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Extrem unterbewertet mit nur 120 Mio € bei 360 Mio Aktien.
Bewertung wird auf 300-500 Mio steigen also
0,5€ auch nur kurzfristig denn mittelfristig Kurse um 0,8-1,20€👍👍

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auch gestern wieder sehr gute News von ICC
ICC bekommt 49% Anteil von Wayland..👏👏🍷

ICC International Cannabis applauds Wayland's winning of key government certifications for German cultivation facility
15:10 08 Feb 2019
The certificates will help to improve production at Wayland's cultivation facility outside of Dresden
map of Germany
The market for medical cannabis in Germany is burgeoning, with over 79,000 German patients now taking the drug
The announcement that Wayland Group (CSE:WAYL) has received key certifications from the German state of Saxony for its Ebersbach cultivation facility is welcome news for ICC International Cannabis Corp (CSE:WRLD.U) (OTCMKTS:KNHBF), which is set to take a large stake in the company.

The country's good manufacturing practice and good distribution practice certifications apply to a 50,000 square foot area of Wayland’s Ebersbach cultivation facility, which is located just outside of Dresden, Germany.

The new certifications will allow for the streamlining of production processes for the cannabis company and also permit the bulk warehousing of medical cannabis on German soil, allowing for direct sale into the German market, according to ICC.

READ: ICC International Cannabis to acquire 49.9% of Wayland assets

The market for medical cannabis in Germany is burgeoning, with more than 79,000 German patients now taking the drug, according to ICC.

Just last month, ICC International Cannabis struck a letter of intent to acquire 49.9% of Wayland’s international assets and license portfolio. A definitive agreement sealing the move is expected on or before March 1.

After the deal closes, ICC will have considerable input about the direction of Wayland's German operations.

“International Cannabis applauds the Ebersbach facility’s receipt of the prestigious good manufacturing practice and good distribution practice certifications,” said Eugene Beukman, CEO of International Cannabis, in a statement.

“EU-GMP certifications mark the highest standards of pharmaceutical production in the world. Receipt of EU-GMP certifications by the Ebersbach facility will streamline production processes, resulting in shorter lead times and higher margins,” he added.

READ: ICC International Cannabis and Wayland Group to begin CBD extraction

The Ebersbach facility is equipped with 820,000 square feet of clean-room cultivation space. Production of CBD isolate from the Ebersbach facility amounted to 2,400 kg in 2018.

The company expects Ebersbach will eventually apply for a German indoor medical THC cultivation license and will control an outdoor CBD cultivation operation as well.

Wayland shares slipped 4.7% to C$1.22 in afternoon trade on Friday while ICC International Cannabis shares held steady at C$0.345.

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USA geht nun deutlich ins Plus...👍👍🍷
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an deutschen Börsen sind die Umsätze aktuell viel zu langweilig..

Orientierung daher über US Börse besser..

Gestern schloss ICC in den USA 🇺🇸 auf 0,357$ Auf Tageshoch knapp 3% im Plus...

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USA 🇺🇸 minus 7,5% 😱😱
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erst mal 2.Angriff auf die 0,3€ Marke und eine Chance auf Bodenbildung.
Auf jeden Fall sehr gute Kaufkurse..👏

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Guten Morgen an alle, hoffe das es nächste Woche von Eugene Beukmann mal was neues gibt
allen ein schönes wochen ende
ICC Int'l reviews medical cannabis, cannabidiol assets

2019-02-22 03:26 ET - News Release

Mr. Eugene Beukman reports


ICC International Cannabis Corp. has provided updates pertaining to the company's medical cannabis (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) asset portfolio.

Over the past three quarters, International Cannabis has deployed an aggressive acquisition strategy, amassing a robust portfolio of vertically integrated cannabis assets and industry partnerships. Upon pending closing of the Company's proposed Letter of Intent ("LOI") with Wayland Group, the Company will boast the following operations, partnerships, licenses and asset exposure:

German medical Cannabis import license, three-year supply contract to import 35,000 kg of medical cannabis, 165 hectares of CBD cultivation operations, annual production of over 2,400 kilograms of CBD isolate, German indoor medical THC cultivation licence application;

820,000 square foot Ebersbach facility located just outside of Dresden, Germany:Replacement cost of 110 million euros;

Of the many applicants to apply for German medical THC cultivation licences, only two have a completed facility, and of those that do, the largest is 14,000 square feet or 1.7 per cent the size of the Ebersbach facility

Danish medical THC cultivation and manufacturing license:

Stage A will include a 49,600 square foot cultivation unit, as well as a production and processing structure. All structures scheduled for construction have been designed to comply with EU-GMP standards;

100 acre land package;

Engagement of leading greenhouse engineering and manufacturing firm, Azrom;

No medical cannabis production cap or quotas;

Access to skilled agricultural and manufacturing labour force;

