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Cellcom Israel streicht die Dividende

Der israelische Telekommunikationskonzern Cellcom Israel (ISIN: IL0011015349) wird keine Dividende für das zweite Quartal 2012 an die Aktionäre ausbezahlen. Im zweiten Quartal 2012 erzielte Cellcom Israel einen Umsatz von 1.498 Mio. Schekel (ca. 300 Mio. Euro), ein Rückgang um 5,7 Prozent gegenüber dem Vorjahr. Das EBITDA lag bei 474 Mio. Schekel (ca. 94,9 Mio. Euro) und der Nettoertrag erreichte 121 Mio. Schekel (ca. 24,2 Mio. Euro).

Im ersten Halbjahr 2012 wurde die Fusion mit Netvision abgeschlossen, wie Cellcom Israel am Dienstag mitteilte. In den letzten 12 Monaten sank die Aktie von Cellcom Israel um 71,47 Prozent an der Wall Street.

15.05.12 10:42:18
Cellcom Israel gibt Dividende bekannt

Der israelische Telekommunikationskonzern Cellcom Israel (ISIN: IL0011015349) wird eine Dividende von 1,31 israelischen Schekel (ca. 0,265 Euro) je Anteilsschein für das erste Quartal ausbezahlen. Damit werden auf das Jahr hochgerechnet 5,24 Schekel ausgeschüttet. Die Dividendenrendite beträgt beim aktuellen Aktienkurs von 8,06 Euro 13,15 Prozent. Die Ausschüttung entspricht 75 Prozent des Nettoertrags.

In den letzten 12 Monaten sank die Aktie von Cellcom Israel um 66,9 Prozent an der Wall Street. In den ersten drei Monaten 2012 erzielte Cellcom Israel einen Umsatz von 1.585 Mio. Schekel (ca. 321,4 Mio. Euro). Das EBITDA lag bei 475 Mio. Schekel (ca. 96,3 Mio. Euro) und der Nettoertrag erreichte 173 Mio. Schekel (ca. 35,08 Mio. Euro).
19.03.12 14:07:08
NETANYA, Israel, March 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

2011 results reflect the impact of the regulatory changes and the increased competition

In 2011, we consolidated Netvision's results for September through December only

Cellcom Israel has begun an extensive process to increase efficiencies, including a reduction in headquarter positions, reducing costs and improving work processes, in order to lower expenses

Cellcom Israel declares a fourth quarter dividend of NIS 0.72 per share (totals approx. NIS 72 million), reaching an annual dividend for 2011 of approx. NIS 785 million

2011 Full Year Highlights[1] (compared to 2010):

Total Revenues decreased 2.3% reaching NIS 6,506 million ($1,703 million)
Revenues from content and value added services (including SMS) increased 4.9%, representing approximately 26.4% of service revenues[2]
EBITDA[3] decreased 18.7% to NIS 2,167 million ($567 million)
EBITDA margin 33.3%, down from 40%
Operating income decreased 26.6% to NIS 1,422 million ($373 million)
Net income decreased 36.1% to NIS 825 million ($216 million)
Free cash flow[3] decreased 43% to NIS 937 million ($245 million)
Cellular Subscriber base totaled approx. 3.349 million[4] at the end of December 2011
3G cellular subscribers reached approx. 1.331 million at the end of December 2011, representing 39.7% of total cellular subscriber base
Fourth Quarter 2011 Highlights[5] (compared to fourth quarter of 2010):

Total Revenues increased 0.2% to NIS 1,665 million ($436 million)
Revenues from content and value added services (including SMS) increased 0.7%, representing 31.4% of service revenues[2]
EBITDA decreased 32.6% to NIS 425 million ($111 million)
EBITDA margin 25.5%, down from 38%
Operating income decreased 54.2% to NIS 205 million ($54 million)
Net income decreased 76.2% to NIS 76 million ($20 million)
Free cash flow decreased 76.3% to NIS 100 million ($26 million)
The Company declared a fourth quarter dividend of NIS 0.72 per share
Cellcom Israel Ltd. (NYSE: CEL TASE: CEL) ("Cellcom Israel" or the "Company"), announced today its financial results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2011. Revenues for the fourth quarter and full year 2011 totaled NIS 1,665 million ($436 million) and NIS 6,506 million ($1,703 million), respectively; EBITDA for the fourth quarter 2011 totaled NIS 425 million ($111 million), or 25.5% of total revenues, and for full year 2011 totaled NIS 2,167 million ($567 million), or 33.3% of total revenues; and net income for the fourth quarter and full year 2011 totaled NIS 76 million ($20 million) and NIS 825 million ($216 million), respectively. Basic earnings per share for the fourth quarter and full year 2011 totaled NIS 0.75 ($0.20) and NIS 8.28 ($2.17), respectively.

