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ITXC Corp. - Excellent Communications Infrastructure Play At Cash Value

StreetSignal: Small Cap Research
Editorial by Dan Deadlock
Monday, September 10


1. Tech Survival of the Richest
2. ITXC Corp. - Excellent communications infrastructure play at cash value


1. Market Commentary & Tech Survival of the Richest

Numb (definition): deprived of the power to feel or emotionally unresponsive.

Trading this past week has been nasty but with the carnage we`ve seen over the past 18mths, I think the above definition sums up how many feel. Many investors seem to be throwing in the towel and doom & gloom scenarios are increasing so typically this is a sign we`re nearing a bottom. On the other hand though, we`ve heard this same possibility several times over the past 18mths and one has to wonder how many times we can "flog that same dead horse" !!

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