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sorry falscher thread
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 64.917.221 von umkehrformation am 28.08.20 16:13:38
Zitat von umkehrformation: sorry falscher thread

Schade mit 2,40 cad wäre ich zufrieden gewesen 😂😂😂
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 64.917.221 von umkehrformation am 28.08.20 16:13:38Aufruf an alle Investoren bitte meldet euch bei Wolfgang Seybold Name Aktienanzahl und E mail Adresse

Es läuft gerade eine Aktion im Hintergrund um Value zu schaffen und das ist mit den aktuellen Idioten im Board nicht möglich das wollen wir ändern auf der nächsten HV Bitte hier melden
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Nachfolgende Ereignisse
Am 30. Juli 2020, nach dem am 30. Juni 2020 endenden Jahr, erhielt das Unternehmen 3,75 Mio. USD als rückzahlbare Anzahlung
für den Beginn einer Due Diligence für eine mögliche Transaktion.

Was ist da im Busch??
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Monument Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2020 Results Nachrichtenquelle: globenewswire | 16.09.2020, 01:16 | 208 | 0 | 0 Gross Revenue of $29.97 Million and Cash Cost of US$878/Oz VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Monument Mining Limited (TSX-V: MMY and FSE: D7Q1) “Monument” or the “Company” today announced its annual financial results for the year ended June 30, 2020. All amounts are in United States dollars unless otherwise indicated (refer to for full financial results). President and CEO Cathy Zhai commented: “Despite the eight week’s suspension of production at Selinsing Gold Mine starting March 18th 2020 in compliance with the Movement Control Order (“MCO”) issued by Malaysia Government against the Covid-19 pandemic, fiscal 2020 has generated positive cash flow, contributed mainly to record high gold price and improved recoveries. Working capital is sufficient to support the same level of operations capacity and procurement has been manageable with global dynamic changes in supply chains.” Anzeige Beginnende Hausse statt Bärenmarktrallye DJE Kapital AG – Um die Folgen von Corona abzumildern, pumpen die Notenbanken ungeheure Geldmengen in die Märkte. Dadurch sollte sich die Konjunktur allmählich wieder erholen können. Zudem sind viele Investoren nur gering in Aktien investiert – Gründe für Dr. Ulrich Kaffarnik, vom Beginn einer länger andauernden Aufwärtsbewegung auszugehen. Mehr erfahren powered by finative Ms. Zhai further commented: “Management is firmly moving forward with the Sulphide Project financing and actively engaging interested parties. We stay focused on our corporate development strategies to take upside opportunities for future sustainable production, including entering into the sulphide gold concentrates market using our planned sulphide Biox treatment plant.” Fiscal 2020 Highlights: 19,401oz of gold sold for $29.97 million (2019: 16,505oz of gold sold for $20.99 million); Average realized gold price per ounce (“oz”) of 1,563/oz (2019: $1,260/oz); Cash cost per ounce of $878/oz (2019: $713/oz); All-in sustaining cost per ounce (“AISC”) of $1,136/oz (2019: $1,040/oz); 17,360oz of gold produced (2019: 15,763oz); Gross margin of $12.94 million (2019: $9.23 million); Peranggih trial mining program completed with encouraging average gold recoveries; Mentique Prospect discovered at west of Peranggih mineralization. Drill program at Murchison confirmed targeted mineralization identified by geological structure study; Full production capacity maintained during Selinsing production suspension caused by COVID-19 pandemic. Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2020 Production and Financial Highlights Three months ended June 30, Year ended June 30, 2020 2019 2020 2019 Production Ore mined (tonnes) 42,331 45,076 263,074 166,940 Waste removed (tonnes) 463,228 829,286 2,887,441 3,201,817 Ore processed (tonnes) 68,961 229,416 675,708 934,843 Average mill feed grade (g/t) 1.06 0.75 1.11 0.80 Processing recovery rate (%) 67% 72% 71% 69% Gold production (1) (oz) 2,311 3,577 17,360 15,763 Gold sold (oz) 3,282 3,623 19,401 16,505 Financial (in thousands of US dollars) $ $ $ $ Revenue 5,404 5,210 29,971 20,993 Gross margin from mining operations 2,653 2,204 12,944 9,227 Net income before other items 704 759 4,509 2,907 Net loss (1,273) (1,115) (275) (499) Cash flows generated from operations 657 (242) 6,273 2,139 Working capital 18,786 24,519 18,786 24,519 Loss per share before other items – basic (US$/share) 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 Loss per share – basic (US$/share) (0.00) (0.00) (0.00) (0.00) Three months ended June 30, Year ended June 30, 2020 2019 2020 2019 Other US$/oz US$/oz US$/oz US$/oz Average realized gold price per ounce sold (2) 1,684 1,337 1,563 1,260 Cash cost per ounce (3) Mining 233 174 223 159 Processing 454 539 507 456 Royalties 143 106 136 92 Operations, net of silver recovery 8 11 12 6 Total cash cost per ounce 838 830 878 713 All-in sustaining costs per ounce (4) By-product silver recovery 1 1 1 1 Operation expenses 179 - 40 - Corporate expenses 6 (1) 6 6 Accretion of asset retirement obligation 12 14 9 12 Exploration and evaluation expenditures 45 47 32 43 Sustaining capital expenditures 174 383 170 265 Total all-in sustaining cost per ounce 1,255 1,274 1,136 1,040 (1) Defined as good delivery gold bullion according to London Bullion Market Association (“LBMA”), net of gold doŕe in transit and refinery adjustment. (2) Exclude gold prepaid delivery for comparison purposes. (3) Total cash cost includes production costs such as mining, processing, tailing facility maintenance and camp administration, royalties, and operating costs such as storage, temporary mine production closure, community development cost and property fees, net of by-product credits. Cash cost excludes amortization, depletion, accretion expenses, capital costs, exploration costs and corporate administration costs. (4) All-in sustaining cost per ounce includes total cash costs, operation expenses, and adds sustaining capital expenditures, corporate administrative expenses for the Selinsing Gold Mine including share-based compensation, exploration and evaluation costs, and accretion of asset retirement obligations. Certain other cash expenditures, including tax payments and acquisition costs, are not included. Fiscal 2020 Production Analysis Gold production of 17,360oz, a 10% increase as compared to 15,763oz of the previous year. The increase mainly resulted from higher mining rates and contained gold in old tailing materials and leachable sulphide ore, and less super low-grade oxide ore as compared to last year, which off set by lower mill feed. Ore processed decreased to 675,708t from 934,843t last year. The decreased mill feed was mainly due to a decrease in stockpiled super low-grade oxide ore, less oxide ore being mined and the production suspension caused by COVID-19. The negative impact was offset by average mill feed grade that was increased to 1.11g/t from 0.80g/t, brought the annum average processing recovery rate up to 71%, comparable to 69% of the previous year, despite the lower recoveries generally obtained from the transition ore materials. Cash cost per ounce increased by 23% to $878/oz from $713/oz of last year. The increase was mainly due to additional reagents, processing time and energy required in leaching sulphide materials. Ore stockpile has significantly reduced mainly due to adverse impact from lower mining rate in previous year that has yet be caught up. Significant mining facilities were used in fiscal 2019 to deliver material borrowed from mining waste for tailing development. COVID-19 pandemic has not helped in achieving the target. The Company has devoted its effort to improve the stockpile balance. Fiscal 2020 Financial Analysis Gold sales generated revenue of $29.97 million for the year as compared to $20.99 million from last year. Gold sales revenue was derived from the sale of 16,750oz (2019: 15,300oz) of gold at an average realized gold price of $1,563 per ounce (2019: $1,260 per ounce) and the delivery of 2,651oz (2019: 1,205oz) in fulfilling gold prepaid obligations at an average London Fix PM gold price of $1,429 per ounce (2019: $1,429 per ounce). Total production costs increased by 45% to $17.03 million as compared to $11.77 million from last year. The increase in production costs reflected timing difference of gold sold and higher mining and processing costs as compared to last year. Gross margin for the year was $12.94 million before operation expenses and non-cash amortization and accretion. That represented a 40% increase as compared to $9.23 million from last year. The increase in gross margin was attributable to an increase in gold sold and a higher average realized gold price but offset by higher mining and processing costs. Net loss for the year was $0.28 million, or $nil per share as compared to net loss of $0.50 million or $nil per share from last year. The positive variance was caused by higher income from mining operations, offset by higher depreciation and amortization and higher tax expenses. Cash and cash equivalents balance as at June 30, 2020 was $10.13 million, an increase of $0.78 million from the balance at June 30, 2019 of $9.34 million. As at June 30, 2020, the Company had positive working capital $18.79 million (June 30, 2019: $24.52 million). The decrease in working capital resulted from the drawdown of stockpiled ore by $5.29 million. Cash used in investing activities for the year was $5.47 million (2019: $7.81 million), which was represented by $4.06 million invested in Selinsing for sulphide project development and tailings storage facility upgrades (2019: $5.86 million), $1.26 million and $0.15 million invested in Murchison exploration and evaluation projects and Mengapur exploration and evaluation projects, respectively (2019: $1.64 million and $0.31 million, respectively).. Development Selinsing Gold Mine During the year ended June 30, 2020, development initiatives focused on