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29.09.04 09:06:06
Beitrag Nr. 3.742 ()
Guten Morgen:):)

Technische Dax-Analyse

(Powered by X-markets) Die indikative Wall Street legte in ihrer jüngsten Handelssitzung deutlich zu, im Fokus des Marktes standen dabei positive Meldungen von und zu Alcoa und Caterpillar, welche weiterhin auf eine weltweit robuste Nachfrage schließen lassen. So wurden die Marktgewinne gestern insbesondere vom zyklischen Sektor getragen, dem DJIA gelang es in diesem Zuge, die tags zuvor unterschrittene 10.000er-Marke wieder zurückzuerobern. Entsprechend dürfte der Dax heute um die 3.900er-Marke eröffnen.

Damit besteht aus technischer Sicht eine gute Chance, dass der Dax nun wieder in Richtung 4.000er-Marke streben wird, da er im Bereich von 3.850 - dem 38,2%-Retracement der Aufwärtsbewegung seit 3.618 - eine Gegenbewegung in Richtung der mittelfristig vorherrschenden Aufwärtsbewegung initiierte. Vor diesem Hintergrund können aggressive Trader zur Stunde die Einnahme einer restriktiv knapp unter 3.848 abgesicherten Longposition in Richtung 4.000 erwägen. Unterhalb der 3.848/3.836er-Marke rückt dagegen die kurzfristig bearishe Trendindikation wieder in den Fokus.

Intermediär sollte der Ölpreis derzeit genau beobachtet werden, gelingt diesem die nachhaltige Überwindung der $50er-Marke, würde dies ein Dax-Longszenario natürlich maßgeblich konterkarieren.

Die Deutsche Bank bietet folgende Wave-Zertifikate auf den Dax an:

Art....... WKN........ Strike..... KO-Schwelle...... Laufzeit

Call... 105 437....... 3.825..... 3.825................ 28.10.04

Call... DBoERA...... 3.800..... 3.800................ 28.10.04

Put.... 105 436....... 3.950..... 3.950................ 28.10.04

Put.... DBoFCW...... 4.000..... 4.000................ 28.10.04

[ Mittwoch, 29.09.2004, 07:46 ]
28.09.04 19:53:52
Beitrag Nr. 3.741 ()
Nabi Biopharmaceuticals -.. 13.60 +1.91 (+16.34 %)

Sedol: 2643362 Exch: NASDAQ Sym: NABI.NAS 28/09 18:31

Price Time Trades 9,370

Latest 13.61 18:33 28/09 Traded Shares 3,600,365

Bid 13.60 18:33 28/09 Trading Volume 43.38 Mil.

Offer 13.61 18:33 28/09 52W High 17.90

Open 13.50 28/09 52W Low 8.38

High 14.15 28/09 1Y High 17.90

Low 13.26 28/09 1Y Low 8.75

Close 11.69 21:00 27/09

Nabi Biopharmaceuticals Announces Positive Phase II Results With NicVAX(TM) for Smoking Cessation

ROCKVILLE, Md., Sep 28, 2004 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Nabi
Biopharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: NABI) announced today positive Phase II clinical
results for NicVAX(TM) (Nicotine Conjugate Vaccine), a vaccine that is being
developed to prevent and treat nicotine addiction by acting as an aid to smoking
cessation. The results indicated a 33% quit rate in smokers who received NicVAX
at the highest dose level versus 9% in the placebo group. The results
represented a vaccine-only effect, as patients were only given NicVAX without
any supplemental treatments, behavioral support or counseling. The objectives of
the study were to show that NicVAX was able to safely generate nicotine-
specific antibodies in smokers, and to assess its potential use as an aid in
smoking cessation among smokers who wanted to quit.

NicVAX is designed to cause the immune system to produce antibodies that bind to
nicotine and prevent it from entering the brain, thereby preventing the `rush`
that occurs when nicotine binds to receptors in the brain. This `rush` is
believed to be the main physical reason that most people cannot stop smoking.

