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Wie erst heute bekannt wurde, hat die TeleServices Internet Group schon am 17. 4. 2000 eine strategische Partnerschaft mit Coca-Cola Bottling, Atlanta, zur Vermarktung der MyMusicCard-Produkte geschlossen:

TSIG.com Partners with Coca-Cola to Introduce New myCard Products

St. Petersburg, Fla. . (April 17, 2000) - TeleServices Internet Group Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board:TSIG - news), known as TSIG.com, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with the Atlanta Coca-Cola Bottling Company, a division of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc., to utilize the myMusicCard program to distribute more than 12 million Coca-Cola myMusicCards in connection with a "Refresh the Rivalry" campaign to leverage the emotional upsurge in the fall months leading up to several classic college football rivalries. The first phase of the campaign is slated for September - October 2000 in the southeastern part of the United States.

The program is aimed at the teen and young adult consumer market, and is designed to drive incremental sales volume during the promotional time period and to increase brand awareness through the use of music, the Internet and the telephone. The new campaign builds on the success of the promotional campaign held in January for Superbowl 2000. TSIG.com and Coca-Cola anticipate several similar campaigns to be held in various regions across the United States into the year 2001. A portion of the proceeds from the Coca-Cola music card program will go to benefit the United Cerebral Palsy Association (UCP).

This campaign with Coca-Cola will be one of the first to use TSIG.com`s multi-purpose myCard, which enables its holder to buy music CDs at the lowest prices available, as well as highly competitive long-distance calling card services. The new myCard will also provide its user with free Internet access for life, free DSL service, fax, e-mail, integrated messaging and other features through GeneralSearch.Com. The Coca-Cola MusicCard provides great value for Coke consumers, and for Coca-Cola it serves as a "pocket billboard" that reinforces brand allegiance.

"The great college football rivalries generate a lot of emotion, and provide a prime opportunity to connect with college students and young adult fans," noted Robert Gordon, chairman of TSIG.com. "This campaign really demonstrates the power and versatility of myMusicCard as a promotional tool - more and more young adults will now associate Coke with college football, the music they love, and the tremendous value derived from our Internet and telephony services."

Added Chris DeMaio, Director of Marketing, Atlanta Coca-Cola Bottling, "We are excited to be the first in the Coke family to kick off this new MusicCard program. We were very pleased with the Superbowl promotion, and we expect even better things to come from this unique campaign based on college football rivalries."

About TSIG.com

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, TeleServices Internet Group Inc., known as TSIG.com, has created its myCard programs to benefit both the corporate and non-profit communities, as well as consumers. TSIG.com forms myCard partnership agreements with national corporations and non-profit organizations, and then works with those partners to design revenue-generating programs that attract consumers to their Web sites. TSIG.com is the national marketing partner of the United Cerebral Palsy Association (UCP), the nation`s largest non-profit health care organization and leader in the disability field, serving over 1 million people with disabilities yearly in the United States. The first myCard program was myMusicCard, which enables consumers to purchase CDs and cassettes at the lowest available prices. Similarly, TSIG.com`s myPhotoCard programs provide low-cost film processing and Kodak Film, and the myPhoneCard programs provide low-cost prepaid long-distance calling card services. For all new myCard users, TSIG.com has recently arranged through General Search.Com to provide free Internet access for life, free DSL service, fax, e-mail, integrated messaging and other features.

These customized marketing programs provide recurring revenues to TSIG.com and its partners, and helps develop strong brand loyalty and awareness within target communities. TSIG.com further enhances its myCard programs by providing customer service and support with its Web-based call center and related services. TSIG.com`s corporate web site is at www.tsig.com and the myMusicCard web site is at www.mymusiccard.com.

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