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21.10.21 17:01:29
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Tehachapi News

In the meantime, according to a statement from the city on Oct. 5, the litigation has had no impact on the previously approved residential development projects referenced in the district’s filing (Sage Ranch, The Address, Tract 6248, Tract 6507, Tract 6668 and Tract 6714).

“Each of the listed projects were approved in accordance with all applicable laws,” the city said. “The projects are currently proceeding.”…
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14.10.21 10:31:36
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 69.580.035 von Wilhelm_Tell am 13.10.21 09:30:19
Reality Check
Bald wissen wir was Sage Range Wert ist. Ich denke konservativ 4 CAD pro Aktie... vermutlich aber einiges mehr. Dazu noch mögliche Solar Projekte

Reality Check…

The Independent Professional Engineering firm, the General Contractor, all the independent sub-contractors, and Keller Williams Forward Living all provided to Altus early last week all the extensive inputs that make up the project proforma. The joint independent proforma has numerous tabs, hundreds of inputs and the high level summary is:

1.6 million total sellable floor space over 995 units.

Site Improvements: $10.76 Sq. Ft.

Construction costs
(verticals) including
GC fees $99.46 Sq. Ft.

Soft Costs $23.76 Sq. Ft.

Amenities $ 1.45 Sq. Ft.

Total Costs $135.43 Sq. Ft.

Sales price based
on comps within 40
radius $280.00 Sq. Ft

Net per sq ft. $144.57

1.6 million X $144.57 $231 Million USD over 6 years.

All inputs including lumber were priced at the peak 8 months ago, meaning our cost inputs are
10 to 40% higher than actual current costs so to stay conservative and avoid a haircut from Altus.

A normal builder would have $75,000 to $125,000 in lots cost per unit. Since GRB is the landowner we are not using a placecard holder for the land as we own the land debt-free.

Houses without our extensive amentities and that are not surrounded adjacent by three schools and 5 blocks from downtown are going for $250-$290 per square foot, especially in areas where we are taking customers from

Ignore the usually insane stupidity by BM and his new poster friend.

Altus will conduct an extensive audit of all of the input numbers and they have projects they audit that are similar large scale production homes in the outskirts of hot markets like Austin, Texas and Phoenix where the verticals are even cheaper at $85 per Sq. Ft.
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13.10.21 09:30:19
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 69.484.129 von Wilhelm_Tell am 02.10.21 09:01:44
Sage Range Valuation…

Greenbriar Valuation
All ....

This is getting crazy!

I am here to help! Seriously help!

Firstly, the market price and the value of the company are not in sync at all, as we have not told the story to anyone. No one from the institutional world is following our landmark news release of the Planning Commission approval of "Entitlement". I have more things to execute and complete before the GRB load speaker starts blowing to the big world.

Oh, and BTW I bought 50,000 shares today at $1.70 per share (no including commission) in the open market. I just made the SEDI filing on this purchase a few moments ago.

But here is where I'll help.

The value of Sage Ranch can only be determined 2 ways.

1. The NPV method, which is simply the discounted value of the free cash to be generated by the project during its life. The formula has a little algerbra to it and I know the final number. The missing inputs that have not been addressed in this SH dialogue have been the discount rate and the GRB % of revenue and profits. I'll provide the two missing things here: (i) Provide a realistic discount rate of 6% PA; and GRB will always have 100% of the revenue and more than likely 75% of the net profits, because PWR does not have the funds to carry all the costs to earn its 50% net profits. The 75% is not hard, but realistic.

2. The second method is the P/E method. This simply is the appropriate P/E ratio for a developer, owner, builder and marketer of a fully vertical real estate public company. There are only 4 in the US and Canada that are fully vertical, including now GRB once construction starts. I'll give a P/E of 10 because this is the norm. The argument that GRB has only 4 to 7 years of maximum sales and therefore cannot support the P/E method is not true. First because we have a pipeline of another 750 units that we will announce in a short period of time, indicating 7 to 11 years of sales, clearly supporting the P/E method and secondly, no other public company, save and except a Yieldco has 5 years or so years of guaranteed sales. MFST, AMZN, GOOG, etc. do not. None have guaranteed sales. Once you get a 1,000 (995) unit project entitled, it is near rare that management cannot attract more projects to feed the pipeline.

Before I give my number I will launch in a week a global viral contest with a prize of $2,500 cash to any person that can give the true value of Sage Ranch as it relates to GRB based on all the metrics that are balck and white which is: Selling price per sq foot, (market price) costs per square foot, (factual 3rd party bids) Discount Rate (indusrty norm) Project build lifespan (4 to 7 years) Infrastructure and permit fees (City fees plus 3rd party contractors) etc, etc. I'll provide all the factual 3rd party inputs and the person in the world who shows the correct formulation based on science of mathematics, not conjecture or my number, wins.

My number undiscounted and pre-tax is USD $6.67 per share for GRB using the Net Present Value method. Once we add the further land acquisitions and then use the P/E method, that will change as well for the upside. For now, the viral competition will be for the Net Present Value Method only. When I give the 3rd party inputs for the competition, the participants will apply a 6% PA discount rate and an acceptable tax rate. We then add back our loss carry forwards. We are currently trading at USD $1.37. I will have CFA's and CPA's be part of the competition.

BTW I have no idea where the following share number or market cap of (36.91 + 36.88 = 73.79M US) came from a poster. He has double diluted the share value, cutting his value in half. It should be $4.20 under his correct math.

All for now!

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13.10.21 09:25:39
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Manchmal ist es schon unglaublich wie ineffizient mikro caps sind - aber das macht es auch so reizvoll hier investiert zu sein...

We obviously do not have any investor relations of any kind. A few of my friends have bought over 300,000 shares of GRB in both Canada and the US these past 10 trading days.