About NicVAX

NicVAX is designed to cause the immune system to produce antibodies that bind to
nicotine and prevent it from entering the brain. These nicotine antibodies act
like a sponge, soaking up nicotine as it circulates in the blood stream and
preventing it from reaching the brain. As a result, the positive stimulus in the
brain that is normally caused by nicotine is no longer present, thereby taking
away the motivation for smoking, consequently helping people to quit. In January
2003, Nabi Biopharmaceuticals initiated a Phase I/II placebo-controlled,
double-blinded clinical trial of NicVAX in smokers, ex-smokers and non-smokers
in The Netherlands. This trial evaluated the development of specific nicotine
antibody levels and safety of the vaccine in study participants. The data showed
that multiple injections of NicVAX were safe, well tolerated and resulted in a
rapid and boostable immune response that generated substantial amounts of
nicotine-specific antibodies.

About the Market

The World Health Organization estimates that there are 1.3 billion smokers
worldwide and nearly 5 million tobacco-related deaths each year. Of that total,
tobacco use is responsible for more than 440,000 deaths each year in the US
alone. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),
approximately 46 million adults and 3 million high school students in the U.S.
smoke, triggering an estimated $75.5 billion in excess medical costs and another
$81.9 billion in mortality-related productivity losses each year. Despite
widespread knowledge of tobacco`s dangerous health effects, smoking continues to
pose a serious public health threat, as many smokers are unable to quit, in part
due to tobacco`s addictive properties. According to the CDC, an estimated 70
percent of smokers in the U.S. want to quit, but less than five percent of those
who try to quit are able to abstain from smoking for more than 12 months.

About Nabi Biopharmaceuticals

Nabi Biopharmaceuticals applies its knowledge of the human immune system to
commercialize and develop products that address serious, unmet medical needs.
The company`s focus is in the areas of infectious, autoimmune and addictive
diseases. In addition to four marketed products (PhosLo(R), Nabi-HB(R), WinRho
SDF(R), Aloprim(TM)), the company has several products in various stages of
preclinical and clinical testing. Nabi Biopharmaceuticals has advanced
StaphVAX(R) to Phase III clinical development. StaphVAX is designed to prevent
the most dangerous and prevalent strains of Staphylococcus aureus bacterial
infections. S. aureus bacteria are a major cause of hospital-acquired infections
and are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. The company`s other
products in development include Altastaph(TM), an antibody for prevention and
treatment of S. aureus infections, currently in Phase II testing, NicVAX(TM), a
vaccine to treat nicotine addiction, and Civacir(TM), an antibody for preventing
hepatitis C virus re-infection in liver transplant patients. For additional
information on Nabi Biopharmaceuticals, please visit our Website at:
28.09.04 19:45:37
Beitrag Nr. 3.740 ()
SNAP ON INC 27.98 -3.70 (-11.68 %)

Sedol: 2818740 Exch: NYSE Sym: SNA.NYS 28/09 18:17

Price Time Trades 1,804

Latest 27.98 18:17 28/09 Traded Shares 2,302,000

Bid - - Trading Volume 65.30 Mil.

Offer - - 52W High 34.41

Open 28.89 28/09 52W Low 27.26

High 29.15 28/09 1Y High 34.41

Low 27.80 28/09 1Y Low 30.47

Close 31.68 21:01 27/09 Split (15.07.86) 1 : 2

Split (01.05.79) 1 : 2
Snap-on Expects EPS of $0.37 - $0.40 for Third-quarter 2004; Estimates EPS of $1.35 - $1.45 for Full-year 2004; Anticipates Continued Strong Cash Flow

KENOSHA, Wis., Sep 28, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Snap-on Incorporated (NYSE:SNA),
a global leader in tools, diagnostics and equipment, today provided updated
information concerning results it expects for third-quarter and full-year 2004.

Net earnings for the third quarter of 2004 are expected to be in the range of
$0.37 to $0.40 per diluted share, which compares with $0.30 per diluted share
for the third quarter of 2003. Earnings for the 2004 third quarter are expected
to include approximately $0.05 per share of continuous improvement costs
compared to $0.16 per share in last year`s third quarter.

