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Ist da überhaupt etwas dran, dass man daran arbeitet, dass PTQ jemals wieder zurück kommen oder den Betrieb wieder aufnehmen (in welchem Umfang auch immer)?

Unabhängig vom internen / inoffiziellen Quellen, wie z.B. ein Hr. Siebholz, müsste es nicht auch irgendetwas offizielles geben an Lebenszeichen geben?

Auch ein mögliches neues Listing käme doch nicht 'out of the blue'...?!
Panama Country Trip Overview
Office of the Extractive Sector Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Counsellor
September 6 – 12, 2016, Ottawa, Canada

El Molejon
Petaquilla Gold SA as indicated above assumed total ownership and management control of all distinct gold deposits within the Petaquilla concession in 2005. By 2010, the company had managed to complete all permitting and construction, and brought the mine into production. El Molejon, the country’s only significant operating mine, with its exports of gold selling quickly. The company heavily invested in local job creation, improvements and to local social and physical infrastructure in the communities neighboring the mine, especially La Pintada. However, the operation within the course of just 4 years turned into a major financial, environmental and social disaster. The mine was shut down under questionable circumstances in 2014.[Footnote 143] When the company shut the gates, it left over 600 local people without work and pay. The mine site was abandoned; facilities were not properly de-commissioned or the disturbed areas reclaimed. In the end, Panama’s Ministry of Environment had to assume responsibility for coordinating and financing, remediation and rehabilitation of the site, which is still ongoing. The abandonment of both the workforce and the local environment by the operating company amplified the concerns of Panamanians regarding the future role of mining in Panama’s development future.

[Footnote 143]: The CEO of Petaquilla Gold SA, and Petaquilla Minerals Ltd, Richard Fifer left for Colombia after the collapse. When he returned to Panama in February 2016, he was detained and held for trial for fraudulent acts. Petaquilla Minerals (Canada) and Petaquilla Gold (Panama) face multiple civil lawsuits where he is now on trial.

Quelle: (https://www.international.gc.ca/csr_counsellor-conseiller_rse/trip_overview_panama-apercu_voyage_panama.aspx?lang=eng#fnb143)

Gut, das ist wohl nicht Neues, aber man kann ja mal sammeln...klingt nach schwerer Hypothek.
Canadian company leaves dust and debt after abandoning its gold mine in Panama
By Rémy Bourdillon in News | January 11th 2018

Es geht NICHT um bashing.... die sind eh am Boden, bzw. wohl eher unter der Grasnarbe.... ;-)
Findet ihr etwas 'Positives'? Dann doch heraus damit.
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