the process and associated production equipment.The second stage of the project involvesthe design, construction and operation ofscaled-up prototype equipment withthe objective of validating the silicon LIS technology and scalability of the process. The second stage includesfourseparate milestones due for completion bylate CY2021. Afinal set of milestones,culminating in the operation of the pilot production facility, form the basis of stage threeof the project, scheduled for completion by the end of CY2022.The first batches of ZS-Si product will be purchased by SQC under an Offtake Agreement executedin December 2019, which includes SQC making three annual payments of $300,000 as an offset against future purchases of ZS-Si produced by Silex. Current methods for production of enriched silicon are very limited and costly (even for lower purity material) with only a few kilograms produced annually, mostly using gas centrifuge technology.Should the ZS-Si project be successful, it would enable Australia to establish itself as the world-leader in ZS-Si production, creating a new value-added export market.The project is also supported by a $3 million Federal Government funding grant from the CRC-P which was awarded in February 2020(refer to ASX announcement -10 February 2020). The project remains on track to achieve its objective ofutilising the SILEXLIS technologyto cost-effectively produce enriched silicon in the form of ZS-Si with sufficiently high purity, and to establish the manufacturing technology and capability to scale-up production as silicon-based quantum computing gains traction globally over the next decade. Silex will retain ownership of the ZS-Si production technology and related Intellectual Propertydeveloped through the project. Authorised for release by the Silex Board of Directors.Further information on the Company’s activities can be found on the Silex website: by contacting:Michael GoldsworthyJulie DucieCEO/Managing DirectorCFO/Company SecretaryT +61 2 9704 8888T +61 2 9704 8888E
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 64.233.232 von schamiddi am 30.06.20 11:24:05Also ich finde das gut. Denn das heißt ja, dass über kurz oder lang noch viel Nachfrage kommen wird. Schlimm wäre es, wenn wir schon massig Volumen rund um den Globus hätten...
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