projects at the Selinsing Gold Mine, namely the optimization of the sulphide gold project, the tailing storage facility (“TSF”) construction and mine development for gold production. The sulphide plant upgrade construction is anticipated to take 18 months inclusive of commissioning activities. Metallurgical drilling was undertaken at the Selinsing and Buffalo Reef pits for investigating the leachability of transitional sulphide ore through the current CIL circuit by adding lead nitrate and blending with super low-grade ore. Following the completion of construction of the TSF main embankment to 533.3m RL at the Selinsing Gold Mine, which has increased the TSF capacity for fiscal 2020 production, a plan for the second stage TSF lift to 535.5m RL was finalized to meet fiscal 2021 production requirements through the current oxide processing plant. Construction planning was initiated during the year, but its completion was postponed due to operation suspension caused by COVID-19. The construction is on-going and has reached about 68.9% of the total TSF construction to 535.5m RL. Preliminary planning for the final stage TSF lift to 540m RL commenced during the year, aimed to meet sulphide gold production capacity, which was withheld until completion of funding. Haul truck road construction was primarily completed during the second quarter which included 14 new culvert crossings along a 10km length from the Selinsing Northern tenement boundary to the south of the Peranggih tenement. Trial pit for bulk mining started in January 2020, completed in February 2020 then continued with extension mining of the trial pit in March 2020. Grade control drilling recommenced in Peranggih in May 2020. Exploration Malaysia During the year ended June 30, 2020, a soil sampling campaign that was conducted at the Peranggih area between December 2018 and March 2019 had delineated 1.8km by 0.8km gold soil anomaly located 1km west of the Peranggih deposit on a parallel north west- south east trending structure, with a peak value of 103ppb. This discovery has been named the Mentique Prospect. Infill soil sampling, trenching, and geological mapping are planned to be carried at Mentique to assist in creating a drill target and to determine the nature of mineralization in this area. Australia At Murchison, exploration was focused on the completion of a 3D structural targeting study and then the execution of a drill program. The drill program tested near mine down-plunge targets that have been historically mined at NOA 1 and NOA 2, Alliance, New Alliance and Yagahong open pits as well as to test the regional NOA 9 target. A 3D structural study was completed that identified down plunge targets at Gabanintha and Burnakura. The study was finalized and confirmed near mine down-plunge potential and highlighted regional prospectivity. This study was used to refine drill targets in the subsequently completed drill program at Burnakura and Gabanintha. The drill program commenced on February 26, 2020 and the first phase of this drill program was completed on March 12, 2020. During the first phase of drilling, a total of 4 holes for 839m of RC were drilled at Burnakura and 6 holes for 1,265m was drilled at the Gabanintha Project. In addition, 23 holes for 603m of AC were drilled at the NOA 9 regional target. Due to high volumes of water at Burnakura, several of the deeper planned RC holes at Alliance and NOA 1 and 2 were postponed and completed in a second phase of drilling. The second phase of drilling commenced on the April 23, 2020 and was completed on May 8, 2020 using an RC rig for precollars and a diamond rig for tails. A total of 4 holes that included 738m of RC and 397m of DD tails were drilled in the second phase. Holes were widely spaced with a view to find significant new resources rather than smaller step outs from existing drilling. Geological structures and mineralization were generally intersected where expected.

Monument Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2020 Results | - Vollständiger Artikel unter:…
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die aktuellen zahlen von gestern spiegeln das desaster der letzten 10 jahre wieder....

keinen cent gewinn pro reicht immer nur, um die üppigen gehälter der vorstände und members of boards und aufsichtsräte und leitende manager zu bezahlen....

kapital-vernichtung für die aktionäre!

kursziel: auflösung der schrott-halde mit totalverlust.

nur meine meinung.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 65.087.923 von freddy1989 am 15.09.20 18:03:33Hallo, Freddy,
habe eben wunschgemäß Wolfgang Seybold die Zahl meiner MM-Aktien mitgeteilt.
Es sind zwar nur "lächerliche" 50.000 Stück, aber wir sollen ja alle
zusammenzählen. Und Kleinvieh macht halt auch ... Na ja.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 65.109.454 von buschi11 am 17.09.20 12:25:54ich danke dir dafür jede Aktien zählt egal wieviele Aktien jemand hat bitte meldet euch bei Wolfgang seybold
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