TAURON Polska Energia -- die "polnische Uniper"

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weiter von hier: https://www.wallstreet-online.de/diskussion/1275422-11-20/ak…

--> sieht nun nach Wende aus. Das tat es aber auch schon mal zuvor in 2018:

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10.06.20 15:24:03
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.922.657 von faultcode am 14.11.19 14:55:26Tauron nun mit Turnaround Richtung "grün", also "Green energy"?

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12.06.20 14:39:53
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 63.971.238 von faultcode am 10.06.20 15:24:03auch hier nimmt die Begeisterung für Staatshilfe kein Ende:


The closures being considered would affect at least two mines owned by PGG, Poland's biggest coal group, including Wujek, according to the three industry sources. They would also affect one or more mines owned by state-run utility Tauron, two of the sources said.

Overall, the closures could lead to the loss of thousands of jobs, two sources said. It is likely to be announced after a presidential election, expected to take place in late June, they added.

PGG declined to comment while Tauron did not respond to a Reuters request for comment.

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18.06.20 15:04:42
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 63.998.982 von faultcode am 12.06.20 14:39:53..die Begeisterung hält immer noch an:

offenbar versucht der Markt auch gerade einzupreisen, was noch alles in den Kohle-Kraftwerken verfeuert werden kann :rolleyes:

(Bio geht ja teilweise schon)
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24.06.20 13:20:57
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 64.067.058 von faultcode am 18.06.20 15:04:42Stufe 2:

--> das sind keine Kleinanleger beim Day trading ;)
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27.07.20 12:27:48
ja das stimmt schon: Ost-Europa-Aktien waren die letzten Jahre im Schnitt ziemlich günstig. Wollte halt niemand haben außer ein paar Verrückte und Geduldige (*):

Fund Manager Buying Eastern EU Stocks Bets on Economic Recovery
Equities in the European Union’s Eastern flank are generally undervalued compared with Western peers, but a return to economic growth next year is set to change that, says one of Hungary’s biggest fund managers.

The Central and Eastern European banking sector, especially, may outperform peers in western markets in the coming years, as the lenders are fundamentally healthy and will rapidly benefit from a revival in GDP growth expected in 2021, Gergely Pagyi, a senior fund manager at CIB Investment Fund, a unit of Intesa Sanpaolo SpA, said in an interview on Tuesday.

“Share prices are muted for the region’s banks despite the fact that there’s a very low risk of collapses or bankruptcies at the big names,” said Pagyi, who helps manage about 421 billion forint ($1.4 billion) and is investing in the region.

Relatively swift fiscal and monetary responses locally are set to help mitigate the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic as authorities have learned their lessons from the 2008 financial crisis, Pagyi said. “The region could rebound parallel to the rest of Europe and follow in the footsteps of the U.S.,” he said. The European Union’s 750-billion-euro ($872 billion) stimulus deal will also provide support, he said.

Eastern EU indexes are currently lagging behind U.S. and Western European peers in their post-shock recovery because investors see them as riskier, especially in troubled times, Pagyi said.

Stocks in Prague, Warsaw, Budapest and Bucharest remain relatively cheap, trading at 11 to 13 times projected earnings over the next 12 months, versus multiples of 22 for the S&P 500 Index, 18 for the Stoxx Europe 600 and 15 for the MSCI Emerging Markets Index.

But some countries may see additional investor flows as they are upgraded by benchmark providers. Romania’s stock index is on track to be given emerging market status from its current frontier ranking by FTSE Russell this year, while expectations are high that the MSCI may take a similar step sometime in the future, Pagyi added.

=> ein echtes Problem bis heute ist die teilweise erschreckend geringe Liquidität selbst in Index-Titeln

Ein anderes Problem, ob nun echt oder nur eingebildet, ist Russland als Nachbar. Man kann hier einen Sicherheitsabschlag vermuten; standen doch jahrzehntelang in vielen dieser Länder russische Truppen.

Das ist zwar schon 30 Jahre her, aber als Erbe bleibt bis heute, siehe auch Ostdeutschland, vielfach die https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russische_Mafia und deren lokale Partner als pauschaler Abschlagsfaktor.

Rechtsstaat mit Eigentums- und Investitionsschutz ist halt nicht so wie in Deutschland z.B.

Aber das kann halt so jemand wie Gergely Pagyi aus verschiedenen Gründen nicht sagen.
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21.10.20 01:16:57
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 64.159.045 von faultcode am 24.06.20 13:20:57Konso:


Aktienhandel scheint kein polnisches Hobby zu sein: https://www.gpw.pl/company-factsheet?isin=PLTAURN00011

Ich habe schon bessere Charts gesehen.

Bei TAURON Polska Energia selbst wird noch mit Flash (auf der der engl. Seite) gearbeitet :rolleyes:
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05.12.20 18:54:26
Coal’s endgame -- The dirtiest fossil fuel is on the back foot

Ist Kapazität, also nicht Verbrauch.

Der größte, einzelne Kohle-Kraftwerkstillleger der letzten Jahre war die USA -- und das auch unter Trump :rolleyes:
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17.01.21 13:28:04
Danke Frau Dr. Merkel:

German power export surplus shrank 46.2% in 2020
Germany saw its electricity export surplus shrink by 46.2% in 2020 to 18.9 terawatt hours (TWh), raising the prospect that its dependency on neighbours could rise in future as it switches off more coal and nuclear power stations, official data showed.

Power exports by Europe’s biggest economy, which shares borders with nine countries, fell 11.6% to 52.5 TWh last year compared with 59.4 TWh in 2019, the energy regulator, called the Bundesnetzagentur, said in a publication on Saturday.

Meanwhile, electricity imports into Germany in 2020 increased by 38.8% to 33.6 TWh, compared with 24.2 TWh in the prior year.

Cross-border trade is especially strong with France, which still bets on nuclear power - shunned in Germany for safety concerns which resulted in its plan for a scheduled withdrawal.

Under the nuclear exit, three reactors out of Germany’s remaining six are due to close at the end of 2021.


Zuletzt gab es aber noch einen kräftigen Export-Überschuss nach Polen:

TAURON Polska Energia S.A | 2,952 zł
11.02.21 14:13:16
Cold snap drives Polish power demand to record high
Polish electricity demand hit a record of more than 27 gigawatts (GW) on Monday, but the grid operator PSE said the system could cope with the surge in usage caused by freezing temperatures.

The previous record was 26.8 GW, set on Dec. 10.

Poland, which generates electricity mostly from ageing coal-fuelled power stations, has in the past faced power shortages during surges in demand. PSE said power stations had been working at full capacity.

This cold snap has lasted three days, but forecasts say it will ease this week. The temperature in Warsaw was minus 18 Celsius on Monday morning.

"The record high levels have been exceeded. We have been prepared for that, the system works in a stable way, the reserve level is sufficient at this stage," a PSE spokeswoman said, adding demand could rise above 27 GW on Monday.

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