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Antwort: Red Cliff

Title: When It Counts
Log Line: A single mom`s children are kidnapped and she must plan a very creative way to get them back.
Writer: Michael Zaidan
Agent: n/a
Buyer: Red Cliff Prods.
Price: Low-against mid-six figures
Genre: Action-Comedy
Logged: 6/27/01
More: Spec for Wolfgang Peterson and Gail Katz to produce.

Title: Devil`s Tear Drop
Log line: On New Year`s Eve, a madman named "Digger," threatens to shoot into crowds in Washington DC every four hours until he is paid $20 million dollars. A forensic expert must analyze his ransom note in order to find out who this man really is.
Writer: Patrick Cirillo
Agent: n/a
Buyer: Red Cliff Prods.
Price: n/a
Genre: Thriller
More: To be adapted from Jeff Deaver’s novel. Wolfgang Peterson and Gail Katz will produce

Fear Itself

In Fear Itself, Ralph Fiennes plays a paranoid schizophrenic uncovers a conspiracy that seems to point towards the White House. But because of his disease, people think he`s spewing a loony tune. Unable to get people to believe him, he must overcome the obstacles in his head in order to set things right on his own. The psychological/thriller is in development at Red Cliff Productions and is due for release in 2002. The script was penned by Patrick Cirillo and will be produced by Wolfgang Peterson and Gail Katz.

At least we haven’t seen a White House movie for a while, so I guess I’m not still sick of the idea… Fiennes has turned out some great performances, but most people on the street wouldn’t know him from Adam. Without a big name backing this project up, I can only call it a less than great buy; probably something small and medium porters should best pass on or buy the token amount.

`Greg Rucka has taken an unusually roundabout route into the movie business. Having written a series of thrillers for Bantam Books, he`s become one of the most popular writers in the comics business --he`s head writer for one of the Batman storylines at D.C. Comics -- and now Betty Thomas` Tall Trees is in final talks to option ``Queen and Country,`` a series of espionage comics by Rucka published by the Portland, Ore.-based Oni Press. Tall Trees has a deal with Sony, but it took ``Queen and Country`` to Fox for a low six figures against close to $1 million, and Thomas is considering the job of directing with an eye toward developing the series as a feature franchise. Wolfgang Peterson and Gail Katz, along with Columbia Pictures, recently optioned another Rucka series from Oni Press, ``Whiteout.`` They gave him a blind script deal through their production shingle Red Cliff Prods.
jetzt günstig nachlegen!
auch die zahlen ende august werden aufhorchen lassen!
Ich denke auch, dass heute ein guter Tag war um nochmals nachzulegen. Die 0,50 sollte halten.

Schwätzer - Pusher - Arschlöcher

vor allem tiptop/Toptip=Floptip

sind dir die Zahlen vorab zu Kenntnis separat bekannt gegeben worden???

Deine Aussagen entbehren jeglicher Grundlage.

Leute, laßt euch von diesen Affen nicht dazu verleiten, diese abgehalfterte Aktie ohne jegliche Substanz zu kaufen.

der Preis ist nicht interessant genug zum Nachkaufen, also vergiß es!

Ich bin zumindest ein ehrliches Arschloch, während ihr
alles verlogene, betrügende Arschlöcher seid.
was hast du für ein problem du pisser?!
weine dich woanders aus!
du bist ehrlich ein arschloch, da hast du recht!

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