For full-year 2004, net earnings are estimated to be in the range of $1.35 to
$1.45 per diluted share. For 2003, net earnings were $1.35 per diluted share.
Earnings for full-year 2004 are expected to include $0.26 per share of
continuous improvement costs compared to $0.34 per share last year.

Approximately 50 percent of the reduced earnings outlook for the remainder of
2004 is due to slower-than-expected improvement in achieving cost and
productivity benefits from the U.S. hand-tool plant consolidations; as well as
cost increases on raw materials, particularly steel, which occurred after the
mid-year price increase; and the effects of adjusting U.S. production schedules
for certain product lines in the fourth quarter. Another significant factor is
that the economies in Western Europe are now anticipated to be not as strong in
the latter part of 2004, as had been expected earlier, causing
lower-than-anticipated results for the European tool and equipment businesses in
the Commercial and Industrial Group segment. Furthermore, there have been, and
it is expected there will continue to be in the fourth quarter, disruptions in
the U.S. dealer business as a result of the recent hurricanes in the Southern
and Eastern coastal parts of the United States that have impacted customers`
businesses in those areas.

Sales and earnings are benefiting from the successful launch of new handheld
diagnostics and software products in the U.S. and U.K., including the new
SOLUS(TM) Scanner(TM) tool, which has been well received by Snap-on dealers and
vehicle-repair technicians. In addition, Snap-on expects to benefit from a lower
tax rate in the third quarter, similar to that realized in the 2003 third
quarter, which amounted to $0.05 per share.

Snap-on expects cash flow to remain strong for the third quarter and full year.
At the end of third-quarter 2004, cash is estimated to be approximately $140
million compared with $127 million at the end of second-quarter 2004. On January
21, 2004, Snap-on announced its intention to repurchase 750,000 to 1 million
shares of common stock in 2004. To date, the Company has purchased 900,000
shares. Snap-on may repurchase more than the previously announced 1 million
shares before the end of 2004, pursuant to previously disclosed Board

"As exemplified by our strong cash flow, we believe that progress toward our
goals is being made. The consolidation of our U.S. hand-tool plants has been
challenging, and we believe the full benefits will not be realized until the
first half of 2005," said Dale F. Elliott, chairman and chief executive officer.
"Despite internal and external factors that have caused us to lower our outlook
for the remainder of 2004, we will remain focused on executing our Lean
conversion. This continued Lean implementation, coupled with near-term action
plans, such as price adjustments to address the issue of steel cost increases,
we believe should give us an improved operating platform for 2005."

Snap-on Incorporated is a leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of
tool, diagnostic and equipment solutions for professional tool users. Product
lines include hand and power tools, diagnostics and shop equipment, tool
storage, diagnostics software and other solutions for vehicle-service,
industrial, government and agricultural customers, and commercial applications,
including construction and electrical. Products are sold through its franchised
dealer van, company-direct sales and distributor channels, as well as over the
Internet. Founded in 1920, Snap-on is a $2+ billion, S&P 500 company
headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and employs approximately 12,000 people
28.09.04 19:36:05
Beitrag Nr. 3.739 ()
Oxigene, Inc 6.82 +1.37 (+25.14 %)

Sedol: 2662873 Exch: NASDAQ Sym: OXGN.NAS 28/09 18:17

Price Time Trades 11,528

Latest 6.82 18:17 28/09 Traded Shares 5,655,241

Bid 6.80 18:16 28/09 Trading Volume 35.26 Mil.

Offer 6.82 18:16 28/09 52W High 12.58

Open 6.88 28/09 52W Low 4.20

High 7.25 28/09 1Y High 11.34

Low 6.35 28/09 1Y Low 4.20

Close 5.45 20:55 27/09

StreetInsider Alert for OXGN

Sep 28, 2004 ( via COMTEX) -- OXiGENE, Inc. (NASDAQ: OXGN)
said new data on the Company`s lead pre-clinical compound, OXi4503, confirming
its potent anti-tumor activity in pre-clinical models. OXiGENE believes that
OXi4503 is the first in a new class of compounds being developed by the Company
known as Ortho-Quinone Prodrugs, which display a novel cytotoxic effect in
addition to vascular targeting capabilities.