Local plant breeding and genetics expertise; and

Well-financed health care system

Distribution or supply agreements with over 39,000 corporate and independent pharmacies, augmented by various value-added services, including strategic procurement, warehousing, product registrations and regulatory representations;

155 metric tonnes of extraction-ready hemp inventories, resulting in near-immediate access to superior CBD concentrates;

Exclusive supply agreement for the delivery of 400 metric tonnes of certified organic hemp from a licensed Croatian producer;

First European Guaranteed Issue Medical Cannabis Coverage:

First of its kind transformative coverage for cannabinoid therapeutic treatment via the BuyWell Care platform;

Online medical cannabis coverages utilizing a proprietary pricing methodology;

Over 500 million potential consumers;

Over 1.6 million health care practitioners; and,

Annual healthcare expenditures of $1.79 trillion in 2018.

CBD Health and Wellness e-commerce marketplace;

Catalogue of 430 proprietary genetics, seeds and strains;

Polish hemp processing and extraction license:

Operations are currently producing CBD distillate, isolate, bulk oils, and tinctures;

Access to over 850 acres of premium hemp crops, estimated to yield up to 6,800 tons of material for CBD extraction;

Existing extraction and manufacturing facility; and,

Existing sales agreements across various EU member countries

60,000 square foot Swiss cannabis cultivation facility, proprietary genetics portfolio available for export, THC distillate import capabilities and pending material revenues from Haxxon AG operations;

Leading candidacy for one of seven medical cannabis licences to be issued by the Italian government, as well as an pending ownership interest in a joint venture to produce cannabis products;

Licenses for medical cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, transport, research and import/export in the Kingdom of Lesotho;

Rich soils, ideal climate, skilled agricultural work force, low-cost labour and access to key infrastructure;

300 days of sunshine annually;

First African nation to legalize medical cannabis; and,

Ideal climate for low-cost greenhouse cannabis production

Supply agreement to provide cannabis products to over 2,800 independent and corporate pharmacies across South Africa;

Maltese licence to manufacture finished-dose medical cannabis;

Portuguese hemp cultivation and processing license:

Notable importer of EU licensed hemp seeds;

Access to 400 acres of fertile agricultural land located in the Castelo Branco region of Portugal; and,

Progressing towards a full spectrum cannabis license;

Colombian licences for THC/CBD production, extraction and export, as well as pending access to a European Union good-manufacturing-practice-certified API facility for cannabis distillate processing;

90-per-cent working interest in a Greek industrial hemp license and medical cannabis pre-approval support letter:

16 acre land package situated within the Greek prefecture of Imathia;

Exclusive agreement with an existing Macedonian licensed facility, permiting the cultivation, manufacturing, extraction and export of medical cannabis:

3,000,000 square feet of cultivation space built under glass; one of the largest impending European cannabis facilities;

30 hectare land parcel in Valandovo, Macedonia

Licenses in Bulgaria for the production, manufacturing and export of both hemp and medical cannabis;

Leading candidacy for a United Kingdom-based medical cannabis import licence;

Leading candidacy for an Australian late-stage medical cannabis;

Leading candidacy for the first Argentine federal medical cannabis licence and existing supply agreements for CBD products;

Eugene Beukman, Chief Executive Officer and a Director of International Cannabis, stated: "International Cannabis is equipped with an unparalleled ability to supply the overwhelming demand for cannabis and cannabis extracts in Europe. With $1.3-trillion in annual forecasted health care expenditures, government subsidized European health care systems are primed to become the largest single market for cannabis in the world, as the liberalization of regulations in favour of plant-based medicine continue.

International Cannabis is uniquely positioned to capture significant market share, as the European THC and CBD industries continue to mature. We have tactically secured cornerstone assets Denmark and Germany- jurisdictions armed with broad insurance coverage, affording the Company the ability to realize substantially higher margins, while insulating our operations from margin compression".

The Company's acquisition strategy, including its proposed transaction with Wayland Group, further reinforce the ICC's corporate mandate of:

Optimizing its upstream, downstream, and distribution capabilities;

Integrating operational best practices into its medical plant production, extraction, active pharmaceutical ingredient isolation and finished dose manufacturing operations;

Executing upon its first-mover advantage in rapidly maturing jurisdictions;

Providing a robust suite superior quality products; and,

Championing the European consumer's THC/CBD retail experience.

Mr. Beukman, continued: "Our extraction-ready hemp stockpiles, deep-seated understanding of regional business practices and vast Pan-European distribution footprint safeguards our ability to maximize opportunities in Europe's emerging CBD and THC markets. The Company continues to place particular emphasis on furthering its operations in the European and LATAM regions and will look to execute an assertive acquisition strategy focused on Asia Pacific theatre over the upcoming quarter".


ICC International, through its subsidiaries, has operating assets and is developing a world-class platform for cultivation, extraction, formulation and distribution across the globe in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Malta, Colombia, Argentina, Australia, South Africa and Lesotho.

We seek Safe Harbor.

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