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EyePoint Pharmaceuticals (vorher: PSIVIDA) startet durch !! (Seite 353)

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Neuigkeiten zur EyePoint Pharmaceuticals Aktie

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Hallo Hohenlohe. I`ve held PSD since 2001, and increased my shareholding over that time. I`m an investor, not a trader. Yes, I think it`s a good opportunity, but still a risk. It all depends on how well Brachysil does and how much the large pharmceutical companies take up Biosilicon drug delivery. There`s no way at this stage to predict how well those will go, but I`m prepared to take the chance on it.

It seems that I spoke too soon about the sell-off. Today has started very badly on the ASX with more selling (437,00 volume and 0,67 price as I write). Well, I still expect it to recover, but I can`t say when.


P.S. I use Google to translate the messages here to English, so I do have some idea of what the German messages are saying.
It`s just been posted on ShareScene by s4rx7 (who has had good information in the past) that the sell-off today may be the last of the second seller`s shares, since the seller still had about one million shares remaining at the time of the AGM. The main problem is a lack of buyers on the ASX, and this seller may have lost patience today and decided to sell all his shares at a lower price than he wanted. At present: 0,675, 446.000 volume.

Dear Pezzimist,

thanks a lot for your last postings, too, and do not hesitate to share additional information, which is difficult to receive here in Germany, with users of the wo board in the future as well! I am glad to read that Pezzimist is cautiously optimistic despite his name...
I am also optimistic about pSividas future but even more about Biophan (also in the nano-bio-sector) despite similar setbacks as far as the share-price is concerned.
Dear Pezzimist,

thank you so much for your hints. They give the reasons for the curve shape in the chart. Either tells us: stock price will raise real soon now.
es nutzt nichts wir gehen weiter nach unten ich warte immer noch auf den einstieg vieleicht kriege ich die wider für 0,35:look:

-,67 AUD - bzw. -,42 könnte der untere Boden werden, natürlich wäre es dazu notwendig, dass auch ein paar Leute dort wieder bereit wären in die Aktie zu investieren,

einfach nachkaufen bis nichts mehr geht

happy weekend
Wir laufen gerade in die Spitze des Keils. Der Kurs könnte danach durchaus noch auf etwa 0,66 AUD fallen, um dann nach Norden aufzubrechen. @bioech_netts Einschätzung ist also gar nicht so schlecht.
aktie darf ruhig noch etwas auf diesem niveau verharren damit ich futter zum nachlegen habe !!:laugh::D

...oh Du Bosniak, willst ja nur zu -,40 nachkaufen

vielleicht wird das ja noch

Happy weekend

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