Once we have the Altus report (We just submitted all the key financial info last week) and the Alberta news, we will bring the story to institutional investors.…
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02.10.21 09:01:44
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In 3 Wochen sollten wir eine Unabhängige Studie über den Net Present Value (NPV) für Sage Range bekommen. Sage Range ist ein bewilligtes Immobilen Projekt In Kalifornien über 995 Wohnungen. Ich denke der NPV wird einiges über dem aktuellen Börsenwert der der Firma liegen.

Dazu noch die Fantasie der Solarprojekte. Das Fenster schliesst sich langsam....

1) We have submitted over 250 line items of detailed construction costs, amenities, site improvements, soft costs and verticals to our third party contractors for approval. This is to have an audit trail on the costs so when Altus completes the valuation and audit there is no haircut on the valuation report. We should have the third party sign off to Altus today and then 3 weeks for Altus to complete.…
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27.09.21 14:18:22
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 69.327.106 von Wilhelm_Tell am 15.09.21 07:38:25Halllooooooooooooooo

Niemand hier :rolleyes::laugh:

Kurs bei 1.50 CAD - Ich denke nur für Sage ist der NVP nach Steuern schon 4+ CAD pro Aktie Wert.

Dazu noch beide potentielle Solar Projekte (Alberta sehe ich wahrscheinlicher an, dass er kommt - Puerto Rico ist für mich ein Lotto Los).
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15.09.21 07:38:25
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 69.299.121 von Wilhelm_Tell am 11.09.21 14:23:29Greenbriar Capital Corp. Closes Oversubscribed Non-Brokered Private Placement…
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11.09.21 14:23:29
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Wichtigste News in der Firmengeschichte:

Greenbriar Announces Full Sage Ranch Planning Commission Approval…

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - July 13, 2021) - The Company is extremely pleased to announce the USD $480 Million - 995-unit Sage Ranch sustainable housing project located in Southern California was approved by the Planning Commission, 4 to 1 in favor to approve Sage Ranch. A simple majority was required and 4 to 1 voted in favor.
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15.07.21 12:03:20
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Greenbriar Valuation
Die Story wird immer besser::D

First because we have a pipeline of another 750 units that we will announce in a short period of time, indicating 7 to 11 years of sales…
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13.07.21 15:13:48
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Greenbriar Announces Full Sage Ranch Planning Commission Approval…

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - July 13, 2021) - The Company is extremely pleased to announce the USD $480 Million - 995-unit Sage Ranch sustainable housing project located in Southern California was approved by the Planning Commission, 4 to 1 in favor to approve Sage Ranch. A simple majority was required and 4 to 1 voted in favor.

The 496-page Planning Commission agenda and Staff Report including the extensive Environmental Impact Report, is available to download at…

Sage Ranch is an essential USD $480 Million, 995 home sustainable sub-division. Non-dilutionary bank construction financing will be provided at the project level. Further, the USDA and other federal agencies provide 30 to 38-year, sub (2%) two percent home purchase mortgages requiring only a 3% down payment, making the mortgage payments to assist professional families, seniors and single occupants, an affordable home ownership package that is less expensive than renting.

Greenbriar owns the 995-unit project without any debt, being one of the only projects of this size in the USA, to own 995 lots, debt-free. Greenbriar has been invested in this project since 2011. In attendance on July 12 to support the construction for this project, was our architects, engineers and senior military leadership that backed our project to benefit the massive government aviation projects and its professional families, both uniformed and civilians, located nearby.

Greenbriar congratulates the City Staff and the community as a whole, for enabling Sage Ranch to have the lowest carbon footprint of any housing project of this size in the USA. Immediately adjacent Sage Ranch, are a high school, middle school and elementary school, eliminating automobile travel for education and sports. Contained within Sage Ranch are nine parks, a swimming pool, clubhouse, and soccer and tennis courts. Greenbriar will have the appropriate certification agencies document and register the carbon credits created by the offsetting of millions of tons of CO2 emissions. Sage Ranch is also a short five block walk to the historic downtown.

Sage Ranch has engaged Paul Morris-Forward Living Keller Williams, to lead the sales effort. We already have over 250 homes as a purchase request. Paul Morris is a significant Keller Williams' Regional Owner and Regional Director for three California Regions (Central, South Central & Southern California), where he has oversight of 36 offices and more than 8,400 realtors who close more than $18 billion in sales volume per year.

In addition, as CEO of Forward Living, Paul has grown his own offices to become Keller Williams' #1 franchisee outside of Texas with ownership in nine offices and with more than 3,400 realtors and $8.2 billion in annual closed volume. Paul and his team have led Keller Williams Realty to the #1 spot for market share in Los Angeles City, Los Angeles County and Beverly Hills. Real Trends 500 ranks Paul's group as the 24th largest real estate brokerage firm by volume in the U.S. and the 2020 Swanepoel 200 ranked Paul as the 64th most powerful person in residential real estate in the U.S.

Keller Williams awarded Paul the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award, he is quoted in Gary Keller's Millionaire Real Estate Investor book, and is a part of the Keller Williams Master Faculty. Paul is the author of the New York Times Bestselling book Wealth Can't Wait ( Paul embodies servant leadership and we are proud to be in business with him.

Paul is a prolific entrepreneur, real estate investor, author, trainer, and business consultant. As an active and consistent investor, he has grown his real estate portfolio to more than 700 rental units and 150,000 square feet of retail commercial space.

Paul is an Oxford Graduate, Cornell Law School Juris Doctorate and prior to working full-time in real estate, Paul had a successful legal career - highlights which include his work at the international law firm Proskauer Rose, and as Senior Counsel at the US Department of Justice consistently reporting to the US Attorney General Janet Reno and to the Counsel of the President.

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