Commenting on the results, Nir Sztern, the Company's newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, summarized 2011 as a year of regulatory changes and increased competition, which eroded the Company's revenues and profitability.

Upon entry to his new position, in early 2012, Mr. Sztern said that he sees great importance in meeting and weathering all the new challenges ahead, and hopes to come out even stronger.

Nir Sztern, Chief Executive Officer, said, "We believe that our strong basis as a leading cellular company along with the synergies derived from the merger with Netvision, will create an advantage that will enable us to endure these market changes.

For 2012 we have outlined several key goals. The first is to create efficiencies in current activities thereby reducing costs. In recent weeks, we began a process of increasing efficiency in order to significantly lower expenses. Simultaneously, we have taken efficiency measures following the merger with Netvision, which includes the integration of both companies' headquarters, the transition of Netvision's headquarter employees into Cellcom's headquarters in Netanya, the elimination of parallel positions and redundant costs, and transitioning to an organizational structure which will allow us to maximize the merger synergies. We estimate that we will see the synergies of the merger both in terms of income and expenses during 2012 and the following years.

An additional main goal is to continue creating value for our customers. This means, among others, giving our customers one of the best customer experiences in the cellular market. We are now in the midst of upgrading our cellular network to support future surfing speed of up to 84 Mbps, and nearing the end of upgrading our independent transmission network, to support high speed of up to hundreds of Gbps. Along the development of our network, we have shut down the TDMA network.

In 2012 and the upcoming years we will deepen our focus on cellular internet growth by continuing to introduce data devices, such as tablets and smartphones".

On Netvision results, Nir Sztern commented: "I am pleased with Netvision's excellent annual results, showing improvement and growth despite the intense competition in its fields of operation. Netvision ended 2011 with record profit.

"I believe in the management of the merged group which combines the best managers of both companies, and in its ability, together with the employees of both companies, to leverage our accumulated knowledge and skills for the benefit of our customers and shareholder, and to maintain our leading position."

Yaacov Heen, Chief Financial Officer, commented: "In our annual financial results for 2011, we consolidated Netvision's financial results as of September 2011, and so, Netvision's fourth quarter results are fully consolidated. We expect some of the cost savings potential of the Netvision merger to be reflected in 2012. The trend of revenues erosion continues in the first quarter of 2012 as well, and we expect that it shall be partly compensated for, by the said decrease of operating expenses. The fourth quarter results were impacted by three main factors: 1) seasonality, which had an adverse effect on the fourth quarter results compared with the third quarter of 2011. This was due to a seasonal decrease in inbound and outbound tourism, causing a decrease in roaming services revenues, as well as due to the occurrence of part of the Jewish holiday season, characterized by reduced usage, in the fourth quarter; 2) a decrease in equipment sales compared with the previous quarter; 3) one-time provisions, as previously reported during the fourth quarter of 2011. This was composed of a one-time provision in the amount of approximately NIS 33 million for deferred tax liabilities due to an increase in the corporate tax rate for the coming years and a one-time provision in the amount of approximately NIS 28 million, following a class action decided against the Company (a decision which the Company appealed with the Supreme Court). After elimination of these one-time effects, EBITDA for the fourth quarter of 2011 totaled approximately NIS 446 million and net income totaled approximately NIS 130 million.

"Netvision's contribution to EBITDA for the fourth quarter totaled NIS 63 million. We have updated the valuation of Netvision and found that there is no need for an impairment of the goodwill which was recognized following the acquisition of Netvision.

"We have concluded the year with free cash flow of NIS 937 million. We will distribute a cash dividend for the fourth quarter of 2011 in the amount of approximately NIS 72 million, representing approximately 95% of the fourth quarter net income, and so, our total dividends declared for 2011, amounted to approximately NIS 0.8 billion."
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