About OXiGENE, Inc.

OXiGENE is an emerging pharmaceutical company developing novel small-molecule
therapeutics to treat cancer and eye diseases. The Company`s major focus is the
clinical advancement of drug candidates that selectively disrupt abnormal blood
vessels associated with solid tumor progression and visual impairment. OXiGENE
is dedicated to leveraging its intellectual property position and therapeutic
development expertise to bring life saving and enhancing medicines to patients.
28.09.04 19:26:48
Beitrag Nr. 3.738 ()

Suess Microtec




28.09.04 19:26:07
Beitrag Nr. 3.737 ()
TecDax: Evotec auf Abwegen
(Instock) Ungeachtet des haussierenden Ölpreises wagte sich der Markt zur Mittagszeit in die Gewinnzone und verharrte dort bis zum Ende. Kaum Rückenwind kam aus Übersee, wo die Indizes zunächst orientierungslos umherirrte. Der TecDax legte zuletzt 3 Zähler auf 484 Punkte zu.

Im Blickpunkt

Bechtle konnte zumindest einen Teil seines Montagsverlustes (- 6,4 Prozent) wieder wettmachen und zog 3,6 Prozent auf 12,19 Euro an.

Nach einem schwachen Start nahm GPC Biotech erneut die bei etwa 11,60 Euro verlaufende 200-Tage-Linie ins Visier. Der vorrangig für Altana tätige Wirkstoff-Forscher legte 3,9 Prozent auf 10,96 Euro zu.

Auf Abwegen befand sich dagegen Evotec. Das Hamburger Unternehmen knickte 2,9 Prozent auf 3,35 Euro ein.

Dem wollte Index-Neuling Morphosys offensichtlich nicht nachstehen. Die Notierung gab 1,7 Prozent auf 24,55 Euro nach.

Die Darmstädter Software AG sieht sich in den USA nach geeigneten Übernahmekandidaten um, sagte Vorstandschef Karl-Heinz Streibich der „Wirtschaftswoche“. Der Kurs rutschte 0,4 Prozent auf 26,40 Euro ab.

Gewinner des Tages

1. Drägerwerk + 5,83 Prozent (Kurs: 47,25 Euro)
2. Funkwerk + 5,21 Prozent (Kurs: 30,30 Euro)
3. GPC Biotech + 3,89 Prozent (Kurs: 10,96 Euro)

Verlierer des Tages

1. Evotec - 2,90 Prozent (Kurs: 3,35 Euro)
2. Morphosys - 1,73 Prozent (Kurs: 24,55 Euro)
3. Rofin Sinar - 1,68 Prozent (Kurs: 22,22 Euro)

[ Dienstag, 28.09.2004, 17:30 ]

BECHTLE AG Inhaber-Aktien..

Sedol: 515870 Exch: XETRA Sym: BC8.ETR



28.09.04 18:52:31
Beitrag Nr. 3.736 ()

28.09.04 18:52:06
Beitrag Nr. 3.735 ()
Dax: Deutsche Börse klebt fest
(Instock) Der Ausflug in die Gewinnzone währte nur wenige Stunden, dann schwanden bereits wieder die Kräfte. Der Dax verabschiedete sich mit 3.882 Punkten – ein Plus von 8 Zählern. Am Devisenmarkt stieg der Euro auf 1,2309 US-Dollar. Eine Feinunze Gold kostete 411,70 Dollar.

Im Blickpunkt

T-Aktien waren für 14,84 Euro zu haben – ein Zugewinn von 0,5 Prozent. Die slowakische Festnetz-Beteiligung der Telekom, Slovak Telecom, übernimmt ihren Mobilfunkbereich Eurotel komplett. Analysten gehen von einem Kaufpreis von 250 Millionen US-Dollar aus.

