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Argex Mining - initial Lac Brule metallurgy results deemed better than La Blache; has successfully completed preliminary testing of the Lac Brûlé massive mineralization using the patented CTL process. The testing demonstrated improved leaching results than the ones obtained using the La Blache massive mineralization. In addition, Argex completed a high resolution airborne geophysical survey covering the main area of the Lac Brûlé property, including the recently acquired claim block from Quinto Mining Corporation; A. Laferrière: "This survey allows us to get a detailed geophysical picture of the known massive hemo-ilmenite deposits occurring on the property. This new geophysical dataset " "will significantly enhance our understanding of the geology in the area", which will help us optimize the next exploration program on the property" "; patented closed-loop CTL Process involves the leaching of titanium-bearing ore material in chloride acid media under conditions for both iron +titanium in the ore to be leached into solution. The energy efficient process operates @atmospheric pressure +does not require pre-treatment of the ore(no oxidation +/or reduction is required). The CTL Process operates with relatively low concentration of hydrochloric acid +avoids the need to handle chlorine, carbon or carbon containing chemicals @very high temperatures; E. Di Cesare: "With the higher TiO2 average grade of 34% vs. the 18% TiO2 in the La Blache mineralization +lower iron content, "it is expected that the throughput with similar :eek: capital expenditure would be ~90% :eek: :eek: higher than what would have been obtained with La Blache". I am pleased with the progress we have made, +we will be running the existing pilot plant with Lac Brûlé material over the next few months to make TiO2 pigment. As part of our due diligence process, we are now conducting batch testing on higher grade TiO2 ilmenite concentrates selected from existing feedstock producers from around the world. This pre-qualification of potential feedstock will be used as part of advanced-stage studies", R. Bonnell: "The CTL Process has shown an enormous :eek: flexibility to operate successfully on different ore bodies. "Which should provide us with even greater optionality in growing the company as we move forward" " - Apr 23, 2012

+ 94% of the TiO2 leached(compared to 92% of TiO2 leached for La Blache).

+ 95% of the V2O5 leached.

+ 99% of the iron oxides leached. ...
Image Resources: "Undervalued +driving toward mineral sands production"; Company has launched a Feasibility Study which is due for completion in ´12. Image is assessing a processing rate of 170.000 –220.000 tonnes/anno, "which would define Image Resources as one the richest global producers of heavy minerals" - PAI - Apr 23, 2012
Kane Biotech - Successfully Completes Wound Gel, for the United States Army; Wound gel reduced >95% of biofilm-embedded bacteria versus ~50% :eek: reduction, by industry leading product :eek: :eek: , Superior performance is due to synergy between DispersinB(R) +antimicrobial peptide; Dr. S. Madhyastha: "We are pleased with the excellent performance of the wound gel against all the important wound-associated bacteria, including combat wound infection associated bacteria. The in vitro efficacy test results that were completed will be confirmed by the in vivo efficacy study that will be conducted by the US Army using an appropriate animal wound model for the specific indication", G. Froehlich: "This accomplishment is an important milestone in the development of DispersinB-based wound care product +a testament to the unique additive characteristics that DispersinB can bring to wound healing. We are both pleased +excited with the results +we look forward to the US Army initiating their FDA-recognized full-thickness dermal wound model animal studies" - Apr 17, 2012
South Africa’s Smallholders Lose Battle -for Seed Security - IPS, CAPE TOWN - Apr 23, 2012

- Kristin Palitza -
Cominco Resources - Drilling delivers 258% increase in JORC Resource, @Hinda Phosphate Project, Congo Brazzaville; R. Smith: "I am delighted to announce such a substantial increase in the JORC Resource @our Hinda Phosphate Project in Congo Brazzaville. Cominco has now drilled >500 exploration +resource definition holes -in just 14 months :eek: , "a significant achievement for any company in Africa." The total Resource calculated by CSA Global is a 258% increase +importantly 40% of the Resource has moved from the Inferred -to Indicated category. Our consultant’s review of 47 :eek: existing phosphate mines representing almost the entire :eek: :eek: industry shows that Hinda will be the only one :eek: :eek: :eek: with a better than 1:1 ore waste ratio -3times better than the industry average :eek: :eek: , of 3.1:1. The results will be incorporated into the Scoping Study, which remains on track for completion this quarter, "+confirms our belief that the Hinda Project is rapidly emerging as truly World-­‐Class phosphate projects :eek: :eek: :eek: " " - Apr 24, 2012

+ JORC Resource increases 258% -from 127.000.000 t to 454.400.000 t @11.5% P205

+ Includes 125.800.000 t Indicated Resource @13.8% P205

+ Resource delineated from only 25% :eek: of total strike length

+ "Waste/Ore ratio potentially world’s best :eek: :eek: "

+ Further 200 holes drilled, in ongoing Phase IV infill programme(resource was calculated by CSA Global(UK) Ltd +follows drilling of 384 holes, for 29.990m of drilling, with an average hole depth of 78m)

+ Cominco will shortly take delivery of its new custom dual purpose, track mounted drilling rig, that will enable it to increase the pace of resource definition drilling. The Company’s site facilities have been expanded, to facilitate an increased level of work.

+ Hinda located just 37km from the international sea port, @Pointe Noire, West Africa's largest port, with tarred road access +existing rail infrastructure

+ Scoping Study on track for completion in Q2 ´12 ...
Seafield Resources - Announces Preliminary Economic Assessment for Its Miraflores Deposit, Indicating an IRR of 50% +709.349 Ounces of Recovered Gold - Apr 23, 2012
Powertech Uranium - Revised PEA "Shows NPV of US $109.000.000 +IRR of 48%", for Dewey-Burdock Project; R. Clement: "Management is pleased with the results of the revised PEA +with the progress made with the NRC +the other agencies on the licensing of the Dewey-Burdock Project. We are also pleased with our in-house team +consultants for their extensive pre-development project planning +design effort, +permitting coordination. It has taken many months of cooperation with the consulting teams +regulatory personnel to reach this advanced level of pre-development. "The PEA demonstrates that Dewey-Burdock "is one of the best undeveloped uranium deposits in the U.S. :eek: " " Powertech expects to begin development operations upon receipt of all licenses +permits. "@this time our best estimate is that construction could begin by midyear ´13. Dewey-Burdock is a new ISR uranium district that "has all the earmarks" of becoming a new large production center around which many other uranium deposits will be developed" " - Apr 19, 2012
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Eurotin - Oropesa Commences 1st Mineral Resource Calculation -initial National Instrument 43-101-Standards compliant resource is expected to be published by the end of Eurotin's 1st fiscal quarter ´13(ending Jun 30, ´12); P. Miller: "Recent developments "have reconfirmed our belief that Oropesa is an exceptional tin deposit." The forthcoming mineral resource estimate "will be a significant milestone towards our goal of becoming a major tin producer" " - Apr 17, 2012
Canadian Orebodies - Announces Proposed Spin-Out of Non Iron Ore Assets - Apr 24, 2012

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