Ein neuer Millionenauftrag konnte MAN (- 1,2 Prozent auf 27,38 Euro) nicht stützen. Das Unternehmen wird für die niederländische Vos Logistics 900 Lastwagen im Gesamtwert von 80 Millionen Euro bauen.

Siemens (unverändert 59,04 Euro) winkt ein Vertragsabschluß mit der britischen BBC. Der Outsourcing-Vertrag soll ein Volumen von 3,5 Milliarden Dollar bei einer Laufzeit von 10 Jahren haben.

Die Deutsche Börse (unverändert 41,65 Euro) ändert ab Januar 2005 ihre Gebühren für den Xetra-Handel. Unter dem Strich seien die Änderungen jedoch umsatzneutral, teilte der Handelsplatzbetreiber mit.

Metro (- 1,4 Prozent auf 36,79 Euro) bietet im Zuge des angekündigten Anleihe-Rückkaufes 101,2 Prozent plus aufgelaufene Zinsen für den 750-Millionen-Euro-Bond (Laufzeit Mai 2006).

Die Post (+ 0,8 Prozent auf 16,48 Euro) beteilige sich an der spanischen Unipost, schrieb das "Handelsblatt". Es gehe um einen 38-prozentigen Anteil, heißt es. Finanzielle Details blieben zunächst im Dunkeln.

Gewinner des Tages

1. HypoVereinsbank + 2,48 Prozent (Kurs: 15,27 Euro)
2. RWE + 0,90 Prozent (Kurs: 38,16 Euro)
3. Eon + 0,89 Prozent (Kurs: 58,96 Euro)

Verlierer des Tages

1. Metro - 1,37 Prozent (Kurs: 36,79 Euro)
2. MAN - 1,19 Prozent (Kurs: 27,38 Euro)
3. Conti - 0,92 Prozent (Kurs: 44,02 Euro)

[ Dienstag, 28.09.2004, 17:30 ]



28.09.04 15:58:44
Beitrag Nr. 3.734 ()
AtheroGenics, Inc. - Comm.. 36.89 +13.73 (+59.28 %)

Sedol: 2586304 Exch: NASDAQ Sym: AGIX.NAS 28/09 14:40

Price Time Trades 11,766

Latest 36.92 14:40 28/09 Traded Shares 6,149,650

Bid 36.83 14:40 28/09 Trading Volume 128.49 Mil.

Offer 36.86 14:40 28/09 52W High 26.98

Open 41.81 28/09 52W Low 13.04

High 41.93 28/09 1Y High 26.98

Low 36.70 28/09 1Y Low 13.29

Close 23.16 21:00 27/09

StreetInsider Alert for AGIX

Sep 28, 2004 ( via COMTEX) -- AtheroGenics, Inc. (Nasdaq:
AGIX) is 83% higher in pre-open action after the company announced positive
interim data from the CART-2 Phase IIb clinical trial with AGI-1067, its novel
anti- inflammatory agent that targets atherosclerosis, as compared to current
Standard of Care therapy. Data from the trial were independently analyzed by two
of the world`s leading cardiac intravascular ultrasound labs. As a result of the
news, Lehman Brother raised its rating on the stock from $27 to $50.
28.09.04 15:17:31
Beitrag Nr. 3.733 ()
28.09.2004 15:10:
JUNIPER Networks mit Bullenfalle

Juniper Networks (Nachrichten)(JNPR) – Kursstand: 23,69$ (-2,27%)

Aktueller Tageschart seit 03.2004 (1 Kerze = 1 Tag)

Diagnose: Die Aktie von Juniper konnte sich Mitte August wieder über dem Support bei 19,83$ fangen und stieg in den Vorwochen stark an. Nach dem Überwinden des mittelfristigen Abwärtstrends bei derzeit 22,1$ brach die Aktie an den Vortagen auch über den Widerstand bei 25,14$ aus, was sich als Bullenfalle darstellt. Die Auflösung des relativen Doppelbodens wird jetzt wieder verkauft, vorbörslich kippt der Kurs auf das 38er Retracement bei 23,7$ ab.

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